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May. 21st, 2022

[info]adam_vasic in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Adam and Paige
What: Paige is helping Adam set up for Beltaine
When: May 1
Where: a clearing in the woods
Rating: low

So… you sticking around for the fire )

[info]satedanrunner in [info]madisonvalley

What the hell is this?

And where are my guns?

[info]magicflask in [info]madisonvalley


[info]ofthe_nora in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Aloy and OPEN
What: Her Arrival
When: Early Evening
Where: Streets
Rating: low

Arrival )

[info]katedanvers in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Everyone
What: Art & Music Festival
Where: The Park
When: Saturday & Sunday (music & art); Monday & Tuesday (art only)
Warnings: lemme know
Status: Party post

~+~+~+~ )

[info]tokramartouf in [info]madisonvalley

WHO: Martouf and Gally
WHAT: Random meeting
WHEN: Today
WHERE: Starbucks
WARNINGS: TBD, probably low
STATUS: Closed/Ongoing

~+~+~+~+~+~+~ )

[info]hybridoriginal in [info]madisonvalley

WHO: Klaus Mikaelson and Alyssa Gardner
WHAT: Meeting Alyssa
WHEN: Today
WHERE: In the park
STATUS: Closed/Ongoing

~+~+~+~+~+~+~ )

[info]havinaminiklaus in [info]madisonvalley


On their bed is a three foot plushie. No note.

[info]_gwynbleidd_ in [info]madisonvalley


I feel I've been neglecting you.

[info]nagakaa in [info]madisonvalley

Kenzi My Wife My Love

There is a gift for you outside.

[info]oldernowyounger in [info]madisonvalley

Leo (Dr. Geek)

Liz turned into my actual sister for a while.

[info]fortheloveofwar in [info]madisonvalley

Little Gnat (Chuuya)

I will need you to relinquish your vendetta against Kol.

May. 20th, 2022

[info]createschaos in [info]madisonvalley


I like me better as myself. Not some hidden prince.

[info]wangji in [info]madisonvalley

I am once again back to myself. I apologize if I have caused any distress.

[info]notyetbatman in [info]madisonvalley


[info]stopaimingatme in [info]madisonvalley

Who: John Murphy and Magnus Bane
What: Just a random run-in
When: Friday afternoon
Where: That Book Place
Warnings: TBA
Status: Closed/On-going

~+~+~+~ )

[info]history_hacker in [info]madisonvalley

So...I was a robot for a week. That was weird.

She had some badass tattoos, though.

[info]wantstodogood in [info]madisonvalley

While I'm happy to be back in my body, it was nice to not need the wheelchair for a bit.


Hey, sorry about little me. I saw Bruce was around, the one we know. How was that? And also I owe you a drink for different smaller me attempting to kick your ass as well as bring up some of your bad memories.

[info]be_sensitive in [info]madisonvalley

[Shawn Spencer]

Even though it wasn't my doing, I'm still sorry I wasn't myself. At least, I didn't think I was with anyone else? Not sure if that helps at all. How are you doing?

[info]shadeofmean in [info]madisonvalley

Cat shirts do not fucking belong in my closet. Guess I'll be burning some of these again because no one should be stuck with these as options for shirts. I want to cringe at how bad other me was with the opposite sex.

Though the house is cleaner than I left it and in order so I'll give her that.

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