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How It Began
Title: How It Began
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Luke/Reid/Casey porn. YES RLLY.
Author's Notes: This is all [info]newssodark's fault! She posted Luke/Reid/Casey fic yesterday and it ate my brain. Even as I was repeating to myself "NO NO NO, IT'S SO WRONG" I was unable to stop the porn. Then she linked me to shirtless Casey scenes on YT and I just stopped fighting it. Apologies in advance. Beta thanks to [info]newssodark, you're amazing! *runs away*

It’s late, really late, when Luke is awoken by loud banging at the front door. Reid, who learnt how to sleep through anything in med school, snoozes on obliviously, so with a long-suffering sigh Luke heads downstairs, pulling on a T-shirt as he goes.

It’s Casey, just a little drunk judging by the grin he flashes and the too-loud greeting. “Hey, Luke!”

“Shh,” Luke shushes him. “C'mon. Come in. What're you doing here? It's late.”

Casey shrugs crookedly and Luke steers him over to the couch, pushing him down onto it before sitting down, pulling his legs up to sit with his feet flat on the couch. He wraps his arms around his bare legs.

“What’s up?” Luke asks quietly.

Casey grimaces. “Veronica dumped me,” he says.

“Oh, Case,” Luke throws his left arm around Casey’s shoulders. “I’m sorry.”

Casey laughs humorlessly. “Yeah she said I was pathetic and a loser and a few other choice words.”

Casey had been seeing Veronica for two months, which was pretty much considered long-term for Casey these days. Luke secretly thought she was kind of a bitch but had never let on. He kind of wishes he had now.

“She’s wrong,” Luke says. “You’re not pathetic and you’re not a loser. You’re great!” Luke says, rubbing a hand up and down Casey’s upper arm a couple times. “You’ll find the right person one day, I swear.”

Casey smiles a little and shakes his head and Luke smiles back, squeezing Casey tight for a moment in a one-armed hug.

Casey wrinkles his nose. “I love you, man,” he says and they laugh.

Luke makes kissy kissy faces and lunges at Casey and then they’re laughing and wrestling around on the couch and Luke’s slobbering all over Casey’s cheek. Luke is Casey's best friend. When Noah left town a few years earlier Casey kind of took over the job. They’ve been through a lot of shit together over the years and they’ve formed a strong bond. Luke can cheer him up and make him feel better like no one else can. Even now, he’s got Casey laughing when he felt so shitty half an hour earlier. Luke’s got him pinned down on the couch now, his head thrown back laughing. Luke’s kind of glowing in that way that being drunk makes everything glow. He’s pretty, Casey thinks and then smiles a dopey grin.

Luke’s slobbering on his cheek again and Casey turns his head, their lips meeting for a split-second. Luke pulls back immediately, but Casey grabs the back of his head and kisses him again, an insistent press of mouths and Casey’s tongue prodding at Luke’s lips. Luke tries to pull away again for a second or two but then gives in, kissing Casey back.

The sound of a throat clearing pulls them both out of it and Luke looks up to see Reid standing in the doorway, watching them. Casey sits up, looking guilty. Luke is mortified.

Reid smiles a strange little smile. “Don’t stop on my account,” he says.

Luke and Casey hastily put some distance between themselves while Reid walks over and sits next to Luke on the couch.

“No really, don’t stop on my account,” Reid repeats. Casey looks confused and Luke doesn’t know what the hell is going on, until he notices that Reid is rubbing at the front of the thin, clingy sweats he wears to bed. It’s obvious he’s hard – those pants don’t hide a thing.

Luke and Casey look at each other for a beat, neither one wanting to make the first move. And then Luke is moving close to Casey and they kiss again. For real, this time. Soft, sweet kisses. Casey’s tongue is in Luke’s mouth and it’s... a little weird. Luke can count on one hand the number of people he’s kissed in his lifetime. Casey’s definitely a good kisser, though. Luke lets out a little sigh and Casey takes that as a cue to plunge his tongue in further, deepening the kiss even more. Luke moans into Casey's mouth, and then Reid is pulling him off Casey and reclaiming him, replacing Casey’s mouth with his own. Kissing Luke in that way that is so familiar to them now, his left hand cupping Luke’s cheek while Luke’s right hand fists in his hair.

Casey watches them. He’s seen them kiss before, of course. But it was always little pecks, hello and goodbye kisses. He’s never seen this.

He’s never had this. But he wants it.

Casey all but growls and Luke and Reid pull apart, chests heaving. Casey grabs Reid by the front of his T-shirt and pulls him close, kissing him, hard and deep. Casey plunges his tongue into Reid’s mouth as far as it will go and Reid makes a choking sound but recovers quickly, returning Casey’s kiss with equal force.

Luke watches them fighting for dominance and slips his hand down past the waistband of his boxers, skittering his fingertips down the length of his cock. He’s half hard already and watching Casey and Reid kissing is turning him on like nothing else.

Reid and Casey finally pull away from each other, their breathing ragged and their lips shiny with spit.

The three of them sit on the couch, horny as fuck and looking at each other like they’re waiting for instructions.

After a long moment, Casey reaches for Luke again and they kiss for a while, Luke’s good at it, Casey notes, his talented tongue darting around Casey’s mouth and stroking against his own. Casey’s jeans are starting to feel uncomfortably tight. Luke’s mouth is hot and slick against his own. He wants it on his cock. He nudges at Luke, gentle but insistent, in that way that says ‘blow me’ without actually using the words.

Luke gets down on his knees between Casey’s legs and unzips his jeans, pulling out his cock.

He’s big, not so much in length as girth, and hard as a rock. Luke stares at it and then his tongue darts out to wet his lips.

Casey groans.

Luke’s mouth closes over Casey’s cock, taking it all inside in one smooth motion. Casey groans again as the wet heat envelopes his cock. He cannot tear his eyes away from Luke’s lips wrapped around his cock.

Reid sidles up close to Casey, pressing his erection against Casey’s hip and whispering against Casey’s ear. “He’s got perfect lips for sucking cock,” Reid says, his voice like gravel.

Casey can’t do anything but pant and moan a little. He’s coming undone in the best possible way. Reid’s still whispering filthy things into his ear and now he’s rubbing his cock against Casey’s hip in small circles, not quite humping him, but close.

Luke increases the speed of his mouth on Casey’s cock, doing something with his tongue against the underside of Casey’s cock that he can’t even explain. No girl has even given him head this good. And Casey has gotten a lot of head in his time. He moans, deep and low in his chest.

“Yeah, he’s really good at that, isn’t he?” Reid whispers, hot breath against his neck, and Casey comes.

Luke swallows a little, but not all, licking his lips and looking decidedly proud of himself.

While Casey recovers, Luke climbs back up on the couch, straddling Reid’s thighs and sharing Casey’s come with Reid, who murmurs happily at the taste.

Reid pulls away and turns to Casey, kissing him deeply. Casey’s vaguely aware that he’s licking his own come out of another man’s mouth. Out of Reid’s mouth and he’s surprisingly not freaked out by it. In fact, his cock is stirring again.

Luke, meanwhile, has pulled his own cock out of his boxers, unable to wait a second longer. He’s impossibly hard and watching Reid and Casey isn’t helping matters. He grabs Reid’s chin, pulling him back for another kiss and starts stroking himself. Reid fishes his own cock out of his sweats and starts stroking too, spreading the pre-come down the shaft to ease the way. Luke presses his forehead against Reid’s and they pant against each other’s faces as they stroke, tongues darting out occasionally to lick at the other’s lips.

Casey swears softly and Reid turns to look at him. Pupils blown and cheeks flushed.

Reid looks at Casey with this expression that says everything. So you got sucked off by a pretty blond guy, it says. But are you man enough to go further?

Casey grins and then gets up on his knees next to them, reaching down and taking over, jerking Reid off. Then they’re kissing again, and it’s hot and it’s hard and it’s primal. Casey bites at Reid’s bottom lip. Hard.

Almost without warning, Reid comes, his mouth wrenching away from Casey’s with a gasp. Reid’s breath is coming in harsh bursts. Casey catches Reid’s eye, and lifts his hand to his mouth, licking Reid’s come from his fingers. He grins the entire time. Challenge met, okay.

"Oh fuck," Luke says, and both Casey and Reid immediately turn to face him again. "Reid, please," Luke pants, and Reid takes pity on him, his hand joining Luke’s as they stroke his cock together, wrenching Luke’s orgasm from him in seconds.

Exhausted, Luke slides from Reid’s lap to slump next to him on the couch, Reid immediately throws his arm around Luke’s shoulders, holding him close.

The three of them sit, catching their breath and waiting for their heart rates to return to normal. Reid’s hand is in Luke’s hair, playing with the soft strands at the nape of his neck.

No one knows what to say.

Five minutes pass and then Reid pulls Luke up, announcing that they’re going to bed.

“You can stay on the couch if you want,” Reid tells Casey, who nods. Luke gets a pillow and a blanket out of the hallway cupboard and hands them to Casey. “Good night’s” are exchanged and Luke and Reid head upstairs.


They come down the next morning expecting Casey to be long gone but instead they find him sitting on the couch in his underwear, drinking coffee.

“I made coffee,” he says, and Luke and Reid blink stupidly and stumble to the kitchen.

They return to the living room with their coffee mugs and take a seat next to Casey on the couch.

“So,” Reid says.

“So,” Casey repeats.

Luke sips his coffee.

“Thought you’d be long gone,” Reid says eventually.

“I know right?” Casey says. “I thought I’d be all freaked out but all I wanted was some coffee,” he shrugs. “And like, for Luke to blow me again.”

Luke blushes prettily and Reid and Casey grin at each other and they sit there drinking their coffee in comfortable silence.

When the mugs are empty Luke stands, pulling first Reid and then Casey up from the couch. He takes each of them by the hand and leads them upstairs.
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