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May. 24th, 2008

05:36 am - Family Information and Notes

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May. 23rd, 2008

07:25 pm - .01 Interconnected cortex entire- open to all

May 7th, 2518:

We have a job, so I expectin' that some of the crew will be more sociable, less with the negativeness. Except those that are usually no matter what. Capt'n seems happy though. Which is all that truly matters. If ya captain is without the happy, then ya mights well give up hope on peaceful evenings. Though she said once the thing is done, that we would be spendin' some time planet-side. Which is a lovely thought, dependin' on where she has set for us to be goin'.

You folk out there wouldn't believe this crew, like the total randomness some times. Our head lady, not our captain, but Ms. Hawks. She arrived to our discussion this mornin' in barely nothin'. Had some of the crew talking. Not think the Captain was to happy abouts it, though Ms. Walker let her know her thoughts on things. Wouldn't expect any less n' that though. She's a strong sorta gal, sometimes scares the beejeebaas outa me. You be right smart not to cross her.

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06:59 pm - Character Stats

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Jan. 16th, 2008

06:16 pm - OOC Mention

This journal will be is used for [info]_burntheland_. If you want to join Oddball, please go to [info]tehsignal. All application and game info is in that journal. All entries found in here shall be in a interconnected journal being kept in game by Oddball. It is open for any and all on the cortex to view. Unless otherwise noted. He may occationally lock something so only his crew can view it though. Any replies would be in-game by any of the other characters actually replying to it.

Amy- AKA Oddball's Mun

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