29 August 2007 @ 07:28 pm
Deep Into the Night.  
Title: Deep Into the Night
Timeline: Late season 4
Author's Notes: Written for the Sex at Kinnetik challenge at [info]bj_action. A big thank you to my beta [info]xie_xie_xie. Cross-posted, sorry for the spamming

* * *

I walk by empty desks. The office is dark, quiet; the staff left hours ago. A single lamp illuminates Brian's desk.


He looks up in surprise. “Hey. What are you doing here? It's late.”

“I know it is. You should be at home. Deb told me she saw you late last night, and here you are again.”

“Yeah, well, Deb worries too much. I've missed a lot of work. I need to catch up.”

I put a paper bag down on the desk. “You eat yet?” Brian shakes his head. “I bought you a sandwich and some soup.”

“Thanks.” Brian stops working and leans back in his chair. He groans, feeling the stiffness of a long day's work as he rotates his shoulders.

I walk around behind him and start rubbing his neck and shoulders. His muscles are tense, but soon I feel him relax.

“Feel good?” I ask.


I'll take that as a yes. After a couple of minutes he reaches back and stops the massage, sliding my hands down his chest and bringing my face down next to his. He kisses me on the cheek and murmurs a thank you.

I tuck my face in next to his, hugging him from behind, relishing the feel of him in my arms. Trying not to think about how this could have been over. Trying not to think about cancer and radiation and vomiting and sickness. Feeling grateful that he's alive, solid in my arms.

I turn his face to mine and kiss him on the mouth. Softly at first, but quickly becoming urgent. It always does with us. I can't imagine a day when there's no heat between us. It's part of us, part of how we work.

This angle's awkward, so I move around in front of Brian, resting my hands on his shoulders and straddling his lap on this big, leather chair. I kiss him again. Our groins are pressed together, and Brian's hands are on my ass, squeezing it, thrusting me against him, trying to find a good angle for our rutting.

I pull away from his mouth with a gasp, resting my forehead against his. I need to get my dick out of these pants. Now.

I undo my zipper, and then Brian's hand swats mine out of the way and pulls my dick out, stroking it lightly, spreading the pre-come down my shaft.

I undo Brian's pants and reach in for his cock, pulling it out, too, and matching his strokes.

I remember the last time I sat on Brian's lap. My hair was a lot shorter and I was a lot angrier. I was still on a high from kicking ass with the posse. Pressing down hard, riding Brian's dick, bruising our lips with rough kisses. The chair skidding across the loft floor.

God, what a fucked-up time. Brian worrying about me, not even trying to hide it – Daphne too. I was so full of anger and hate, it was eating me up inside.

Then I think about the cancer eating Brian up inside. But he beat it. We both did. Fought our demons and put them to rest. For now, at least. But they're still there, lurking.

His, mine, and one that we share. That one binds us together forever.

I don't want to think about that now, just want to focus on this. The feel of Brian's hand on my cock, and my hand on his. The taste of his mouth. The smell of the sweat on his neck. I lean in and lick at it, wanting to absorb him.

I think about pulling off my pants and taking Brian's cock inside me, rocking furiously on this chair until I come.

Or about bending over the desk as he rims me until I'm begging for him to fuck me. And then he does. Hard and fast, like he did late one night in another office.

But this, right now, feels too good to stop. This quiet intimacy we're sharing, this breath we're sharing. Our foreheads still pressed together, our hands still stroking in perfect rhythm, getting faster and faster until I feel my toes curling, feel my orgasm building. Feel it moving through my body like a wave of heat until it finally pours out of my cock and into Brian's hand. Feel his, a minute later, as his body tenses and his hot come spills onto my fingers.

We're quiet for a moment, catching our breath. I think about Brian and I fucking here when the building was still a bathhouse.

The first time we ever fucked in public. I wasn't even embarrassed, I felt more empowered than I ever had in my life. Seeing the lust on the faces around us as they watched Brian and I fucking. Watched me sucking his beautiful dick. Able to get off just on the feel and taste of it in my mouth. Watched them watching the two of us. No-one else invited to join in. I still get off thinking about that night.

I think about all the guys I've had sex with - there've been a few. The crazy positions and locations, the threesomes and foursomes. I think about all of it, and none of it as good as a mutual hand-job with Brian. I wonder if he ever thinks about that, too.

“Got any napkins in that bag?” Brian asks. I have to laugh. Always the romantic.

“Yeah I do,” I say, and we get ourselves cleaned up. We're both hungry now, and we split the sandwich, then get ready to leave.

“We finally christened the new office,” Brian notes.

“We sure did. This room at least,” I say with a cheeky smile.

He laughs. “Come on,” he says, swinging an arm over my shoulder and turning off the light, “let's go home, heat up this soup.”
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[info]ex_minerva407 on September 9th, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC)
This was really sexy! But then, Brian and Justin always are... and yay! for christening Kinnetik's 'headquarters'.
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Britin: 311 fucking by liz-104[info]_alicesprings on September 9th, 2007 11:09 pm (UTC)
They sure are. Thank you very much! Glad you liked it :)
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