Jun. 21st, 2017

Wee Robin's birthday in SC

10-14-2013 will be four

Sep. 1st, 2014

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Who: Marian
Where: The cemetery
What: Mourning
When: Tuesday Morning.
Rating: Low
Open: Yes
Status: On going
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May. 27th, 2013

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Apr. 1st, 2013

Elmwood Ap

Your name: Amy C
Are you over 18? Yes
A form of contact: hiddenlily@aol.com

Character name: Marian of Knighton
Fandom: BBC's Robin Hood
Age/birthdate: 22, June 22, 1170
Species/Classification: Human
Any strengths, weaknesses, or abilities we should know about? Marian is adept with a bow, sword, and martial arts. She knows a little about 12th century medicine and how to apply it. Her weakness is Robin, and it has always been. She is also stubborn, and willful, with no sense of self preservation when it comes to others. She is likely to risk her neck if it means feeding someone that would starve otherwise.

She is kind, loving, and bold. And this shines through with her self sacraficing acts.
Doctor or Patient? Doctor
Specialty (if doctor): Nurse if available?
Diagnosis (if patient):
Anything else? Here's a link

PB: Lucy Griffiths
Journal: _night_watchman
Link of an icon: http://www.insanejournal.com/userpic/23339643/1360535

Writing Sample:

Mar. 10th, 2013

Memory Plot

The sun was bright, as she stood on the hillock that was just outside of Locksley. The boy that stood beside her spoke up. "See all of this Marian? One day it will be ours. Yours and mine. I want you to learn how to run it, it will help you run Knighton too. I'm going to have my tutor come to see you, to teach you how to read, write, and arithmetic. You'll help me run Locksley, and I'll help you run Knighton. And when you're done with your studies, I'll teach you how to not be a boring girl." His snaggle toothed grin was all the influence she needed.

"When will it be ours? Tomorrow you think?" She asked only to earn a chuckle. "No, we have to be married first. That's why you can't be boring. To be happy, neither one of us are going to be boring."

"Oh. Far off then?" She couldn't wait til Robin liked her. And if these things made him like her, and got him to let her tag along on the adventures him and Much had, then she was going to be determined to do everything he wanted her to.


"It's in two weeks! You're telling me this now, and we'll be-..." Marian broke off in an explosive growl as her hands flexed at her sides. "Robin of Locksley, you cannot call off a wedding two weeks before it's to go on, without an explanation." It was then that the hidden self doubt surfaced. "Don't you love me?"

Her heart soared as his face proved that he did love her. "It's not that I don't love you, but you can't wait for me to come back." What hung between them was what Robin didn't say. What if he didn't come back? "Don't be stupid, of course I can wait."

"No you can't, because I'm breaking it off Marian." He had made his mind up. And Marian could feel the sting of tears in her eyes. "Fine." She bit out as she began prying his mothers ring from her finger. "That's just fine." Chucking the aged band at his head. "I hope you enjoy the whores in the holy land." And before she could break down in tears so he could see it, she slammed the door in his face.

"Marian! Don't be like that! Can't you see I'm doing this for you?" His cries went all but ignored, as she slid down the oak surface. Cupping her face in her hands.


He was back. Five years and he still had that same stupid grin. She pretended not to know him, but there was no denying the flutter in her chest as she leaned against her bedroom door. Crossing to her window she peered out.

There he stood, with Much. Ragged and scruffy, but he didn't look no worse for wear. He was in one piece. Of course the memory of him breaking off their betrothal came rushing to the forefront of her mind. And she slammed the shutters closed. Shutting out his handsome face.


(This is all I have so far! But I'll add more, and feel free to add anything from the show that you wish! I pulled her out of season 2 Episode 11, where Guy catches her as the Night Watcman, if that helps)

Dec. 10th, 2012

Ap for Rising

Name:Amy C
Are you 18 or older?: Older
Contact info: hiddenlily for Aim or hiddenlily@aol.com for email
Have you read the rules and premise? Yes
Are you willing to communicate both as a player and as a character? yes

Character: Marian of Knighton
Fandom: BBCs Robin Hood
Canon Point: Season 2 Episode 11 before she's demasked
Character info. Wiki links are okay: Marian
Writing Sample: from Davy Jones and From the Orient Express.

Jul. 1st, 2012

Walking Dead Header.


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Jun. 29th, 2012

Application for Walking Dead

Name: Amy C
Character name | fandom | journal: Lady Marian of Knighton | BBCs Robin Hood | [info]_night_watchman
Species: Human
Basic character information: Long information is long!
PB: Lucy Griffiths
List of items your character arrives with: Her full Night Watchman gear, thick leather doublet, patchwork leather and thick fabric trousers, sword belt, two masks, one to cover the top portion of her face and still allow her to see, and one to cover the lower portion, a thick long green cloak. Her weaponry consists of, a quiver full of arrows, a recurve bow, seven well hidden daggers, and a long sword.
Have you read the premise? Yes!
Have you read the information on the points system? Yep, it's a like a game I'm already in.

Writing Sample:
From Orient Express

Mar. 9th, 2012

[No Subject]

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )

Jan. 19th, 2012

Someone to watch over us: The Night Watchman

Do you want to know who the Night Watchman is?

Jan. 17th, 2012

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Orient Express Ap

The truth is country is being choked to death, The truth is honest people are being forced to lie and cheat and steal... )

Oct. 22nd, 2011

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April 5th at 5:05pm. He weighed 7lbs 6oz at 19inches.

Oct. 17th, 2011

rough outline

Due Date 4/10/2012 Conception 7/19/2011
Pregnancy Test 8/2/2011 1st Heartbeat 8/16/2011
Quickening 11/7/2011 Viability 12/19/2011
Week 1 7/12/2011 Week 22 12/5/2011
Week 2 7/19/2011 Week 23 12/12/2011
Week 3 7/26/2011 Week 24 12/19/2011
Week 4 8/2/2011 Week 25 12/26/2011
Week 5 8/9/2011 Week 26 1/2/2012
Week 6 8/16/2011 Week 27 1/9/2012
Week 7 8/23/2011 Week 28 1/16/2012
Week 8 8/30/2011 Week 29 1/23/2012
Week 9 9/6/2011 Week 30 1/30/2012
Week 10 9/13/2011 Week 31 2/6/2012
Week 11 9/20/2011 Week 32 2/13/2012
Week 12 9/27/2011 Week 33 2/20/2012
Week 13 10/4/2011 Week 34 2/27/2012
Week 14 10/11/2011 Week 35 3/5/2012
Week 15 10/18/2011 Week 36 3/12/2012
Week 16 10/25/2011 Week 37 3/20/2012
Week 17 11/1/2011 Week 38 3/27/2012
Week 18 11/7/2011 Week 39 4/3/2012
Week 19 11/14/2011 Week 40 4/10/2012
Week 20 11/21/2011 Week 41 4/17/2012
Week 21 11/28/2011 Week 42 4/24/2012

Oct. 5th, 2011

[No Subject]

Made by Rachel ♥ I had to post these here because I heart them so.

Sep. 1st, 2011

[No Subject]

It had been weeks since Marian had been forcefully brought to live in the castle. Longer than she liked to go without seeing her father. Robin had sneaked a few missives back and forth, but it wasn't the same as seeing him. The want to do so was probably stronger than was healthy.

And so Marian found herself at the castle gate, trying to con one of the more soft hearted guards. "Please David, I wont be gone long enough to be missed, I promise." She batted her long eyelashes at the man. "I feel like a wilted flower, if I don't get some sunshine and fresh air soon I may begin to shrivel." The man stuttered, he was a bit young, still wet behind the ears, unused to pretty women speaking so boldly to him.

Yet before he could say anything he went near white. Looking over her shoulder at something. Glancing back Marian too paled. "Sir Guy." She greeted.

Aug. 7th, 2011

[No Subject]

He should have retaliated by now. Marian had spent days, weeks, dreading just what Guy would do after she struck him at the alter. He had to have been waiting for her to let her guard down. For her to relent just enough so that he could strike when she was vulnerable. Well that wasn't going to happen. Even if it meant many sleepless nights.

Marian knew she was looking worse for wear. She knew she was worrying her father. But what was she to do? She could defend her home, but could he? He was far worse off than she was. And she knew Guy would take out her miss deeds out on a feeble old man, she had seen it happen more than once.

So there she lay, in between her window her bed chamber door, the shutters thrown wide as was the door. Not a sound would get passed her. Weapons she used as the Night Watchman by her side. She was ready for anything. Unless the whole army was brought to rain siege on her home. She had little hope that, if that were to happen, that Robin would come to her aid. Even if it was quite foolish to do so.

Jun. 8th, 2011

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Some of us may fall but our fight will live on. You are the soul of England, standing firm against tyranny for a real future. Now ask yourself is that not something worth fighting for. )