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August 1st, 2021

issohot, posting in fandom_psls @ 01:39 am: [info]mom_mod More Teen Wolf peeps, please?! Especially Melissa, Scott and Stiles.

July 31st, 2021

redjuniper, posting in ratedx @ 09:32 pm: Looking for a Malfoy for something fun and filthy!

feldh, posting in ratedx @ 09:48 pm: [info]sensualize adam levine, douglas booth, ed westwick, joe jonas, machine gun kelly, jorge lendeborg jr., dylan o'brien, blake jenner, alexander calvert, shameik moore, adrian enscoe, jeremy renner. sophie turner, keira knightley, anna kendrick, brittany snow, alexis knapp, karlie kloss, gigi hadid, cara delevingne, haley lu richardson, ella hunt, anna baryshnikov.

aeklund, posting in ratedx @ 06:53 pm: A "alpha" hunter to switch things up and top this beta werewolf?

sanstar, posting in fandom_psls @ 08:30 pm: Sansa Stark, seeking some GoT lines.

I'm rereading A Clash of Kings and it's brought this muse back to the forefront.

I'm specifically looking for the usual, her husband, her Hound, her Highgarden Lady, maybe even Jaime once he returns. Something good to distract her from the hell that is Kings Landing. But I'm open to more unusual pairings, it's Sansa, she's very shippable.

I'm happy to play both in book and show cannon, mixing the two or even complete rewrites. I have ideas.

yenniferofv, posting in fandom_psls @ 03:44 pm: Geralt to follow me to [info]thebeaconmod?

tasteofthewild, posting in ratedx @ 02:41 pm: Any interest in a post-apocalyptical a/b/o gpsl where a group of survivors finds themselves on a small safe compound, trying to rebuild the world, maybe fighting zombies for some drama?

rpearson, posting in ratedx @ 07:16 pm: Dusting off this muse. Looking for his daughter in law for some naughty fun.

guilianna, posting in ratedx @ 07:53 pm: would anyone be up for a femme line?

hiiamlauren, posting in ratedx @ 06:02 pm: A younger guy for her? Not opposed to lines involving pregnancy/ pregnancy kinks. Darker lines welcome too.

samwchster, posting in fandom_psls @ 11:58 am: Looking for a Dean, or I'd be happy to play an OC against Dean. Was hoping for it to either be AU at some point during the show and pretending the finale didn't happen. Comments are screened.

devilslilangel, posting in ratedx @ 05:40 am: Back from a bit of a hiatus. Anything slash pb for one of the guys in my icons? Looking for someone sexy to top them but will consider writing the top for the right pb.

kgmod, posting in ratedx @ 06:47 pm: If this game were to open again/be revamped, would there be interest? Also looking for a co-mod or two if there is interest.

July 30th, 2021

loveofcarnage, posting in fandom_psls @ 09:28 pm: Some kinks never die.

Attempting to revive an ancient muse of mine; the Hessian from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. I stick to the canon of the movie and add my own spice to his background/canon. I'd love an Ichabod and/or Katrina to play with or try a cross-canon with other fandoms.

bennylafitte, posting in fandom_psls @ 08:36 pm: [info]thebeaconmod Dean and more supernatural people.

obam, posting in ratedx @ 07:07 pm: Anything het for him? I’d be down to write him against a celeb or a pb and can even write him as a pb if necessary! Would just really love to get into a scene or two tonight if possible! Journals or on wire @barackandrolla and could even do discord as well!

lnceb, posting in ratedx @ 07:01 pm: Joey Fatone or AJ McLean for him?

hmkd, posting in ratedx @ 11:51 pm: a ftm pussy to play with out there? one shot, pbs negotiable but not too young please, kinks include but aren’t limited to pussy jobs, edging, eating out, clothed sex, toys, cumplay, etc. comments screened.

_laurie_, posting in ratedx @ 09:40 pm: Would anyone be interested in an interracial psl? Het and threading.

vaxildan_, posting in fandom_psls @ 08:29 pm: Percival de Rolo. I'm looking for you.

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