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Oct. 6th, 2022

[info]puffpieces in [info]pbads

[info]involve her siblings for a family based on the gallagher family from shameless (info/ages are in the journal and i can suggest pbs), a best girl friend (who is also the sister of [info]caseyjones), an ex-fiance, close friends, co-workers at the news station, local businesses or people that she has covered for her weekly segment "maddie about town", exes, anyone who knew her in high school (she graduated in 2006), and any other lines

[info]alluka in [info]pbads

[info]pfp friends to join us for the potluck mixer this weekend

[info]gobstoppers in [info]pbads

[info]involve looking for employees at family's boating excursions and fishing trips, deckhands, captains, sailors and even guests on the party boats, a part-time babysitter for her kid when her family can't do it, any of her large overbearing but fun family, her baby daddy for potential drama, flings, exes, fwbs, friends in general, workout buddies, anything because i am free from work for the weekend finally!

[info]snuffleupagus in [info]pbads

alright [info]lifestyle, what are your most wanted faces/lines? any gender, any age! inspire me

[info]wyrmling in [info]pbads

[info]hotel lets do this

[info]clipping in [info]pbads

[info]involve anyone want him for anything? he's a native who moved back a few months ago to take over the beachside motel his family owns.

[info]routine in [info]pbads

would noah beck or josh richards be wanted anywhere?

[info]magiceye in [info]pbads

is she wanted anywhere?

[info]dachshund in [info]pbads

[info]involve now that she's app'd, how about some lines? a roommate, neighbors, people she grew up/went to school with, exes or flings of either gender, dog park buddies, etc. you name it, let's make it happen!

[info]hotel in [info]pbads

[info]hotel a supernatural idol comm opening tomorrow!

[info]grow in [info]pbads

[info]involve any 30+ females wanted for a specific line?

[info]feuillage in [info]pbads

[info]spellcasters bringing this freelance cursebreaker who is infamously known as being the ex of [info]types and the mother to their son, frankie. she's a beauxbatons 04 (assuming my math checks out). in her youth she used her fancy metamorphmagus abilities to be a model for high fashion wizarding world designers, somewhere along the way she turned to a life of crime, and now she's back on the straight and narrow. friends, fellow tired parents just doing their best, anything else!

[info]hurting in [info]pbads

[info]involve while i get her together does anyone need any solid family lines? (half or step sib? cousins?) her m/f/nb ride or die she's known since they were kids, the one co-worker who isn't afraid to tell someone to shut up, ex girlfriends for different vibes of still in love or hate, anyone and everyone she would know through her roomie [info]uncomfortable

[info]witchers in [info]pbads

[info]spellcasters amy adams and oscar isaac, please

[info]fairley in [info]pbads

[info]spellcasters connections of all kinds for this lovable fool who currently "helps out" (is stuck forever) at his family's shop in diagon alley. it's your one stop shop for parchment books, quills, and inks, and theo is very inventive these days so you absolutely CAN get your jelly, glittery, scented ink and your gag gift quills that correct "fucking" to "ducking" just in time for the ‚ú®holiday season‚ú®. he's a former gryffindor who graduated in the class of '03, so i need all the 35+ folks to make an orderly line, thank you! his younger sister would be absolutely aces, but i'll also take a cousin or two in the meantime

[info]rightswipe in [info]pbads

[info]involve now that he's in, lines for this walking disaster attempting to pick up the pieces of his life? he's a native but spent a couple years in miami. a former paramedic but now working construction. a father of a 4-year-old but absolutely clueless. people he used to make bad decisions with, others whose bridges he may have burned, anyone he'd know through his ex-wife [info]medievalism and boss [info]diosa. let's cook up something or throw them together organic!

[info]musaholic in [info]pbads

[info]lifestyle 40+ to connect with, musicians and behind the scenes folks she works with. A guy for something cute - in time for holidays season. Her teen sons coaches, teachers.

[info]dumby in [info]pbads

could i get a mishti rahman for a psl with possibility of taking it to a game at some point?

[info]woodlandhills in [info]pbads

[info]woodlandhills join the fun!

[info]florae in [info]pbads

[info]lifestyle her ex-girlfriend for a fun tumultuous history, her younger sister who is the hero of the family being a doctor, more family and friends, witches and tarot enthusiasts, flings and good or bad dates, charlie heaton for ~sheriffcarter, everything everyone desires

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