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September 21st, 2021

midnightsecrets, posting in ratedx @ 12:46 am: Looking for two possible lines:

A female who's boyfriend thinks she's a virgin but she lets some other guy or guys fuck her behind his back? Maybe even films it from time to time? (looking for the female)

A delivery boy (UberEats/pizza/etc) who makes his big tips by taking dick from his customers but no one knows that's why he gets them or that it's why he gets requested so often. (looking for the delivery boy)

September 20th, 2021

sensualise, posting in ratedx @ 09:26 pm: opens Wednesday! get your holds in now!

shuttlecock, posting in ratedx @ 10:10 pm: looking for lines against cboys. comment the journal if interested and i'll set up a custom.

jennifernobody, posting in ratedx @ 07:12 pm: [info]haddonfieldil would love a Shotzi Blackheart or Rhea Ripley PB for this girls BFF and/or co-worker. Additional rasslin' faces would be neat, or anyone, really.

17778, posting in ratedx @ 06:02 pm: some sort of halloween smut line for this girl? anything from supernatural to horror film villains having fun with a victim. or a mother figure who shows her the ropes? open on taboos and kinks!

libr, posting in ratedx @ 04:35 pm: [info]sensualise gillian jacobs, aubrey plaza, betty gilpin, kristen bell, other ladies to keep me company.

ikilledhitler, posting in fandom_psls @ 05:15 pm: Supernatural - Destiel? Open to canon or au, and I can play either side. Also open to other pairings.

nazera, posting in ratedx @ 03:37 pm: could i get an oscar isaac, jake gyllenhaal, bill skarsgård, or tom holland pb for a mafia psl? long term with a good mix of smut and plot would be ideal!

tyrswft, posting in ratedx @ 12:05 pm: got a long list of ex-lovers and would like to see them all at [info]sensualise

rynrlds, posting in ratedx @ 03:02 pm: [info]sensualise Blake Lively to come with?

badgrandpa, posting in ratedx @ 02:50 pm: After years of no sex, following years of boring ass vanilla sex, this grandpa is ready to go wild. Het only, multiples fully welcome, even if it might do him in. Comment here or the dropbox if interested.

hackneyed, posting in rpvents @ 07:08 am: genuine question: say someone wants to use a pb that has been around for a long time, but the images they want to use for the pb are from like 15 years ago rather than the usual limit of 5. for example, jude law back in the early 2000's; he looks different now, but he's been around since the 90's, and maybe someone wants to use images from around "the holiday" because that age range works better for their character, and they just happen to like how he looked back then/it works better for a character that's younger than however old he is now. if the character is 18+ and the pb is also 18+ in the images used, and they were also a celebrity at the time, why is the 5-year limit on the pb thing a thing? i'm asking here because it's universal, and i'm not sure where else to ask (the last post on rp_questions is from 2010). also just curious, not trying to argue it, and hope i don't get talked to like i'm an idiot lol.

edit: okay so to clarify, in sol comms, if the pb looked a certain way at 40, and that's the look you want to go with for the character because the character is also 40, you can't use those because the pb is 50 now and the lowest age your character can go is 45.

skyofstars, posting in ratedx @ 01:44 am: just putting out feelers, wondering if someone would be into playing a 30+ woman in a slow burn, mostly organic wlw thing that we let build on its own at ~lifestyle. i'd love to find someone with more of a dom/top vibe for my brat/switch, especially someone who's still learning/figuring out what she's looking for in a partner.

aparamedic, posting in fandom_psls @ 07:04 pm: I would love to see Owen Strand @ [info]thebeaconmod.

darcf, posting in ratedx @ 01:53 pm: She is something like a witch, ever since some thing in the forest wormed its way into her soul. He found her next morning, shoulders deep in a river and so cold he thought she might be dead. It's been years, and though the two quite agree that they are closer to each other than anyone else - they've yet to cross any line. Will they ever?

Looking to play her, not picky on the him. Seeking a slow burn and writing their present as well as their past. Inquire within ♥

filthylimericks, posting in rpvents @ 08:40 pm: It's getting real hard not to take that personally.

lizziecols, posting in ratedx @ 07:29 pm: [info]sensualise more marvel friends!

vbhm, posting in ratedx @ 01:27 am: dub/non-con mommy/baby play with lactation kink for victoria beckham? open to drug use, hypnosis and/or magic. this would be a role reversal line. i’m looking for either a younger celeb or a pb to force victoria into the baby role. very kink friendly. open to futa. screened both here and in the journal.

September 19th, 2021

rebrosnahan, posting in fandom_psls @ 07:09 pm: someone to play joel maisel, lenny bruce, or benjamin ettenberg that would be interested in something dramatic (but still stupidly cute) with my midge maisel? we can play along with the show plot or make things our own…i am not picky!

hollandstanley, posting in ratedx @ 03:24 pm: [info]sensualise everyone

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