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April 20th, 2021

smokeandwhiskey, posting in fandom_psls @ 02:24 pm: In search of Matt Murdock or John Constantine.

hayleyatwll, posting in ratedx @ 01:51 pm: Would love some customs/scenes. Het/femme and open to anyone so come get yourself a custom!

kaylama, posting in ratedx @ 01:39 pm: This one is known for teasing and pushing buttons to get what she wants. I'd love a family friend, step-parent, sibling's best friend, boyfriend's sibling, or school faculty member for her to tease and try to get them to cross some lines. Het or femme and you can comment here or the screened post.

soulsword, posting in ratedx @ 01:23 pm: looking for some gay smut lines, check the journal

samuelwilson, posting in fandom_psls @ 10:45 am: [info]avengertower Rhodey, Scott Lang, Maria Hill, Jane Foster.

carterlee, posting in ratedx @ 09:47 am: [info]haddonfieldil his ex-wife, friends, co-workers.

team_torchwood, posting in ratedx @ 01:10 am: Someone to find my PB/fandom girl masturbating and offers a hand/tongue/toy/cock?

Also have a handful of other rough ideas to offer. But one is set in a casual sex friendly/sex positive world where its normal to have sex/masturbate whenever. Its normal to hear mid meeting moaning when an orgasm happens via remote vibe. Sex toys in public bathrooms and the like too. Open ended so game to hash out details.

Het,femme,futa and can offer lists.

ladiesjournal, posting in ratedx @ 01:45 pm: Looking to take a femme line to a small gpsl. Open on faces, have an older/younger idea and a couple of similar age ideas for older or younger faces.

April 19th, 2021

sebrox, posting in ratedx @ 09:48 pm: Any twinks looking to get their ass pounded? Maybe make their boyfriend watch it happen? Lots of scenarios we could use.

kevkel, posting in ratedx @ 09:28 pm: Finally getting caught up on Riverdale with the rest of the world! I'd love to play something along the lines of the key party that Cheryl set up but with a slightly different turn of events. I'd like to either play it out that Kevin or Archie pulls the other's keys so that they have to pair off and Kevin introduces Archie to things he's never done before, or play it as a celeb situation where the cast decide to have a party after getting the idea from the scene and KJ/Casey pair off.

Any Archie/KJ takers out there?

nightmarket, posting in ratedx @ 07:43 pm: A small group of writers looking to start a supernatural a/b/o gpsl with a fun and different kind of setting. Join our plotting post to learn more and help us get started! Holds and applications are now open!

alittlemessy, posting in ratedx @ 02:39 pm: Looking for the male half in an emotionally charged line where a stepbrother has dreamed about dominating, roughly fucking, and impregnanting his stepsister since they met and he finally gets his wish. Only things are more complicated than they imagine.

chrsrovans, posting in ratedx @ 11:29 am: [info]mcufam all the beautiful, talented missing marvel faces. i'm not above begging.

neverbeenshy, posting in ratedx @ 11:57 am: Looking for a student/teacher or boss/employee line using a Christina Hendricks or Monica Bellucci PB.

connormacleod, posting in fandom_psls @ 11:24 am: Longest of longshots, but anyone interested in Highlander? I have Connor here, but may be interested in playing Duncan or potentially Methos as well. Could be modern, some period piece during one of their timelines, or a combination of the two as the movies and show was known to do. I could play against an original character or potentially someone in that universe.

If there is interest let me know here or the dropbox on the journal, thanks.

coyv, posting in ratedx @ 12:01 am: [info]haddonfieldil Friends, possible step siblings she didn't know about, a lover, anyone that wants to loiter around her lovely flower shop.

April 18th, 2021

hrbb, posting in ratedx @ 10:54 pm: het/femme customs for hailey bieber? i would love a justin for some power play dynamics and fun experimenting but other than that i'm open to a pb/older actor or actress

slance, posting in ratedx @ 09:06 pm: Anyone up for some rough, dirty custom fun with Sara Lance? Open to anyone whether it's from her canon or some crossovers.

lmontague, posting in ratedx @ 05:47 pm: [info]mademen sex workers for his brothel/escort service, someone to run said brothel, gun runners, members of a motorcycle club that work for him, drug cartels, more rivals within the families

sapphics, posting in ratedx @ 06:12 pm: [info]sexts halsey for something hot and messy

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