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Apr. 18th, 2021

[info]philosophos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Henry, a special guest, then Clio
WHEN: Friday morning
WHERE: Starbucks, then Clio's office
WHAT: The willies
WARNINGS: Just yukky feelings
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Apr. 17th, 2021

[info]piu_fermata in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Lush Valley (aka Iestyn), Jezza Belle (aka Michaela), Henry, et al
WHEN Friday 16th, night
WHERE the drag club amateur night
WHAT Lush’s first performance!

we’re all born naked )

[info]friartuck in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Freyr, Friar Tuck, Freya if she's there
WHEN: Saturday afternoon
WHERE: Freyr's
WHAT: Visits
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[info]accrescent in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Genesis & Qebhet
WHEN Sunday mid-morning
WHERE Western Funeral Home
WHAT [insert general character establishing] and then chatting with her coworker
WARNINGS Talk of drug addiction, embalming

So afraid that time will take it all from me )

[info]saffroncloaked in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Hecate
WHEN: All week, finishing on Friday, after dark
WHERE: All the way from New York to Manitoba
WHAT: Finding the body
WARNINGS: Grizzliness

The bones of the dead, the blood of the dead and the living, and the strength of a promise attached to a hat )

Apr. 16th, 2021

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden, Marcie, Ares
WHEN: Friday evening
WHERE: Just north of the Canadian border
WHAT: Kaden calls home... and is interrupted
WARNINGS: Ares. Angry Ares.

They do not see what lies ahead when sun has faded and moon is dead )

[info]brawler_king in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO‌ ‌Ares‌
WHEN‌ ‌Thursday‌
WHERE‌ on the road‌
WHAT‌ Ares gets the tip-off he needs‌ ‌

Riding to the danger zone )

[info]sweetspring in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Marian & Qebhet (with some Art, and maybe some Stutely and Robin if they're around)
WHEN Friday afternoon
WHERE The Sly Fox
WHAT Welcome to my home, please submit to a polygraph and fingerprinting.

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[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden
WHEN: Thursday and Friday
WHAT: The final leg of the journey to freedom

The unbroken world is coming, (it must be coming!) )

[info]somethingtragic in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Melpomene, open to the Muses or can stand alone since she's pretty non-responsive
WHEN: Thursday night
WHERE: All tied up on Urania's couch
WHAT/WARNINGS: Melpomene would like to die

Our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises, we're pretty sure they're all wrong )

Apr. 13th, 2021

[info]philosophos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Henry Claus, Iestyn Ceredig, temporary Tinsel
WHEN: Tuesday afternoon
WHERE: The Claus Penthouse
WHAT: Showing Iestyn around the family penthouse
WARNINGS: Maybe spa bath sex, maybe not. Also every photo I post of the apartment, imagine it just COVERED in Christmas decor.
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[info]lordofgold in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Freyr and Freyja
WHEN Monday afternoon
WHERE Freyr's bedroom
WHAT The real Freyr is finally allowed to live again!
WARNINGS reference to murder

in my dreams I'm dying all the time )
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Apr. 12th, 2021

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden
WHEN: Thursday night through to Sunday night
WHERE: Across several states
WHAT: Slow progress

Inch by inch, mile by mile )



So...when I said the LA house was 'nice' I was kind of underselling it. And now I feel like I should show this to you so you don't get there and freak out... Because it's...a lot.

I'll just show some of it to you... )

Also there are two house-keeper elves named Poppy and Boots and they will try to do literally everything for us. I told them not to bother serving me last time and woke up to a full breakfast buffet. They're great, they just- Let's just say when I was reading the Harry Potter books, I really understood where Hermione was coming with the whole 'free the elves' SPEW thing, as white savioury as it is...

If this is too much we can find somewhere else...

[info]accrescent in [info]nevermore_ooc

This is Genesis (or Gen, she goes by/answers to both equally), an ex-drug addict felon who now works for Qebhet and Anubis' funeral home. She doesn't know about the gods, but (OBVS) will find out someday, probably dramatically knowing all these people. She comes across as very confident and outgoing and well put together, and she really loves people. She had been making offers for Qebhet to come out to various social events, all of which have been politely turned down so far.

anyway, I don't know how she's going to meet everyone, but I need to find her some friends!

[info]muchofamuchness in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Much, Marcie then Apollo
WHEN: Monday morning
WHERE: First the parsonage, then a cafe
WHAT: Interrogations over croissants

Tell me what you know )

[info]friartuck in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet
WHEN: Sunday night
WHERE: A restaurant
WHAT: Some fluff pls
WARNINGS: TBA but I doubt it
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Apr. 11th, 2021

[info]saffroncloaked in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Hecate, Melpomene
WHEN: Friday, around midday
WHERE: Urania's, Melpomene's
WHAT: Gathering a few more ingredients

Lost boys )

[info]sunlit_room in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Billie-Joy Collins, Addy Ceredig
WHEN Sunday morning
WHERE Chateau Ceredig
WHAT from one preggers lady to another
WARNINGS not much

hello! )

Apr. 10th, 2021

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden
WHEN: Tuesday afternoon through to Thursday night
WHERE: On the road
WHAT: Just keep swimming

We follow our own steps, while our shadows keep watching us )



I had a thought, and it involves you and me and spaghetti. Do you want to come up tonight and have a late dinner with me?

[info]brightandfair in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Freyja & the Dopp- Freyr
WHEN Saturday afternoon
WHERE Freyr's apartment
WHAT breaking and entering, but mostly entering.

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[info]saffroncloaked in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Hecate and Hecuba
WHEN: Thursday night, straight after Marcie's offering
WHERE: The Hole and Sleepy Hollow
WHAT: Working out some kind of magical tracking device
WARNINGS: A little bit of grave desecration

Which way did he go? )

[info]somethingtragic in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Melpomene, open to the Muses but can stand alone
WHEN: Monday through to now
WHERE: Urania's
WHAT: Melpomene feels terrible
WARNINGS: Grief, self destructive thoughts

Now I am alone, so, with a crack’d heart, I speak my griefs unspeakable )

Apr. 9th, 2021

[info]born_greater in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Marcella and Qebhet
WHEN Tuesday 6th April, evening
WHERE Qebhet's funeral home
WHAT Preparing Tragos for his journey into the afterlife
WARNINGS crying, dealing with death

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause die away )

[info]coolwaters in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Qebhet
WHEN Monday 5 April, early afternoon
WHERE Western Funeral Home, Harlem
WHAT Collecting a body
WARNINGS Talk of death and bodies

For what has been done cannot be undone )

[info]holyrites in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Luna, Peitho, and a brief mention of Hermes
WHEN Saturday morning
WHERE The apartment
WHAT The best coping mechanism is a holiday
WARNINGS alcoholism kinda

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Apr. 7th, 2021

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden, Marcie
WHEN: Monday afternoon through to Tuesday afternoon
WHERE: On the road
WHAT: Breaking the news (and our hearts)

have you seen my brother? )

Apr. 6th, 2021

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden, Apollo, and the little dude
WHEN: Monday afternoon
WHERE: Jersey City
WHAT: A missed rendezvous, a missed call
WARNINGS: None yet

Run boy run )

[info]brawler_king in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Ares
WHEN: Monday afternoon
WHERE: Casa Murphy, The Hole
WHAT: Ares descends into the Hole looking for leads

got something to say? )

[info]philosophos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Iestyn Ceredig, Henry Claus
WHEN: Tuesday afternoon
WHERE: Ceredig's
WHAT: CHats about the FuTuTrE
... )



He sent me a sign

I tried to end things on Friday and He told me I shouldn't do it. He sent my cleaner to cut me down with moments to spare, and she asked me, "Would He want you to do this?"

He wouldn't, o God, He wouldn't

Apr. 5th, 2021

[info]born_greater in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Marcella, Tuck, and Much
WHEN: Monday early afternoon, after this
WHERE: The Parsonage
WHAT: Marcie comes to people she can trust for help
WARNINGS: talk of death

please let me in )


[Friends only]

TBT my Halloween costume last year )

I thought it was pretty brilliant, any way! And minimum effort. It did get me plenty of phone numbers I didn't even bother looking at because I was crushing on a certain Welsh hottie I had met like three days before this.

Speaking of the Welsh hottie, we should have a chat sometime!


Filtered to Much


That was a sweet message you left me.

[info]tragos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Tragos, Kaden, Melpomene, Ares, Marcie, Apollo
WHEN: Monday, late morning
WHERE: Melpomene’s
WHAT: One last thing before we go
WARNINGS: Violence.

There’s an art to survival )

[info]bloodandwords in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Cin & Cy, and then Apollo
WHEN Sunday night, directly after her Apollo dinner
WHERE Cin's place, The Hole
WHAT Cy is creeping around like a gross creeper
WARNINGS violence, rape threats, Cy is gross

... )

[info]sweetspring in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Marian & Art
WHEN Monday
WHAT Hanging out while the rest of them do Merry Men Business
WARNINGS mentions of the sheriff situation, tba

If I turn my back too soon, will you be okay? )

Apr. 4th, 2021

[info]apollolicious in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Apollo and Cin
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: The Hole and his penthouse
WHAT: This is NOT a date
WARNINGS: Talk of attempted suicide

How's it been 'hanging' ;D )

[info]tragos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Tragos, Kaden, Apollo, Marcie
WHEN: Sunday evening, just before sunset
WHERE: The Hole, to begin with
WHAT: So we meet again...
WARNINGS: Danger, Will Robinson (and some desperate smutty interludes later)

And it’s go boys go, they’ll time your every breath, and every day you’re in this place you’re two days nearer death )

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