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Date: 2007-09-22 05:34
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My art for the [info]snarry_games is kicking my ass but good. It's been two weeks and I'm still not finished. Why is it taking so long to get it done? D:

Who on my flist is going to Portus? I'm trying to work out a way to go to both Portus and Terminus next year, but since I'm planning on attending Terminus for the entire con I might have to just plan on flying out to Portus just to stay for a couple of days. I don't want to miss it, since there will be quite a few people attending that one that I would love to meet, and I would love to hang out with you guys, even if its only for a couple of days.

It's me and my boyfriend's 5 year anniversary coming up in October, so as a gift for ourselves we splurged on a 42" plasma and hd directv package. Just in time for the fall tv season. So in between all the damn ESPN and college football that my boyfriend has it tuned to 24/7, I at least get to watch House , Heroes, and Prison Break in hi def. :D Oh and speaking of that....

For the most part, Prison Break is looking like it might be shaping up to be pretty interesting this season. Granted, this episode was basically nothing but setting the stage and introducing all the new people, but hopefully since it's back in a prison again we get some of that season 1 magic back. Last season was ok, but it was such a huge leap from s1 I found myself getting a bit bored with it in the later episodes. Just a couple of things to note:
Are they planning on keeping Micheal in a long sleeved shirt for the rest of the series? The tattoos need to make an appearance again. Granted they don't have much use now, but would it kill you guys to indulge us every once and awhile and put the fake tattoos back on every once and a while?
Does Lincoln sweat everywhere he goes? No matter what he was doing he was completely sweaty the entire time.
Get Bellick some pants. LIKE NOW.

I'm still bellydancing whenever I get the time, and lately we've been broadening our horizons and incorporating fire into the mix. Here's a bit of picspam from the last couple of shows we did. That's Taisir down in front, I'm the one behind her.


I'm beat. Off to bed now.

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psyfic: everydayIwrite
User: [info]psyfic
Date: 2007-09-23 03:37 (UTC)
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[info]chazpure and I very badly want to go, even if we don't actually attend the con, but just go for the get-togethers (which a couple of our other friends are planning on doing, also). We'll know more if it's possible near the end of the year, but it'd be so nice to meet you. :)

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_odella_: bird with scissors
User: [info]_odella_
Date: 2007-10-03 06:21 (UTC)
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Oh ,I hope you can go, I would love to meet you!

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