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Dec. 5th, 2022

[info]spiritedlucky in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Lucky Prescott & Penny Kirkman
Where: The Lacrosse Field
When: Monday After School
What: A little Extra Practice
Status: Ongoing & Closed
Warnings: None for Now

A little fun and work at the same time.... )

[info]enchantricks in [info]madisonvalley

I am not sure what one does for this Christmas thing? I never celebrated any of these Midgardian holidays, and I really am not sure if I should bother starting or not. I might not be as alone as i used to be but I am still rather... alone and these all seem like family things.

Dec. 4th, 2022

[info]p_winterbourne in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Paige and Open
What: Paige notices the reindeers in the park
When: December 5th
Where: Park
Rating: low

13 Reindeer in the Park )

[info]jaegerpilot in [info]madisonvalley

I really want to see the inside of that village...

[info]sandu_shengshou in [info]madisonvalley

Why is there now a small village in Madison?

[info]mel_halliwell in [info]madisonvalley

You can now stop by the theater to get your tickets for the Christmas movie marathon. And of course I will always take donations to help with future movie marathons. This will help to make each and every single one of them special. I can’t wait to start decorating the theater in the next few weeks. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I’ve already decorated my home. Turning the tree on and watching Christmas movies, it’s truly my happy place. Well, especially when I have the greatest boyfriend to snuggle with as well.

[info]diamonddaphne in [info]madisonvalley

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is getting so close and I surely can not wait.

[info]nowhiteknight in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Brooke & Leonard
What: Brooke is dropping some truths.
When: Thursday afternoon (Backdated to the Truth Plot)
Where: Streets
Rating: Low most likely

Though, one has to wonder, why you were running away from me just now. )

[info]recklessandwild in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Angeline Dawes & Adrian Ivashkov
What: Getting hurt, healed, and dealing with Adrian
When: Sunday evening
Where: Riverwalk near Sydney and Adrian's place
Warnings: Severe injury
Status: Closed/Ongoing

Crash, boom, bang. )

[info]rhysnightcourt in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Mads and Rhys
What: dancing/date night
Where: Verdant
When: Sat night
Warnings: low
Status: closed/g-doc

Thinking about you, you’re in my head )

[info]gibbsrules in [info]madisonvalley

Since there doesn't seem to be NCIS base here I was wondering if anyone would be interested in hand-carved toys and furniture?

[info]nofearnow in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Josie Saltzmen & Rowan Fricks
Where: Empress of China
When: Sunday around Lunchtime
What: Having Lunch
Status: Ongoing & Closed
Warnings: None for Now

Awkward Conversation )

[info]thereforhim in [info]madisonvalley

I cannot believe Charlie is going to be born this month. It feels like nine months went by so fast.

[info]gibbsrules in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Elijah Mikaelson
Where: Starbucks
When: Sunday Evening
What: Yet Another Coffee Run
Status: Ongoing & Closed
Warnings: None for Now

Not all of them are the same... )

[info]scorpisrex in [info]madisonvalley

HP Crew

I'm working on the holiday edition of Butterbeer, and have a bit of trouble with the charm work. I'm trying to get the edible glitter and sparkles to stay floating, but my spell ends too quickly and everything ends up a congealed mess on the bottom. And then the butterbeer tastes off.

Want to give it a shot?

[info]gibbsrules in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Penelope Garcia
Where: Horst's Little Bakery Haus
When: Sunday Morning
What: Checking out another place
Status: Ongoing & Closed
Warnings: None for Now

Determined as ever... )

Dec. 3rd, 2022

[info]extremely_hot in [info]madisonvalley

[John Proudstar]

Tick tock, tick tock. It's just over three weeks til Christmas. We're running out of time to do your shopping.


[info]2ndweasley in [info]madisonvalley

Well this is interesting, haven't been to America in years AND what's more, a muggle town. Also bloody December of all times. Nothing a properly executed Incendio spell won't fix.

[info]aunt_may_parker in [info]madisonvalley

[Peter and Alyssa]

I know you’re both older now and you’re young adults, but I do expect a Christmas List from both of you before the 10th.

[info]lots_of_pockets in [info]madisonvalley


I saw the Christmas Trees being sold. We should buy one this year, yes? For your ward and stuff.

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