There is no ghost in the machine

Your information is secure, citizen!

12/17/11 01:29 pm

[Encrypted transmission sent to his Generals]

This unit has sustained damage. Request to be returned to the farm or retired.

11/19/11 03:53 pm

[Message that pops up on Alex's screen when she turns the computer on]

Next time you're going to firebomb the fuck out of anything let me know so I can start blocking satellite feeds.

10/23/11 08:54 am

These are not the droids you're looking for.

8/21/11 12:15 pm

Quiet? Yes, though that tends to be Jane's default state of being. She's not like most gods old or new. Cyber Warfare thrives on being the unseen oft forgotten shadow. Her battles are silent things, the war she wages devastating and unnoticed until its too late. Lately she's been filling in the gaps, rushing to build walls in a system that is quickly becoming large and unruly.

She hates it. Blames it all on the human error that keeps any deity from being perfection.

Smile. You're on candid camera.

7/20/11 06:55 pm

Oops. I pressed the wrong button!

6/8/11 08:48 pm

Wounded. It's the same as useless and that's the same as dead. The bodies littering the floor around him are proof of his success. The current lull between the protesters and the military won't last long and the Drone is thankful that if this is to be his last assignment that it was here in Yemen were every one of his skills had been put to use. He picks himself up swaying as the vertigo threatens to put him to the floor again.

No, dying here would be a failure and that is the one thing the Drone is not prepared to face. He makes it out and disappears into the night. If he survives he will make his next transmission. If he doesn't another unit is prepared to take his place.

5/21/11 07:55 pm

Funny. Cute, even. The footage even more so.

5/6/11 08:38 pm


3/18/11 09:24 am

At exactly 9:03 am the voice activated response systems for over a dozen customer service lines change. The hollow, flat greetings of the computerized voices start out on script and then slur and start singing a different tune.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage -
I can't afford a carriage,
But you'd look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.

2/21/11 05:59 pm


You're all cut off. From everything. Forever.

2/20/11 04:04 pm

The message from the mortal last week was a welcome surprise. Violence, even in a place already torn apart from it, takes time. He doesn't use explosives. Leaves the guns (to be sold to a select group later in the week) tucked away and joins the protesters. They already in a fury and it doesn't take much to whip them into a frenzy. The security forces respond in kind and come Saturday there are twenty dead, Libya has thrown its own internet off switch and in Yemen the people arm themselves with rocks and knives and fight each other in bloody clashes.

For the first time in years the Drone is happy. He could keep going forever if the General were to be so kind.

2/7/11 03:55 pm

He knows the General was in no way feeling generous when he sent him here. There is plenty of work to be done. Protests to be in the middle of, men to kill and watch, data to collect and through it all the clash of violence, the taste of blood and his own heartbeat(the only thing that reminds the Drone he's still human) steady and even in his chest. This is his element. The only thing he lives for. The only thing he wants to do and while he is in some ways a submissive creature he will not thank the General. He will not get down on his knees and offer praise to the only god he serves.

The Drone proves his worth and devotion in other ways. Two days after he's made contact he sends another coded message containing the coordinates of primary active cell base.

2/3/11 09:00 pm

What's the saying - the smaller the dick the bigger the mouth? Jane's not sure, doesn't care to give it more than a passing thought. There's more important things out there, code to write, to delete and unravel like a ball of yarn. She doesn't understand how gods of free information claim to be omniscient and yet manage to be so stupid.

He couldn't leave well enough alone. Had to go ahead and try swinging his barely existent dick by opening his big mouth and getting the last word in. Cyber Warfare won't respond to the message. Not with words. The Internet was a huge playground to be sure but there were areas that Jane had wormed herself into that the little prick could never touch. She's not going anywhere now or ever.

As of 9:30 pm EST on Thursday 2/3 the Google search engine comes back online.

Have your pr0n and email back, bitches.

[Sent to National Security]

The usual data packets - except these are a little unusual. The information is better streamlined, neatly organized and far superior to what she's been able to provide in the past. It should have taken her months and it only took her days.

2/1/11 06:16 pm


The General is gone. For good.

[Texted/Emailed/Voicemailed/Instant Messaged/Written across the Internet's TV screen when he turns it on]


1/31/11 06:28 pm

You may resume your frequently scheduled p0rn searches at the end of the week.

1/26/11 04:01 pm

All gone.

1/15/11 10:49 am

Cyber Warfare is still working on the Internet's request. It's not a matter of if Google will go down only a matter of win. She works on her own timetable after all and giving in to the demands of others is not something Jane has ever been inclined to do. As usual she's multitasking and one of her favorite on going projects is digging up dirt on her fellow warmongers. Today she's hit the proverbial jackpot.

[Email and file attachment sent to all warmongers, except Nuclear Power]

Dug up a little something you might want to take a look at. Consider this information unclassified.

- Jane

The attachment is a four part adult video series from the mid 1950s. Where and how Enola Gay found the time to star in these things would be anyone's guess.

1/8/11 02:17 pm


,!!! 4Q!

12/6/10 10:36 am

She's not real. Never was. Never will be. The form forced upon Cyber Warfare was an unconscious choice, a reaction to the harassment by her fellow warmongers that had chased her out of the ether and into a world she has learned to loathe. She wants to be invisible wants to go back to where she's untouchable and everywhere at once.

Omnipotence and omniscience are impossible with a physical form. Silicon skin and cables for veins are her first steps back and the first steps towards her perfect artificial future.

11/20/10 12:54 pm



No more airports. Machine is stupid! Does not stop man from coming to close. Bad breath in every state.

Hygiene regulations. Good suggestion.
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