Marian of Knighton

November 2018


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He should have retaliated by now. Marian had spent days, weeks, dreading just what Guy would do after she struck him at the alter. He had to have been waiting for her to let her guard down. For her to relent just enough so that he could strike when she was vulnerable. Well that wasn't going to happen. Even if it meant many sleepless nights.

Marian knew she was looking worse for wear. She knew she was worrying her father. But what was she to do? She could defend her home, but could he? He was far worse off than she was. And she knew Guy would take out her miss deeds out on a feeble old man, she had seen it happen more than once.

So there she lay, in between her window her bed chamber door, the shutters thrown wide as was the door. Not a sound would get passed her. Weapons she used as the Night Watchman by her side. She was ready for anything. Unless the whole army was brought to rain siege on her home. She had little hope that, if that were to happen, that Robin would come to her aid. Even if it was quite foolish to do so.


Aug. 9th, 2011 11:23 am (UTC)
It mattered not. She was betrothed to him. Had been, at the moment of the kiss. Not to mention jilting a man at the altar did precious little good for her.

"You were supposed to know," he returned, carefully measuring out each word, eyes locked on her face, "Because I called out your name, and your father's." Speaking of which...

The sword was taken away, Guy motioning for her go upstairs. "Go change, Marian. And hurry. Your father and I will just have a little...discussion while we wait."

If he'd learned anything about Marian, it was how much she cared for Edward. And he would not hesitate to use that against her.
Aug. 9th, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
"My father was Sheriff, lest you've forgotten, there are a great many who know our name." She threw back. Though she had known it was him. She didn't know very many who had such a deep voice.

She wanted to hold on to the sword, she wanted to quite badly. But she didn't dare fight him. No doubt he was in the mood not to book any argument as far as the blade went. She turned to go, though the second half caught her half way up. "My father isn't here." It was a blatant lie, especially after she had said she was going to protect herself, and Edward. But she said it loud enough with hopes that her father would hear her and find way out of the house. So he could not be used for leverage.
Aug. 10th, 2011 12:25 am (UTC)
The look he gave her let her know clearly that he was not fooled; either by her pretending to not know who had been at the door, or by her lie about her father.

Not that she had any need to fear outlaws, but even so, Guy doubted Edward would have left her alone through the night hours; even if she did, obviously, know how to handle a blade. "Don't lie to me, Marian," he warned, eyes flashing. "I'll not abide it any longer." She had pushed her luck too far.

"Go change." He didn't wait for a response, nodding, instead to two guards. "Guide her upstairs," he ordered. "And wait outside her bedroom until she decides to return." With that, he was turning, stalking down the hall to Edward's room. By the time Marian was finished dressing, she would find a pale Edward sitting in the great hall, Guy standing over him. It was anyone's guess as to what they had been discussing, except that it hadn't been pleasant.

Aug. 10th, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)
She held her tongue when he commanded her not to lie to him. Though she wanted to throw back that he had no hold over her. Because he did. He could always use her father against her. And the sore part about it, was that Guy knew that he could.

She was going to protest, say that she didn't need an escort up to her own room. Instead she simply bowed. "My lord." Was gritted out. Her anger at the situation tainting the two words.

She didn't wait for the two guards, she took the stairs two at a time. There had to be a way that she could leave a sign for Robin. A way to let him know what happened. She slammed the door behind her. She dressed as quickly as she could in something that looked complicated. With what time she could spare she pieced together a sign, a tell, something only Robin would see, something only he would know what it meant. Because she had little doubt that Guy would try and take both her and her father. If she couldn't talk him out of it.

She chose an outfit that would make riding horseback comfortable. Yet was attractive at the same time, as she might have to use all her assets. Trousers and boots were hidden by the long split skirt of a pale blue gown, a leather waist cincher, stamped with black roses, drew in the narrowness of her waist. The blue drew out the color of her eyes. There was little she could do about the bruising beneath them. Pushing the door open she had half the mind to shove the guards down the stairs. But she dare not. Guy was at his worst when he was angry, one couldn't tell what he would do.

"Father!" She exclaimed once she reached the bottom of the stairs. The fire spark was back in her eyes as she moved to Edward's side. Glaring up at the Guy, her eyes spoke the words she dare not. "Are you alright?"
Aug. 10th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
She had taken long enough getting dressed that Guy had secretly begun to wonder if he would have to go upstairs himself and drag her down. But he didn't show Edward any hesitation, no signs of weakness. Instead, at Edward's first almost admonition, his hand had smacked across the older man's face, silently warning him not to even try talking himself out of whatever actions he decided to take this night.

As Marian came down the stairs, Guy stepped back, hands clasping behind his back, glaring at the pair of them. A pair of traitors, indeed, and he would not have any qualms about squashing them like bugs.

Edward's hand stretched out, hesitantly taking hers, squeezing it to try and give her some comfort, even if he felt there was none to be had in the situation.

"You're coming to Nottingham, Marian." Left unsaid was that she would be going to Nottingham alone.
Aug. 10th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
"And my father?" She had to know, her eyes cut from Guy to Edward. Her fingers delicately tracing the bruise that was already forming across the older man's face. How dare he? How dare Guy. She would not be defiant as long as she could manage it. She dare not.

Her gaze lifted. He had her. With Edward out of harms way he had no leverage. As long as he could use him against her, there wasn't anything she would not do to keep her father from harms way. "What charges am I up against?"
Aug. 10th, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
"He'll stay here," Guy returned, almost evenly. It wasn't as if the question was a surprise by any stretch of the imagination. "Under guard." He'd have to be a fool to leave the old man unwatched. He would go running to Hood at the first opportunity.

"Charges?" He smirked. "And what could I possibly charge you with? No...we're just going to make sure you learn your place. I would've thought losing your hair would have helped with that. Apparently you need to lose something far more drastic."
Aug. 10th, 2011 01:58 am (UTC)
Relief flooded her. Even if Edward was under guard it would mean he wasn't here alone, nor was he in the dank castle. As Edward made to protest she rested her hand against his shoulder. Squeezing slightly. "I will be alright." On her own she could handle Guy, and the Sheriff. And surely there would be a time that Edward could get away, get to safety, or Robin. The sheriff's guards weren't the smartest bunch.

"With you? Only God knows that answer." Hes it was a little smart, but it was the truth, he was devious when he wanted something. No doubt, had he the want, she would swing by the next morning's light by some false charge. "And what do I stand to lose?" While they were here she would cooperate. Weather she would in the castle was a whole other story. Her hair... Had been missed, but she had gotten used to it. And Robin didn't complain about it's length. It wasn't as if it would not grow back with time.
Aug. 10th, 2011 02:20 am (UTC)
She would be alright, would she? Guy had his own private thoughts about that. She would be broken, she would live to regret the actions she had taken, the very actions which led to this point.

Eyebrows rose at her lip, and without warning, his arm snapped out, grasping her arm tightly and pulling her close, eyes burning. "I wouldn't push your luck," he advised, voice low. "As to what you can lose...I'm sure you have some idea. It's not all about physical things, Marian." Surely she could see that.
Aug. 10th, 2011 02:31 am (UTC)
"I honestly don't understand your anger, you were not tricked to the alter, you were not lead to believe that the bargain struck would be upheld. I was set to marry you, until you lied to me." She had been resigned to her fate. "I would have made the attempt to love you. I would have made it work, even if I could not. But a marriage built on lies?" She pulled against his grip, not caring if it bruised. "It would crumbled before a month had passed." She had worked herself up to a fury. Yes she believed she could have loved him, in time. Beneath it all he had the potential to be a good man. At least until he lied, about the most important part. The King's return.

"What I did to you was wrong, but what you did to me was far worse." She had trusted him. Now she didn't think she ever could. Not again. Not ever. Yes she would go to the castle, yes she would do as she was told, but she would be damned if he ever got under her skin again.
Aug. 10th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
He didn't let her go; grip tightening as she pulled against him. This was not the conversation he wished to be having; especially not in front of her father, and his men.

"I imagined I had feelings for you," he returned. "I hoped that you might return those feelings. Obviously I was wrong." He knew what she thought of him; he might as well live up to the reputation. Besides, it wasn't as if she would believe him, believe that he had intended to tell her, until her father had mentioned how much she had been looking forward to the wedding. He couldn't bear to disappoint her...then.

"You humiliated me," he informed her, voice rising once more. "And you don't humiliate a man like me. Say good-bye to your father, Marian."

He didn't wait for a response before he was jerking her to the door, his own men stepping between Edward and Marian, ready to keep the old man in his chair by force if necessary.
Aug. 10th, 2011 03:04 am (UTC)
Marian didn't care who saw. Who heard. As far as she was concerned they were all in on it. They were all part of the lie. She had been looking forward to the wedding. She was twenty-two, after all. And although she loved Robin, beyond a doubt, she also knew she couldn't freely marry him now. Not unless she were to become an outlaw as well, and with her father... It simply wasn't possible.

She made a protesting noise as he jerked her toward the door. "Wait. You said I could say goodbye!" She pulled against his hold. Aware of how bad it hurt. But surely he wouldn't make her go without a proper farewell. What if something happened while she were gone? She had her doubts that she would be allowed to visit.

She pulled and writhed until she finally dropped to the ground, forcing her arm free from his grip roughly. Before he had a shot at grabbing her again she scrambled to back to Edward. Standing she wrapped her arms around his neck. Taking the time to whisper in his ear. "As soon as you can get to Robin. He will keep you safe, or find you shelter. Do not worry over me." Forcing tears into her eyes she kissed the older man's cheek. "I love you."
Aug. 10th, 2011 03:07 am (UTC)
He'd said she could say good-bye, Guy hadn't mentioned anything about the kiss and the hug, as well. Still, she was out of his grasp before he could say anything or grab her back again. Striding forward, he took both arms this time, pulling her away from her father, with a warning look to Edward not to interfere. He wouldn't hesitate to throw her over his shoulder if that was necessary.

For the moment, he would settle for forcing her onto the horse and climbing up behind her, riding fast for Nottingham.
Aug. 10th, 2011 03:54 am (UTC)
She didn't fight anymore, she didn't argue anymore, she simply let him stride her toward the horse. She wouldn't want him to strap her to the horse as if she were a stag, or a boar. The fact that she were riding with him, rather than on her own horse, was bad enough.

She leaned against him. As he rode them toward Nottingham. Rethinking the things she had said in anger. Had she meant them? Had she... Had she truly thought she could love Guy of Gisborne? He hardly knew her. He definitely didn't know she was the Night Watchman. What would happen to her if he found that bit out?