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Apr. 13th, 2021

[info]nightshademod in [info]darkerrpgads

Nightshade Grove
Stay out of the Woods
You went into the woods.

Perhaps you went for a walk, perhaps you were looking for something, hiding from something, or hunting something. It seemed innocuous at first but when you try to find your way back out, no amount of searching yields a path back home. Your phone doesn't have a signal, your compass just spins without telling you which direction you're heading, and any other electronics you possess are suddenly dead.

As you walk through the woods, a well worn path leads you toward the center of something. You may initially hesitate but when it becomes clear to you that the only way out is through, you follow the path, not knowing where it leads. Eventually, after what feels like days, you arrive at a clearing just beyond a hidden city.

Grateful you quickly pull out your phone to call for a rescue party but the call goes nowhere. The only thing that works is communication within the city itself, no out of area calls or messages will go through because you're not lost.

You're trapped.

Nightshade Grove is a new multi fandom game that will be launched on May 1st. Taking holds and applications now and there are plenty of characters still available. Game will include monsters of the week or bigger monthly plots in addition to the main storyline. Join us!
Enter the Grove

[info]westhollywood in [info]darkersls

looking for someone that will either a) play frank iero against mikey way, b) gerard against bert mccracken, c)frank iero against gerard, d) a brian kinney type of character from the show queer as folk e) jake g or colin f against jared leto

Apr. 12th, 2021


melissa o'neil // dark matter )
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erin kellyman // the falcon and the winter soldier )
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content warning: blood

gavin leatherwood // chilling adventures of sabrina )
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Apr. 11th, 2021

[info]no1cannonsfan in [info]darkersls

Luna, Rose, Hugo, Weasleys, DA, Order members...make your way to [info]hogwarts_dawn for plotty, writing intense multi-gen time displacement game. We have a good balance of dark and fun plots.

[info]haddonfieldil in [info]darkersls

[info]haddonfieldil, a game based on the Halloween series is ready to welcome you all. The few already here are all seeking lines of some form.

[info]laurencalvado in [info]find_a_pb

Looking for faces, male or female, who have icons as a doctor, likely from a TV/movie role. White lab coat or scrubs works. Any suggestions? I know some of the bigger shows but there might be someone I haven't considered that's been iconned that way, so let me know.

Apr. 10th, 2021

[info]nidavellir in [info]pb_updates

Set: Anna Grace Barlow : 154
Details: Female : White: Blonde: Hazel : 20's
Character Suggestions: Supernatural: Lilith

Link: LINK

[info]distant_chord in [info]darkersls

looking for new blood!

Hi there! We are a group of a few writers with a couple of worlds we write in, and we're looking for a little new blood to add to the fun. We are about to start a new line, and would love for people to join us in things from the start. We have a relaxed sort of vibe, all understanding that people have lives and such, so we go at our own pace. We are rules light, and are always up for creative big plot suggestions and participation. We mainly communicate through discord, but write through gdocs and post on ij communities.

If you're interested, please comment here, and I'll give you details!

comments screened!

[info]soulwriter in [info]find_players

Looking for homes and lines for some of my fandom characters? A list of my fandoms can be found in my journal.

[info]infectedisland in [info]darkerrpgads

Lunar, Alaska
Infected Island
Game Links
Joining The Game
Welcome to Lunar, Alaska! To the random outsider that has never heard of this town before it may look just like any other small town, but the truth is there's so much more to it than meets the eye. In the year 2021 the world discovered that the supernatural world was a reality. Werewolves, Witches, Vampires and so many other things were out there. Of course most of humanity didn't take this well and a war to end all wars broke out. There were losses on both sides and finally the sight of so much bloodshed brought both sides to the table for peace talks. In 2026 the accords were signed. Fifteen small towns were set up around the world for these supernatural beings to live isolated from the humans that had no desire to share their hometowns. One of these towns was Lunar, Alaska. The Locals have taken to calling it Infected Island, due to humans calling them the infected. It's been five years since the accords were signed and things are peaceful in Lunar, and those living there want it to stay that way. But it seems that is not meant to be. Suddenly strangers have began showing up all over town and no one knows how they got here or how to send them home. Welcome to [info]infectedisland! We are a panfandom game set in this fictional version of a town in Alaska. All fandoms welcome!

[info]bettersorts in [info]darkersls

An Omegaverse Game With A Noir Twist
Chicago. There’s plenty of machines at work here, a police force determined to protect and serve, a newly-minted mayoral candidate ready to pull the city up by its bootstraps, and a fair and just local news team dedicated to reporting the truth but those who really know Chicago are all too familiar with its history is dipped in blood. The two families that raised the city from the mud have been stuck in a merciless war for over a century.

Then, in 1996, the youngest children of two major crime organizations in the city had fallen in love. Both families tried to stop it, but there was no use. The two had been seeing each other behind closed doors for the better part of a year and they’d made the decision to get married in an attempt to unify both families. The wedding was beautiful, and for many, it symbolized peace. No more fighting. Not a surrender, but...something else. A marriage bond, uniting both families by law. Will this peace last longer than twenty-five years? It remains to be seen.

BetterSorts is an omegaverse game, we are slash, femme, and mpreg friendly. Must be at least 18 years old to join. While this game is focused on the lives of these families, each of them powerful within their own domain, non-affiliated characters or simply, townies, and their families and relations are most warmly welcome here as well!


[info]tiny_dancer in [info]darkersls

Anyone for an outlander line?

Apr. 9th, 2021

[info]conoralexander in [info]darkersls

[info]bettersorts Looking for the three younger siblings for this guy, any rank/gender! Seconding the call for the Bellomo leader, more escorts for him to gossip with, anything! Come play with us!

[info]nidavellir in [info]pb_updates

Set: Jensen Ackles : 274
Details: Male : White : Brown : Green : 30's, 40's
Character Suggestions: Supernatural: Dean Winchester

Link: LINK

[info]slick in [info]storyline

An Arthur for my Eames? Pre-movie, post-movie, or AUs welcome.

[info]wyldewind in [info]darkersls

I just brought this guy in, hot and ready to Haddonfield.
I would love to have his twin sister and any of his other siblings for family shenanigans.
old flames, possible hook-ups, farming buddies are also wanted :3

[info]decayed in [info]rpvents

the side i am giving this situation.


sebastian stan // the falcon and the winter soldier )
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