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Accidental CB Radio [25 Jun 2022|09:45pm]


[Steven's having a Billy Joel day, playing a few albums on his record player while he's tidying up some of his books, and his phone decides to broadcast him singing along to this one. He's really quite good, too. And has no idea that his phone is being an arse.]
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Emissaries - Thread 3 [23 Jun 2022|11:50pm]


When: The next day
Where: Ava's home
What: James checking on Ava after she doesn't come into work
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Emissaries - Thread 2 [23 Jun 2022|11:28pm]


When: Day after thread 1
Where: At the hospital
What: Ava returns to work
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Emissaries - Thread 1 [23 Jun 2022|11:16pm]


When: ??
Where: At Ava's home.
What: Ava recovering, talking through Callie to James.
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[21 Jun 2022|11:54pm]


Who: Dr. Redel, Dean, a bunch of Goblins, also open.
Where: In Johnn's 'Training room' it looks like a park.
What: A test, and training.
When: Mid Morning, on a Tuesday.
Rating: M for Mature. Warning: Extreme Violence.
Open: Yes!
Status: On going.

Undefined animosity: The voice of the spineless; the makes of fool. )
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Text to Dr Cuddy (backdated to June 6th) [17 Jun 2022|07:11am]


Text to Dr Cuddy )
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[15 Jun 2022|03:25am]


Who: Maryanne and Alexander
Where: Her apartment
What: Dealing with loss
When: After he returns from his trip with Sookie
Rating: TBD
Open: No
Status: On going

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ )
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[14 Jun 2022|09:24pm]


This is probably karma but FUCK

Can someone get me off of this station. Please. Just for an hour or so while Philip's in school.
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