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Apr. 18th, 2021

[info]darkerthings in [info]ratedx

Still looking for an alt/tattooed/rockstar pb for a het line against one of girls in my icons, though I may be willing to change the face. Would love a rockstar dad for my girl to be on tour with, but just a rockstar mentor would be cool too. Check the journal for more info and things I'm into, really I just miss writing my writing my mouthy punk girl.

[info]angelenfer in [info]ratedx

Looking for Tom Hardy, Jon Bernthal or Jai Courtney to join [info]blackdawn with me as my human boy's owner! Species and other details are open to discussion.

[info]angelenfer in [info]darkersls

Looking for Tom Hardy, Jon Bernthal or Jai Courtney to join [info]blackdawn with me as my human boy's owner! Species and other details are open to discussion.

[info]vincenz in [info]ratedx

[info]mademen oscar isaac, josh brolin, ben affleck, colin farrell, jon hamm, joel kinnaman, sean pertwee, mads mikkelsen, tommy flanagan, robert downey jr, jeffery dean morgan or joel edgerton for any of the following: this guy's trusted muscle/bodyguard, his go-to for wet work, a dependable courier, or a longtime worker at his mother's cafe. screened.

[info]kelsirose in [info]ratedx

a Daddy for her? kinks to be discussed!

[info]eisleymae in [info]rpvents

Hey if you're going to rip off a game that a friend did RECENTLY like late last year for the love of god don't. I don't care that you say it's a coincidence. You changed like two things. That's not a coincidence

Also deleting comments calling you out isn't cool

Apr. 17th, 2021

[info]doriam in [info]ratedx

Looking for some new het lines to play with, celeb or do pb. Also open to other woc faces.

[info]josepedrop in [info]ratedx

psls? boyd holbrook, any women? all of this is celeb.

[info]daisyromero in [info]ratedx

would love an asian pb plaything for this woman.

[info]sonoplan in [info]fandom_psls

Let me jump on the bandwagon of Buck being on the page.

Let's be honest, he needs his Tasha. I would love to either manipulate MCU or carry on with their Comic based romance. Modern-day here in NYC while he goes through therapy in their tiny apartment.

I could go strictly OC female, toss a bit of a history with a Lazarus-type line or someone he meets in NYC while making amends.

I also would adore Sharon Carter. Something about them sharing history would make things more interesting. Maybe set them up in Madripoor.

[info]avengertower in [info]fandom_psls

The year is 2023, and the world is still healing. New villains have arisen; old heroes have come out of retirement. Life is still moving on.

And then, one by one, people start appearing in New York State. People like another Natasha Romanoff and another Clint Barton and another Tony Stark start dropping into this world like it's the place to be.

Join us as we experience the Marvel Universe and other fandoms colliding in a new and exciting G-PSL!


[info]chaotique in [info]darkersls

[info]aetherwood opening soon! A plot-driven supernatural OSL in need of witches and familiars for mysterious goings-on. Come plot and play. <3

[info]haddonfieldil in [info]ratedx

[info]haddonfieldil Would love more people.

[info]rlowery in [info]ratedx

Got my second COVID shot yesterday and trying to wade through the haze and muck and need some entertainment. Here's a quickie idea for something to do.

Rachel was supposed to get married, and the wedding stayed scheduled. On the day of the wedding, the church looked beautiful. The wedding parties looked beautiful. She looked beautiful. But no one would ever find out how good the spouse was supposed to look. He never showed up. Nobody could reach him, and as it turns out, he ditched Rachel after all of this effort and money had been spent. Rachel was clearly devastated that the man she loved had uprooted and left her. But someone steps in and makes her forget everything after one hell of a roll in the hay.

Seeking: a best man, wedding planner, best friend, step sibling, anyone who may fit the bill of someone who could do the deed. Yes, this could be femme if need be. Faces I use are in my journal.

[info]dawnhannah in [info]ratedx

Searching for a male in his 20s for a fwb line. And of course a Ryan Gosling pb will always be welcome. For a small gpsl.

[info]whoreofcardiff in [info]rpvents

I really hate to turn down a line but I'm just not into almost two decade age gaps. Why do I still feel somewhat bad?

Apr. 16th, 2021

[info]lausch in [info]ratedx

anyone out there pb black characters and would be up for a slash incest line against this guy? dad, uncle, brother, or cousin is cool. also open to a white half brother or dad if i can’t get it filled otherwise. premise/pairing can be as dark as you’re comfortable with. i play him as a top mostly if that matters.

[info]debramarie in [info]ratedx

anyone looking for femme/pb with a large age gap?

[info]fluffball in [info]rpvents

Giant side eye on that brand new game for allowing a hold on that face.

Even more of a giant side eye for the person who wants to use him.

If the mods let that go, what else will they allow?

[info]otterbekidding in [info]darkersls


[info]aetherwood Opening soon! I'm bringing in a giant otter familiar (stop laughing, he's as nonplussed as you, but uses it effectively and creatively) looking for his witch partner, of any gender, preferably with a water elemental focus but open to the right vibe. You know you want to be half of an unexpectedly badass team. Drop me a comment, let's chat.

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