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    Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
    [ itadoriyuji ]
    long shot, but how about a jujutsu kaisen psl?
    [ chantillylace ]
    does anyone play sonny carisi from svu that would be interested in something with my amanda rollins or a female oc? not entirely settled on who the ocs face would be but we can sort that out later on.
    Tuesday, September 21st, 2021
    [ edth ]
    [info]foralltimemods Longest of longshots, but more Crimson Peak characters!

    Marvel characters highly wanted as well! Especially the usual suspects: Mobius, Thor, Yelena, Peter Parker, etc.! Shang-Chi, come back ):

    More Star Wars folks (our Rey is incredible, you want in on this, trust me).
    Monday, September 20th, 2021
    [ ikilledhitler ]
    Supernatural - Destiel? Open to canon or au, and I can play either side. Also open to other pairings.
    Sunday, September 19th, 2021
    [ aparamedic ]
    I would love to see Owen Strand @ [info]thebeaconmod.
    [ rebrosnahan ]
    someone to play joel maisel, lenny bruce, or benjamin ettenberg that would be interested in something dramatic (but still stupidly cute) with my midge maisel? we can play along with the show plot or make things our own…i am not picky!
    [ sleuthsaying ]
    I had a specific DC fandom line idea/request that I've been itching to play. A century ago a group of crime families in Gotham invoked magic to maintain their hold over the city. Only in so doing, they ended up creating a curse on the city that has recently been awoken. A mystical darkness is stalking the underworld and creating havoc. The descendants of those families/crime bosses in power now are paying the price. How they deal with it we can plot out and play. This line could involve canon characters such as Batman's rogues' gallery, the Batfam, and the magic crew (Zee, anyone? Corrigan?), or OC's. Whether the criminals band together, seek out the help of heroes, clash or bond is entirely up for discussion. I just love the idea of playing around with past and present actions colliding, and creating a new danger within the fun established city of Gotham.

    I'm only looking for PSLs, but I entirely welcome playing multiple characters in a line and creating something plotty that leaves room for plenty of character development. Additional fandom PSL ideas can be found this way.
    [ 100518 ]
    eddie/venom for dan? funny or dark. or both. we can brainstorm!
    Saturday, September 18th, 2021
    [ no_one ]
    I'm really itching to do something exploring "West of Westeros" - the weird Lovecraftian places that are never going to get fully explored and fleshed out in the series beyond World of Ice and Fire. Adventure, mystery, intrigue, and lots of fun esoteric stuff.

    I'd love Jaqen, Sandor, Syrio, or possibly a really interesting OC to accompany Arya on her journey. Definitely looking for romance to be part of the line but I'd like to focus on exploration and worldbuilding and mythology.
    [ moxxi ]
    check the journal. looking for some lines for my favorite video game characters now.
    [ scarbow ]
    Looking for a Last of Us Part II line for Lev here. I would love Abby, but am also up for brainstorming something against other characters. Open to a psl or game.
    Friday, September 17th, 2021
    [ memodelacruz ]
    would anyone need a familiar bodyguard or heartguard? nandor please, for obvious reasons, but any of the vamp family would be awesome.
    [ murdermuffin ]
    i would love a buckynat psl where i play nat :) my nat is mostly comic-canon with mcu flairs, but i'd kill for an mcu bucky to pair her with!
    Thursday, September 16th, 2021
    [ samite ]
    looking for some fantasy fandom psls, either canon or ocs! details in the journal.
    [ winchesterfreak ]
    [info]myriadia looking for spn characters to come play with me, would be truly a fun time
    Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
    [ doctordarcy ]

    Brand new pan-fandom game set aboard a luxury spaceship! I would love to see more MCU/Marvel TV show people. We also have a great Grishaverse presence so far, and I know they’d love to see more faces from there.
    [ aluna ]
    does anyone play sebastien le livre/booker from the old guard and would be willing to write him against an oc? i have an idea that i'd love to discuss!
    Monday, September 13th, 2021
    [ griever ]
    seifer/squall anyone? i'll play either half in something post-game or au!
    [ mechstation ]
    does anyone play murphy from the 100?
    [ winchesterfreak ]
    Looking to start an SPN GPSL. Dean is wide open, but Sam is mine.
    Sunday, September 12th, 2021
    [ black_impala ]
    I'd love a Sam for my Dean here. Early seasons, saving people, hunting things, the family business. Wincest preferred. Open to AUs, all kinds of stuff, but bring me Winchesters being way too intense about each other and being the only people who truly understand each other, and everything that can mean.
    [ ruthl ]
    currently about to rewatch ozark and i would absolutely love to find something for my ruth langmore. ideally, i would like to find a ben davis for her (i have ideas) but i wouldn’t say no to a marty byrd either.
    Saturday, September 11th, 2021
    [ timevariant ]
    Brand new and super frosh [info]foralltimemods is New York's outside time and space's hottest game and it has everything.
    Sorta. It could use some more faces!

    Loki would love to see a Mobius (for selfish reasons), and there's always room for more Avengers (and avengers adjacent? Yelena?) Additionally, it'd be cool to see some of that IT cast, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Preacher and The Magicians!
    [ murdermuffin ]
    [info]conductormod could use sam wilson! i'm also looking specifically for brooklyn 99's rosa diaz.

    also, i play nikolai lantsov and i would just about murder for tamar and tolya!
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