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4/12/21 08:59 pm - [info]brightandfair - Filtered to Merlin

(Backdated to Saturday night)

It wasn't a possession. It was some sort of creature that had stolen his face and, when confronted, it took my face and we fought. It knew all my moves the moment it had my face. I choked it to death but when I returned to the body, it was gone. I have no thoughts now on where it might be, only that it may or may not currently be appearing as my double.

If I show up on your doorstep without first contacting you through this account, then it is not me and should be destroyed.

Freyr's body was in the basement of his house, murdered most violently. I am now at his bedside awaiting his return to the realm of the living.

4/5/21 03:00 pm - [info]teachmepassion

I just got a new baby cousin and he's so cute. Sometimes I see cute kids and wonder if it's time for me to have a baby, but then I remember how much attention and work babies need and realise I'm better as a big cousin instead. (But tomorrow night I'm going on a date with a gorgeous firefighter, so maybe I'm not a lost cause for settling down. And did you know that there's 10,500 firefighters in NYC but less than forty of them are women?)

I had another order come in today for a succulent themed wedding cake and I'm so into it. One of my favorite things is piping buttercream succulents and I've made so many of these cakes. Every time someone asks for it, I near jump at the order. Sometimes when I make cupcakes for myself I go full succulent on them, just because.

some of the ones I've done in the past )
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