17 August 2007 @ 11:32 am
Title: Betcha
Timeline: Late season 1
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my brilliant beta, [info]xie_xie_xie, for not only providing invaluable help, but for coming up with the plot bunny too. Written for the Icon Challenge With a Twist at [info]qaf_challenges
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I'm sharing fries with Daphne at the diner when Brian and Michael walk in. They sit at the counter and Brian's shirt rides up a little at the back, exposing a sliver of smooth, tanned flesh. I can't look away.

"You're not getting any of that," Daphne says, and throws a fry at my head. "Eat that instead."

"Bet I can," I say with a smile, and pop the fry into my mouth.

Daphne looks at me skeptically.

"I'm the exception to his rules, Daph."

"Prove it," she says.

I shrug. "Give me a week."

She grins.



I stroll into Woody's knowing Brian and the guys wouldn't be anywhere else at 4 on a Sunday afternoon. They're playing pool. Well, Brian's playing pool and Ted's throwing his money at Brian.

I slide up to Brian, pressing in close.


“Hey yourself.”

“Hey Boy Wonder,” says Michael. I nod at him, but I've got other things on my mind today. I turn back to Brian.

“Guess what I got today?” I ask.

He raises one eyebrow, the signal for 'tell me'.

I lift my shirt, revealing a new nipple ring.

His eyes hone in on it, but he shrugs, feigning disinterest. Bullshit. He fucking loves this thing.

“Yeah, I thought it was time for a change.” I let my fingertips play over my nipple, and it hardens. I see Brian swallow.

I lower my voice just a touch. “It hurt a little when I slipped it out and put the new one in. I had to poke around for a while until I found the hole. But it feels really good now.” I grasp the barbell and tug it a little. I gasp.

“Really good,” I whisper, tugging on it again.

Brian pulls down my shirt, grabs me by the arm and drags me off to the bathroom.

Day 1 – check.


“Sunshine, table three needs busing!” Deb calls out from the kitchen. The dinner rush is finally over and my shift ends soon. Thank god.

“Got it, Deb,” I call back as I head over. Out of the corner of my eye I see Brian walk in. Perfect.

He must have come straight from work. He's wearing a red shirt and matching tie. Fuck, he looks hot in red. I see him sit at the counter and put in an order, then cast an appraising eye over the diner patrons.

I'm wearing a pair of my tightest jeans and I know by now he's spotted me and is staring at my ass. So maybe I scrub at the tabletop a little harder than I need to, and maybe I bend over a little further than I need to, but a horny boy's gotta do what a horny boy's gotta do.

Finally, when I can't drag it out any more, I straighten up and head toward the counter. “Oh, hey Brian,” I say.

“Justin,” he acknowledges. “Finished spit-polishing the table?” I flush, then shrug. “You know how I like to give my very best service,” I say with a grin.

“Yeah, I've got something you can service,” he says. “Let's go.”

“Wait, I'm starving, I want to get some food and I have to tell Deb...”

“I got you a burger and fries,” he says.

“You did?” I grin. “I want lemon bars too.”

“There's lemon bars in there, now hurry the fuck up,” he says, throwing a paper bag at me.

“Have him back by midnight,” Deb tells Brian. She hands me my coat. “School tomorrow, Sunshine.” She points a long red fingernail at me. “And don't you forget it.”

I nod and smile and shove a handful of fries in my mouth as Brian drags me out to the jeep.

Day 2 – check.


Debbie and Vic have decided to go have a few drinks at Woody's tonight. Vic's celebrating a run of good health and Deb just wanted an excuse to wear this new shirt she made. It's sheer leopard print fabric and she has a red bra on underneath.

Sometimes I hate living with Deb.

They invite me along with them.

Sometimes I love living with Deb.

We arrive and before I can even ask for a beer, Debbie orders me a Coke. I grimace, but one scary look from her shuts me up. I'm scoping out the bar when I hear Debbie whooping next to me. She's waving at someone in the corner. Someone turns out to be Michael, who's trying to pretend he hasn't seen her. Brian laughs and shoves him in our direction.

“Hey baby!” Deb says when he arrives, smacking a kiss on his cheek and a hand on his butt.

“Ma-a,” I hear him start in as he wipes away at the lipstick mark on his face. I use the opportunity to slip away.

As I approach Brian I see that some shirtless twink has sidled up to him. I frown. Brian doesn't exactly seem to be fending him off.

Brian doesn't do love, or boyfriends, so I guess he doesn't do jealousy either, right?

I'd figured out Brian's rules were bullshit by the second night.

So just as this tattooed, hulking, muscled uber-top in a wifebeater I've been flirting with is buying me a second beer Brian intervenes, pulling me past a red-faced Deb and into the bathroom.

Day 3 – check.


I'm babysitting at Mel and Lindsay's tonight. It was a last-minute thing – they had some meeting pop up somewhere. They told me where but I wasn't really paying attention Something lesbianish, I think.

Gus is asleep upstairs and I'm sitting on the sofa trying to figure out how to hook up with Brian tonight - without chasing after him.

The doorbell rings.

“Brian! What are you doing here?” I ask with a smile. I really couldn't have planned this better if I'd tried.

“I came to see Gus. What are you doing here? Stalking me again?” He pushes past me and comes inside.

“He's asleep,” I tell him. “I'm babysitting,”

“No shit,” he deadpans.

I stop smiling.

He stares at me for a second and then heads upstairs, taking them two at a time.

He comes down a few minutes later and throws himself down next to me on the sofa.

I stare at him.

“You can blow me while I'm here. If you want,” he says with a shit-eating grin.

I sniff. “Why don't you blow me for me a change?” Sometimes, Brian really is as easy I think he is

“I will if you will.”


“Mm'kay,” I say and wiggle my eyebrows. Brian pounces on me. We kiss and laugh and work my pants down together.

Brian rucks up my shirt and trails kisses down my chest, thumbs my nipples. Tugs on the barbell through my right tit. I arch up off the sofa, impatient already. Brian makes me so hard so fast I forget where or even who I am half the time.

I push his head down toward my cock and groan loudly as his tongue makes first contact. He shushes me and then goes back to licking long stripes along my cock, nosing around my balls, licking lightly.

Finally, when I'm whimpering and clutching the sofa cushions so tightly my knuckles are white, when I can't beg anymore, Brian swallows my cock down to the root.

And that's when Mel and Lindsay walk in.

It takes me a while to realize. Once the white noise in my head dims down, once I realize Brian's stopped sucking, once Mel's squawks of “Jesus Brian, not on our fucking sofa!” have registered.

And by then, Lindsay's left the room and Brian's waving Mel away too. She protests but scampers away as soon as she realizes that yes, Brian is going to go back to sucking my cock whether she's watching or not.

Day 4 – check.


Thursday nights are family dinner night's at Deb and Vic's. The whole gang gathers at least once a month under threat of death from Debbie.

The house smells like marinara sauce and garlic bread and I'm feeling content, with my tummy full, surrounded by the sounds of talking and laughing.

As fucked up as things are with my dad right now, maybe they won't be that way forever. Maybe he'll come around, but for now, this makeshift family I've found myself in is really nice. And Brian's sitting next to me, looking amazing, making snide comments about Emmett's stories, Ted's shirt.

I sigh happily.

Then I feel Brian's hand creep into my lap. I jump a little in my chair, but no-one seems to notice; they're all engrossed in one of Vic's tales about his days in New York.

Brian's rubbing his hand across my crotch and my dick's already hard. Then I feel him start to slide my zipper down.

He wouldn't. Not right here at the table. Would he?

The answer is apparently yes, because I feel his hand slip inside my pants and cup my dick.

I gasp, and everyone turns to face me. “You okay, baby?” Debbie asks.

“I'm fine Debbie,” I say through gritted teeth. Brian's still cupping my dick through my underwear and rubbing his fingers along my balls. I know there's no way in hell I can keep quiet any longer so I stand, napkin discreetly covering my crotch and excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

I'm not even all the way up the stairs when Brian announces he's going out for a smoke. I pause for a second, expecting to hear the door open, but instead I hear him coming up the stairs behind me.

“Wha..” I start to ask before he clamps a hand down over my mouth and presses his hard cock against my back, wrapping his other arm around my waist and walking us both up the stairs.

He heads for my bedroom, but the bed squeaks and the last thing I want is for everyone down there to hear us fucking. Not that most of them haven't already at one time or another, but certainly not all at once, and I don't really want to be the after-dinner entertainment.

I lead him into the bathroom instead, and when we're in and the door's closed, I grab him by the back of the neck and slam my mouth onto his. His hands are back in my pants, his left cupping my balls and his right jerking me off. I pull away from his mouth with a gasp. He tastes like red wine.

“You asshole, did you have to do that at the table?” I ask.

“Like you give a shit about modesty, Sunshine,” he smirks.

I frown but then he tugs just the way I like it and I gasp again.

“Oh fuck, get me off please,” I ask.

“Such a polite boy,” he says.

“I'm close Brian. Please.”

“Well, you're gonna have to wait a bit longer,” he says and proceeds to pull my pants down all the way.

He tells me to step out of them and then bends me over the sink. He sits on the closed toilet lid and spreads my cheeks and before I know it, his tongue is lapping at my hole.

“Fuck!” I can't keep quiet when he rims me. He's too fucking good at it and it drives me crazy. I really don't want everyone to hear me moaning but it feels way too good to ask him to stop.

He's opening me up with his tongue and a finger, and then two fingers and finally I feel him squirt lube up my ass. “Oh thank God,” I manage to get out. He never goes anywhere without his fucking lube.

I turn around and watch as he puts a condom on. He stands, but I push him back down, in the mood for something else.

“I wanna ride you,” I tell him.

“By all means,” he holds his cock up, “climb aboard.” He's such a dick sometimes.

I straddle him, taking him inside me inch-by-inch until I'm sitting in his lap, my ass full of his cock. He gets so deep when he fucks me this way. I love it. Love taking him in, setting the pace, controlling the fuck, feeling so fucking full. I moan and kiss him again. His mouth tastes a little less like wine and a little more like my ass and the thought of that makes me moan again.

We're sucking on each other's tongues and I'm working my ass up and down Brian's cock, squeezing my muscles the way he taught me. Brian's jerking me off again and I know I'm not gonna last too long, and I don't. I cry out, coming all over his hand. My muscles tighten and I clamp down on his cock, which sets off his orgasm.

I slump against his chest, feeling completely boneless, and trying to catch my breath.

A moment later he signals for me to lift up and his dick slides out of my ass. I feel that twinge as always.

After we clean up and walk back into the kitchen, we're greeted by a round of applause.

“Fuck,” I say again and hide my face in Brian's shirt. He actually looks pretty pleased with himself.

I guess the bathroom wasn't any quieter than the bedroom after all.

Oh well, day 5 – check.


I'm working again and we're crazy busy. Every fag in the Pitts must have stopped in for dinner tonight before heading off to dance and fuck away their week's troubles.

Deb's been yelling instructions at me for hours, I've had my ass pinched by three different guys – who didn't leave big tips, assholes – and I've got six orders backed up on the kitchen window.

Mikey walks in, followed by Brian, who’s wearing tight black leather pants and a sleeveless black shirt. Fuck. He looks amazing. I stop and stare at him.

“Sunshine!” Debbie screeches, snapping me out of my Brian-induced stupor. Brian sees me practically drooling and laughs at me. Asshole. “Hustle that bubble butt,” Deb tells me, practically throwing three plates at me. “Table six, go!”

I deliver six their meals and then take orders for two more tables. Finally, I head for Brian and Michael. “You guys ready to order?”

“We were ready five minutes ago, Boy Wonder.” Michael. Always the charmer.

“In case you hadn't noticed, we're a little busy, Michael,” I snap.

“Is that any way to talk to the customers?” he smarms.

I narrow my eyes at him, ready to let fly, when Brian interrupts.

“Two specials,” he orders. I spin around and head off to put in their orders. When I turn around, Brian's right behind me. “Fuck, Brian. You scared the shit out of me” He starts pulling me toward the bathroom.

“I don't have time for this,” I protest. Debbie's got her back to us but won't for long. If she sees me going off with Brian in the middle of the dinner rush she'll have my balls.

By now, we're in the bathroom, miraculously empty, and Brian's pushing me into one of the stalls.

“Seriously Brian, I don't have time for .... fuck, “ he's kissing that spot behind my ear that drives me crazy. “Stop it,” I moan. He does. “Oh fuck, don't stop!” He smirks.

Two bathroom fucks in two days. Guess he kinda liked it.

“Want me to ride you again?” I ask. He snorts.

“Like I can even sit in these pants,” he says, barely managing to push them down enough to get his cock out. He's not wearing any underwear. I really want to suck his cock. So I do.

I drop down onto my knees, not caring that the floor isn't exactly the cleanest place in the world. Not that it's any worse than the stall's at Woody's, and I'm definitely accustomed to being on my knees in there. Brian is, too, but I don't think that's public knowledge.

I figure I'll get him off quickly and then jerk off. Debbie's probably noticed I'm missing by now and I don't really want to face her wrath, but Brian has other ideas. He pushes me away from his dick and hauls me up, slamming me up against the stall door. He kisses me then spins me around, pushing me against the door. He grabs my hands, bringing them together at the top of the door and I hold on.

A minute later, he's inside me. I push back, using the door as leverage. Brian is slamming into me fast and hard. Neither of us last long. I come with Brian's hand on my dick and his mouth behind my ear.

By the time Brian's disposed of the condom and zipped up, I'm still leaning against the door, completely wiped out. My ass will be feeling this one for a while. I smile.

“Thought you were in a hurry, Sunshine,” Brian mocks.

“Mmm, I am,” I say, still not moving.

He huffs, and then pulls up my pants, tucking me in and kissing me again before he opens the door and sends me out with a smack on the ass.

Debbie shoots me a death stare when she sees me coming out with Brian following behind, but at that moment, I couldn’t care less. About the customers waiting, about the bet, about anything except Brian.

Nothing is better than being with him. Nothing else matters.

Day 6 – check.


It's Saturday night and everyone's at Babylon. The dance floor is packed with horny queers, glitter is falling from above, the drinks are flowing and there's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be.

Brian's been to the backroom already once tonight. I'm shameless enough to admit I snuck in and watched him get blown by some blond guy. But I don't care, I'm pretty sure I can get Brian to take me in there as well, and then my seven-day challenge will be a success.

I never don't want Brian to fuck me, but tonight, if not for that bet, I'd almost be happy if he didn't.


I'm dancing in the middle of this mass of shirtless, gorgeous men. The lights are flashing the prettiest colors and I'm so fucking proud to be here and queer.

And the tab of E that Emmett slipped me earlier probably has something to do with it, too.

I've been dancing for hours now. I know Brian's been keeping an eye on me because I saw him handing Emmett a bottle of water earlier. A minute later Emmett handed it to me and said, “From His Highness, but you're not supposed to know that!” and winked at me before he took off with some guy with a shaved head and a killer six-pack.

I feel so fucking happy right at this moment. I'm bopping up and down and staring up at the lights. I can feel myself grinning like an idiot and I feel so incredibly alive. This is who I am. And if my dad, and Hobbs and the bullies can't accept it, that's too bad. I know, right at this moment, that I wouldn't want to change, even if I could.

“What are you smiling at?” Brian shouts in my ear.

I spin around to face him. He's so beautiful. I love him so much. I know it in this instant as sure as I know my own name. I'll always love him, and I wouldn't want to change that, either.

I throw my arms around his neck and squeeze him tight for a second.

I pull back. “Nothing. I'm just happy,” I shout, and keep dancing. Brian's arms tighten around my waist and we move together for a while as the glitter rains down. Our foreheads are pressed together. I close my eyes and lose myself in the beat, and then I feel Brian's lips on mine, and we kiss and kiss, right there in the middle of Babylon and I think nothing could be better than this.

“Let's go home,” Brian says.

I was wrong.

We go back to the loft and Brian makes me drink more water. I feel all sweaty and gross and I know there must be glitter stuck to my chest and in my hair.

“I wanna take a shower,” I tell Brian, and a minute later, he follows me into the bathroom and we take our clothes off. I'm still feeling the effects of the ecstasy and bouncing on my heels a little. Brian just rolls his eyes at me and pulls me into the shower with him.

I love showering with Brian. It always reminds me of that first morning I spent here. The way Brian ran the soap all over me, and then fucked me amid the steam and hot water. The burn in my ass that I've come to know. Come to love.

I sigh happily, standing under the spray with a goofy smile on my face. Brian rolls his eyes again and then starts running the bar of soap across my chest. I close my eyes and enjoy his touch. He shampoos my hair for me and I think I've pretty much died and gone to heaven.

I wonder if anyone else's definition of heaven is Brian Kinney's shower.

After we dry off, we head back into the bedroom. I throw myself down onto the bed and laugh as I bounce a little on the mattress.

I throw my arms and legs out wide, taking up almost the whole bed. If there were snow, I'd be making a snow angel. An angel in Brian's bed. The thought makes me giggle.

Brian quirks an eyebrow. “You only took one tab of E, right?” he asks.

I nod. “Yep. I'm just high on life!” I say, as I move my legs back and forth across Brian's soft sheets. I watch Brian watching me, naked, spread out on his bed. Watch his eyes rake over my body.

I start touching myself. Loving how his eyes follow my hand's movements. I was so embarrassed the first time he told me to touch myself while he watched. Not anymore. It turns him on, and I love turning him on.

I start stroking my cock, licking my palm first to help the way.

My feet are planted flat on the bed an Brian's eyes are focused on the area between my legs. He crawls onto the bed and heads straight for my dick, batting my hand away and replacing it with his own.

My toes curl and I let out a sigh. Then Brian replaces his hand with his mouth, working it up and down my dick, licking at my balls, then taking them into his mouth. I groan, wanting more. He pushes my legs back toward my chest and then brings my ass up towards his face. I groan again, anticipating the first touch of his tongue to my hole.

He rims me for a long time, so long I'm trembling and moaning all sorts of stupid, nonsense words. I don't even know what I'm saying, but I hope it involves begging him to hurry up. Eventually, Brian puts my legs over his shoulders, pushes inside me, fucks me in smooth, deep strokes, and when I come, I see colors so bright they rival those at Babylon.

* * *

I must have passed out, because the next thing I know it's dark in the bedroom and I hear Brian shuffling around the loft, turning off lights and setting the alarm.

He comes back into the bedroom and crawls in behind me. I'm half-asleep already and then I feel his nose in the back of my hair, breathing me in before pulling the duvet up over us both and settling in.

I smile before I fall asleep.

Day 7 – check.
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