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Apr. 21st, 2021

[info]benjaminson in [info]pbads

would chris be wanted anywhere?

[info]einh in [info]pbads

[info]harbors thinking about bringing in cody fern, what's needed for sls?

[info]medication in [info]pbads

[info]shorebirds same person, new journal. could anyone use this pharmacist originally from chicago for anything? he'll need an ex wife from his early 20s(10ish years ago), past flings/hook ups/fwb of any gender, a super close best friend, hospital coworkers, any neighbors in venice, people who live in his rental properties, friends in general, and anything else we can come up with.

[info]amymm in [info]pbads

[info]bridgetown i would love a brother! cousins, neighbors, younger nieces and nephews, her best friends from childhood, i'm thinking maybe she's a nurse so coworkers?

[info]everaux in [info]pbads

[info]aetherwood his sister, whilst I cry over the fact the bio I wrote didn't save. her twin left the town eight years ago, so there is some family drama for fun times.

[info]morrowd in [info]pbads

[info]harbors keep him as an english teacher, have him teach something else, or do something entirely different with him? i need to shake things up a bit

[info]choson in [info]pbads

[info]concrete lines with everyone as i figure him out and make icons. friends, other professional types, a serious ex (f), failed dates, other foodies, late nighters, etc.

[info]meixing in [info]pbads

check the journal looking for a writing based psl

[info]grisha in [info]pbads

[info]shorebirds gregg sulkin and rita volk for her childhood besties, the shadow & bone cast because i love them, kacey musgraves, ashton irwin, a close cousin for ~latte, chloe bennet, molly mccook, nikohl boosheri, billy magnussen, aaron tveit, rege-jean page

[info]lmontague in [info]pbads

[info]mademen bring me his rival. colombo preferred.

[info]isle in [info]pbads

[info]sexts a couple 30+ close friends, an assistant and artists (struggling, up and coming or any level of success) that has had shows at her gallery.

[info]ecab in [info]pbads

[info]bridgetown lines for this guy. he's not a native but he's been in portland for 11 years. his ex-wife to come along and torture him. a niece or nephew he's more like a parental figure to than his sister is. a casual fling(s) for funsies. close friends. other 35+ folk to join his gang (okay it's more like a book club). so obviously he needs people who can help him become better read. he feels lacking. anything we can work out. happy to fill lines if i can.

[info]ravenfluff in [info]pbads

[info]shorebirds rege-jean page. an almost boyfriend from a few years ago, costars, the older guy who just confuses the heck out of her, friends to hang out with to avoid having to be being alone, more people to talk to in customs. i'm also sort of obsessed with froy gutierrez right now.

[info]elevated in [info]pbads

[info]concrete some family (maternal irish cousins, paternal filipino cousins!), plus an ex or two, some close friends, current or former employees at his fashion label, and any other lines you can come up with for this up and coming designer?

[info]nicotine in [info]pbads

[info]sexts anastasia karanikolaou and alexis ren for specifics, alisha boe for reasons, ross butler as his forever best friend, random customs and/or scenes to get me through the next two days

[info]bearing in [info]pbads

[info]exosolar the mechanic for the comity, friends, neighbors, anyone about pet playdates, a go-to person for more slang and comeback help! everything.

[info]domenico in [info]pbads

looking for a christina hendricks for a line to take to a comm

[info]rlinley in [info]pbads

[info]harbors a sibling (35+) for her and ~tlinley. a significant ex for a detailed but not necessarily romantic line. i can throw pb suggestions at you for either.

[info]buttermilk in [info]pbads

[info]sexts some besties since childhood especially if they're little rich kids, some fwbs, random customs/friends!, a best friend that sort of flirts with the boundaries, other artists and photographers maybe to either share a studio or work together on a future zine, people she's modeled for or who have modeled for her, anwar hadid for [info]succubus, charlotte lawerence for [info]digregrio, troye sivan, chase hudson, tom webb, olivia o'brien, justine skye, jb, jeff logan, christopher mason, oscar isaac, eiza gonzalez, kelsey calmine, yael shelbia, avan jogia, liam hemsworth, lily rose depp, charles melton, reece king

[info]rheie in [info]pbads

Someone to come along with me to [info]harbordrive. Eva Green is too perfect not to use, but she needs company.

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