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Date: 2008-01-20 20:49
Subject: well look who's alive....
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Tags:fanart, fandom:harry potter, luna lovegood

OMG. I had to exile myself from pretty much all things internet for the last couple of weeks while I threw myself into doing nothing but work, work, work. A builder/designer award entry deadline is due Monday, so I got slammed. Pretty much a different photoshoot every day, all week long, for two weeks. But last night I finally got the last set of photos ready for mailing and basked in the glow of being completely finished a day ahead of schedule. God, it felt good.

Meanwhile when I was away, I found out someone nominated my art for the dramione_awards! Thank you whoever nominated me! And on top of that I received this:

omfg, I'm speechless! Thank you!

Since I am through with work for at least another week or so, I get to take all next week to do nothing but draw. I plan on bustin' out at least 2 commissions and collab. project I'm working on.
Yesterday I needed to decompress, so I played around a bit with something quick and easy. And since I can never say no to the hp_fringeart's January Imitation of a Famous Work of Art Challenge....

Title: Luna
Rating: G
Notes: for the hp_fringeart January challenge: imitation of a famous work of art
Based on Luna by Charles Edward Halle. How appropriate. :)


Luna by Charles Edward Halle

p.s. We are almost through with season 2 of our Alias marathon. Sark is all over the place, so life is good. I think some Sark/Syd art might be necessary soon.:B

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