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Oct. 4th, 2023

[info]carambada in [info]pbads

[info]gothic the college roommate who requested a room transfer after one too many math puns put them over the edge, the other college roommate who left because the spirit of a murdered upperclassman wouldn't stop blowing up her haunted dream phone, neighbors in graymire, more cousins and other relations for the herrera family!, anyone with a story of seeing the specter of abuelo skedaddling about town to share, a group of 30-something childhood/high school friends who won't let her forget the self-insert stacie orricio fanfic she unashamedly put right here on al gore's internet

[info]sweetthing in [info]pbads

[info]courty while i ponder a face change, what can i offer you fine folks? she needs everything!

[info]revert in [info]pbads

[info]gothic are there any early-to-mid-30s m faces you'd like to see and/or family lines someone like that could potentially fill?

[info]loaz in [info]pbads

[info]lvmc levi stocke, thoren bradley, christian hogue, michael yerger, michele morrone, simone susinna, odell beckham jr., jonathan bellini, diego fragoso, gerald gillum, josh mario john, chris evans, garrett hedlund, boyd holbrook

[info]hazelton in [info]pbads

taking icon requests. see journal.

[info]substratals in [info]pbads

would anyone pb patrick gibson against sujaya in something non-sol?

[info]webkinz in [info]pbads

[info]courty chase stokes, jonathan daviss, madison bailey, carlacia grant, austin north, ross butler, jessica henwick, lenox hill employees, a roommate, custom swaps, friends, a reminder if i have a custom with you to distract me from working on my update ☺

[info]sleeve in [info]pbads

is there any idol pb based gpsl or would there be any interest in one?

[info]moorlands in [info]pbads

home or psl?

[info]audramae in [info]pbads

home or psl femme/het.

[info]catyears in [info]pbads

looking for het psls! her info is in the journal. plotting or swipes, either is fine by me

[info]purrfect in [info]pbads

[info]lifestyle laura harrier 🥺, natasha liu bordizzo, oliver jackson-cohen, regé-jean page, jeremy allen white, anyone else with three names, melissa barrera, victoria pedretti, samara weaving, bill skarsgard, zoe kravitz, sean teale, the college ex she tried to ghost, a close friend that's recently moved back to boston, friends for regular happy hours, exes and flings of various intensities, neighbors in brookline!

[info]withers in [info]pbads

[info]sapiens founding families à la tvd, vampires of london house (especially james bond types for tvd/originals meets homeland campaign-driven plots), private citizens, psl folks for a writing-focused gpsl with scenes on the fp and years of proven commitment, eva green, luke kirby, olga kurylenko, cillian murphy, boyd holbrook, idris elba, liam neeson, vincent cassel, older faces and more sams to join our beautiful cast ✨

[info]lsdream in [info]pbads

[info]gothic bringing in michael yerger. anyone need a brother, best friend, roommate, etc?

[info]drunkowl in [info]pbads

[info]lifestyle his 36 year old little sister. i have the details, like arby's has the meats.

[info]flappybirds in [info]pbads

[info]courty blackpink, skz, dominic fike, friends, swipes, exes, flirty buddies, neighbors, fashion industry people, dancers

[info]sugarcane in [info]pbads

taking icon requests!

[info]keynon in [info]pbads

[info]gothic would evan be wanted for some weird shenanigans around the town? he works at the crowtel and he constantly walks around like he has no idea wtf is going on even though he was born in gothic. he's often taking photos of people who visits the crowtel and tries to get in on playing tricks on the tourists without realizing he's actually summoning the terrors. i'd love a roommate especially one who watches out for him if he sleepwalks, exes, an unlikely best friend

[info]hexappeal in [info]pbads

[info]gothic what male faces and/or lines are wanted?

[info]nitara in [info]pbads

[info]courty long weekend became longer than expected 💀 i'm alive and contemplating a face change? bring me housemates for a streamer/gamer house, the guy friend she pretended to date for a while in school, a frenemy with benefits (f), really anything else

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