May 2018

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October 27th, 2015

Player Info
Name: Laura
Over 18? Yes
Timezone: Eastern
Preferred contact: E-mail
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Yes

Character Info
Fandom: Rhi Sully's daughter
Name: Izzy Portia Sully-(second half of her last name to come if her other mother gets picked up)
Age/Birthday: April 23, 12 years old.
Species: Human
Sexuality: She's ten.
Strengths: Outgoing, happy, energetic
Weakness: Stubborn, attention-seeking, worrier
Izzy grew up on the island as a happy child. Both her mothers read to her until she was old enough to read on her own. She loved acting out the stories she'd read and given her mom's skill with theatre, she'd put on little one-actress 'plays'. She has magic and stumbled onto it accidentally when planning a wardrobe for her plays. She was looking at red wigs to play the part of Anne of Green Gables. When she touched a picture of an actress's wig on her computer; her own hair turned red. So far, she's only managed to change her hair, and only based on images she sees on a computer, phone, tablet or other tech device, but she's hoping to do more.
Unlike her mothers, she loves being the centre of attention. When she was old enough for school, she tried out for every show her mother put on. She grew up with plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins and is very used to their attention. Her mothers had little patience for personal drama and she will try positive ways to get attention first. In addition to theatre, she enjoys dancing and sports where she can shine individually, especially gymnastics. She sometimes worries that she isn't as smart academically as her mom and other Sullys, though she usually keeps that to herself.
Third Person Sample: I'm already in game.
Journal: This one.
Played by: Kristina Pimenova