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teresas [userpic]

I'm looking for rape fantasy lines for this girl if anyone is interested.

I'm looking for a complicated scifi/real world storyline where the "real world" communications that our characters have via text message/customs are reflected in the sci-fi threads that we write out. (IE, our characters unwittingly live a normal life and a sci-fi life at the same time. So a busted pipe in their apartment might mean their spaceship runs out of fresh water, or whatever else.) More details here, but I'd love any kind of sci fi/real world (or fantasy or whatever else fits your fancy) mash up where what our characters talk about in a custom helps chart the next thread we write together.

I'm looking for my character's twin sister that he is inappropriately obsessed with, and/or the girlfriend who is secretly working with his mother to try and "broaden his horizons." (His family is fucked up and his mother is way too controlling and way too involved in his romantic life, but at least she's trying to stop him from sleeping with his sister...!) Something where his relationship with his mother is just as inappropriate as it is with his sister, and her attempts to get him interested in another woman are more about her attempts to make him give her more attention than his twin. So it's a complicated family. I'll play the son and NPC the mother if you'll play the sister and/or girlfriend. Bonus points for something supernatural. Maybe they're all telepaths or warlocks or witches or whatever. Flexible on PBs.

hailee [userpic]

something het or poly for her?

Arya Stark [userpic]

I'm really itching to do something exploring "West of Westeros" - the weird Lovecraftian places that are never going to get fully explored and fleshed out in the series beyond World of Ice and Fire. Adventure, mystery, intrigue, and lots of fun esoteric stuff.

I'd love Jaqen, Sandor, Syrio, or possibly a really interesting OC to accompany Arya on her journey. Definitely looking for romance to be part of the line but I'd like to focus on exploration and worldbuilding and mythology.

olivia [userpic]

Looking for her younger brother for an incest line.

Looking for anything BUT slice of life. Drama, tension, good smut. PBs negotiable. Supernatural/horror/real world/crime/cyberpunk/medieval, etc. Typically play the female (surprise!). Screened.

new celeb community. first adds Wednesday! get your holds in!

halloweeniscool [userpic]

Doubtful but a Halloweentown slash line? Would love to find a Luke for either a male Marnie or an OC I have in mind OR a Dylan for an OC. Thinking something set during college (but ignoring the dumpster fire that was the fourth film)

charlie [userpic]

something long-term and incest? mom/son preferably would be great.

mad moxxi [userpic]

check the journal. looking for some lines for my favorite video game characters now.

lev [userpic]

Looking for a Last of Us Part II line for Lev here. I would love Abby, but am also up for brainstorming something against other characters. Open to a psl or game.

guillermo [userpic]

would anyone need a familiar bodyguard or heartguard? nandor please, for obvious reasons, but any of the vamp family would be awesome.

Violet [userpic]

Some forbidden fun her over journals?

Hey! I'm on the hunt for a het werewolf line. Any writers out there who play female characters? I enjoy lines with substance, character development, world-building, and equal storytelling. Let's create something amazing together.

a detective working on a missing person's case becomes obsessed with finding the victim, finding her is all he can think about and all he focuses on. she could be a runaway, abducted, sex trafficked, etc. the obsession, bordering on possession, continues after finding her. maybe he never returns her to her family and locks her away for himself, or he finds ways to bring her back to the station for more questioning or just happens to be where she is and uses it as an excuse to talk.

whatever it is, he's quickly becoming something he never thought capable of or the monster he saved her from. she has a sense of hero worship for him, eager to thank the man that saved her, but she has no idea the true desires the man has.

looking for someone to play the detective and to play the female somewhere in her late teens to early twenties.

possible kinks: obsession/possession/jealousy, abduction, noncon/dubcon, fucking to survive, age difference, size difference, training, breeding, coercion/blackmail, corruption, handcuffs, bondage, collaring, apparatuses, roughness, fucking to survive, discipline/reinforcement, begging.

comments screened or reply in the journal.

mostlygrim [userpic]

Officially a new member of [info]haddonfieldil a slow-paced everday game with a ton of town corruption and murder.

Do you have a serial killer who needs bodies hidden? Maybe you want someone dead or maybe, just maybe you are the type who wants to have sex in a funeral home. These are all things possible with little boy Grim here.

Bring this boy some fun, be it sexy hookups, or someone to feed his murderous desires.

i am no longer the winter soldier. [userpic]

i would love a buckynat psl where i play nat :) my nat is mostly comic-canon with mcu flairs, but i'd kill for an mcu bucky to pair her with!

Mr. Vyce [userpic]

Seeking a partner willing to play Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger or Narcissa Malfoy from Harry Potter opposite a male OC for a largely lighthearted, shamelessly smutty het line. Would particularly love to involve female-led relationships (which can include gentle/loving femdom if interested) and clean footplay (the female being the focus/recipient) as some central kinks. Check the journal for OOC info, and contact me there if interested!

myriadia [userpic]

[info]myriadia we now have a holds page.

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