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[09 Jan 2008|08:59pm]
[ mood | worried ]

So I really don't want to get into this too much, because I want to hold myself together as much as possible. My mother is SO pessimistic.

My sister's surgery lasted longer than expected, because they found what could be more cancer. They took out what they could, and are going to test to see if it is cancerous. The doctor's could not remove anymore, so if it IS cancer, she will have to go through radiation treatments.

You guys, it was horrible. Her husband was crying, my mom was like a blackhole of negativity. Even when they didn't speak, they were depressing everyone around them. I couldn't handle it, so I went and hid in the coat room and called my sister, Renee. She said that she'd call right back. While I was waiting for her call, Ashley (17) and Gary (15?) came in the room as well. They couldn't handle my mom and brother-in-law either.

I mean, it's important to be there for your family, and it's only natural to be worried but they were taking it to an extreme. There was just a fog of dispair around them. We wanted to think better thoughts, to stay positive.

My sister called me back and I ended up crying lol. My niece threatened to throw me out of the "depression-free" room. But it was just the pent up anger and fear. Renee was very rational and still optimistic. She said that we KNEW this could happen. That we DON'T know if it IS bad, and if it is, there's treatments. We can't just freak out. So she helped. After I hung up, the 3 of us stayed in the room a while. I kept catching my mom staring at me, and then she sent Gary (Big Gary, not Baby Gary) into the room to see what we were doing. If we caught either one of them smiling, it was a shock.

*sigh* But I'm home now. At least Lori had, what? 12 people there for her? And trust me, that's only a fraction of our family. She was in pain, but they gave her a morphine drip and something else. I hope she feels better tomorrow and is staying positive, if she finds out the news. I think she'll love the quilt we made, and she already got presents yesterday, so that made her happy as well.

Anyway. Gonna go read some entries and finish assembling this thing. Everyone, PLEASE pray!

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