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RIP, Professor Rudnicki [05 Sep 2008|12:42am]
[ mood | crushed ]

This was some painful news to wake up on to yesterday morning, when my friend left me a message on Facebook, which was sent to my phone. I finally got my Internet to work, and just now read the article and I feel like I can't breathe.....

Memorial service for Professor Rudnicki Sept. 11
By Megan Arends


Madonna University mourns the loss of Professor Laurence S. Rudnicki, who passed away June 22, 2008.

Mr. Rudnicki was a well-respected and dedicated teacher, poet, colleague, and friend. He taught English at Madonna for 22 years and leaves an imprint on the lives he touched, especially those in the College of Arts and Humanities.

“He was not just a lover of poetry, but was an accomplished poet himself. He loved literature and taught his students by sharing that love, by engaging them in careful reading of and thoughtful responses to great works of art,” said Kathleen O’Dowd, Dean of Arts and Humanities. “He was a dedicated, sensitive, supportive, and gentle man. He will live on at Madonna, in our history and in the hearts of the students and colleagues whose lives he enriched.”

Teaching was a big part of Mr. Rudnicki’s life. He loved learning and then sharing his knowledge with people around him.

“Larry was intelligent, witty, and understood the value and importance of teaching,” said Kevin Eyster, professor of English and Communication Arts. “I will remember him as a friend and committed teacher who cared deeply about his students.”

He lived a passionate and fulfilling life and that was evident in his encounters with people who met him.

“I will always remember Laurence as one of the most thoughtful and talented colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was fiercely dedicated to his art and to his students, who repeatedly expressed their love for his teaching style,” said Cecilia Donohue, Chair of the English and Communication Arts Department. “He would always find the time to show that he cared about his colleagues, though. He would remember what mattered to each individual and never fail to ask about it. Larry was a special man and words cannot express how much he will be missed.”

Mr. Rudnicki was the kind of person who comes around only once in a lifetime, a diamond in the rough.

“He believed life had meaning and, as a poet and teacher, he sought to hunt down that meaning,” said Jim Reilly, professor of English and Communication Arts. “He was an active, provocative seeker who shared readily his life and thoughts while inquiring vigorously about your own. Most of all, this search was conducted with a wonderful blend of humor, curiosity, conviction, and vibrancy, which served to define this delightful, inspired man. In his encounters with us, he reminded us daily of the wonder and the challenge of being alive.”

A memorial Mass for Mr. Rudnicki will be conducted at 11:30 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 11 in the Madonna Chapel.

I could NOT believe it when Katherine told me. It hurts, a lot. He was definitely one of the best English teachers I ever had. I'm soooo glad I took Creative Writing with him. He really made me want to take up reading and writing and... not just read and write, but do it well. Be passionate about it. Because of him, I wanted to major in English even more than I did before.

I can't believe this. I can't describe what he did for me...for others...I wish I could describe it better. Unfortunately, I just woke up and that makes my concentration limited, no matter what the subject, and I don't want to write further about this without truly doing the job right.

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Book 25: Zombie Blondes [02 Sep 2008|05:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Title: Zombie Blondes
Author: Brian James
Copyright date: 2008
Publisher: Feiwel And Friends
How many pages: 232
How long it took me to read: I read this in a 24-hour time span

Category: Teen fiction/horror
I learned about this book from: Perusing the shelves at B&N, attracted to it because I recognized the cover art, and it had an intriguing title.

This book was purchased at: Barnes & Noble

Other books by this author: I think this is the only one so far.

Main characters: Hannah, the cheerleaders
Favorite characters: Hannah, Lukas
Least favorite Characters: The zombie peeps haha
When and Where the story takes place: A small town called Maplecrest
Plot in a nutshell: Hannah moves to a small town where aaaaall the popular people look alike, and Lukas warns her that they are zombies, but despite the warning she still tries out for the cheerleading squad....
What I liked best: The cover design is awesome, and I like the idea behind it.
What I liked least: The ending, I hated it, and I disliked the pessimistic quality of the whole thing.

What parts could you relate to: I was a cheerleader once lol....but GUESS WHAT FOLKS, in grade school, the cheerleaders were all the UN-popular ones :)
Would this book make a good movie?: yes it would.
Quote from the book that sums it up: n/a

Overall Rating: The whole point behind this book is "Conformity is death, and non-conformists shall be killed by conformity". The whole book reeks of that, down to all the cheerleaders changing their names to all begin with "M"...which pissed me off cuz I could barely remember who was who (yeah yeah that was the point, I get it). Also, it bothered me that you never got an explanation as to how this all started in the first place.

This started out promising, and it kept the foreboding feeling all the way through, but there still wasn't enough there for me.

3 mangled body parts out of 5 :)

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Book 24: New Moon [31 Aug 2008|08:00pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Title: New Moon
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Copyright date: 2006
Publisher: Little, Brown & co.
How many pages: 563
How long it took me to read: 2 Days, about

Category: Teen fiction/horror & suspense
I learned about this book from: Uhh Twilight lol
This book was purchased at: Borrowed from Molly :)
Other books by this author: Duh lol

Main characters: Bella, Edward, Jacob
Favorite characters: Edward, Alice, Bella, the Cullens
*Least favorite Characters: Ummm Jake after the transformation lol
When and Where the story takes place: Forks, La Push, Italy
*Plot in a nutshell: Bella and Edward break-up, she makes a bff out of Jacob, and we see a return of an old enemy... Oooo intrigue :)
*What I liked best: Though I enjoyed Twilight, "New Moon" was 1000x better than that which came before it. Twilight was very indulgent to me, and had a tendency to drag a bit. "New Moon" added sustenance to the series, made it more than just a love story. Meyers made the pain that Bella went through REAL, whereas stories such as Prozac Nation merely describe what something is like, in "New Moon" you could FEEL it. You could feel your own heart breaking, could feel it slowly begin to mend, and everything in-between. Kudos to Meyer for pulling that off.
What I liked least: Uhhhh....that I'm stuck in such a normal existence and have been wanting what Bella has since before I even knew the series existed lol. But that's on me, not on Meyer.

*What parts could you relate to: Everything minus the stuff that "couldn't really happen"...because to my knowledge, I've never met a vamp or wolfie.
Would this book make a good movie?: God, I hope so.
Quote from the book that sums it up:
Once you cared about a person, it was impossible to be logical about them anymore. --Bella, pg 304.

It was heaven--right smack in the middle of hell. --Bella, pg 491

Overall Rating: I can't even think of a cutesy way of saying it... this book was simply PHENOMENAL.

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[30 Aug 2008|10:49pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Chelsea singing "Stayin' Alive" ]

I was sooooo good today!

You may not know this, but I have a spending problem. A really bad one. Horrible.

And today, I was at Sephora, and then at the mall, and then Target. There was sooooo much I wanted (including Twilight tees at Hot Topic, HELLO!). BUT I only bought I stuff I needed/planned on getting at Target.

EVEN THOUGH I wanted this awesome glitter liquid liner at Sephora for $20, I did not do so. EVEN THOUGH I wanted those Twilight shirts (about 7 of em were there), I did not. Even though I wanted shitloads of shitness at Target (that time, I pronounced it Tar-jay, with the soft j), I only got a few things.

I got a pair of red pants to work out in that were on sale, which I planned on getting. I got a tooth brush that was on sale, which I needed. Shaving cream on sale that I am about to need. Head phones, because my good ones are lost and I need good ones for tread mill running at the gym. And gum, because I am the gum supplier at my work lol.... there may have been something else, I don't remember.

But see?! Totally good.

OMG and I was with Laura and we ran into TIM!!! Aww Tim I love him, haven't seen him in so long. Yay! He ordered Reefer Madness on dvd today, andddd said he read about the Veronica Mars movie and thought of me. I loooooooooooove him :)

Then, we followed him to Dairy Queen, and I texted him. Here is said convo :)

Jackie: I can see your car's butt :)
Tim: Haha! Is it cuter than mine?
Jackie: Nothing is as cute as yours :)

OH at Target, Laura and I told him about the Twilight shirts, and I started off by saying "There's one with slashes across it that says 'Team Jacob'" and he interrupted saying "Oh FUCK Jacob" ahahahaha. I love Tim :)

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Book 23: GG: All I Want is Everything [29 Aug 2008|10:14pm]
[ mood | listless ]

Title: Gossip Girl: All I Want is Everything
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Copyright date: 2003
Publisher: Little, Brown & co.
How many pages: 215
How long it took me to read: 3 Days

Category: Young Adult fiction
I learned about this book from: the other ones :P
This book was purchased at: Borrowed from Laura
Other books by this author: Gossip Girl series

Main characters: Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan, Jenny, Aaron
Favorite characters: Aaron, Jenny, Vanessa
Least favorite Characters: a lot lol
When and Where the story takes place: NYC
Plot in a nutshell: It's Christmastime and Blair and Serena are best friends again and up to their old tricks -- partying hard and breaking hearts from Park Avenue to the Caribbean.
What I liked best: The GG blogs
What I liked least: That everyone is so wrapped up in themselves that it wasn't completely obvious to them that Blair's mom was pregnant :P

What parts could you relate to: Uhhh one of the writer's block exercises Dan did I've done.... and something else but Idr lol
Would this book make a good movie?: Tv show :P
Quote from the book that sums it up: n/a

Overall Rating: Same as always :)

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The traffic in my brain's driving me insane.... [27 Aug 2008|12:46am]
[ mood | thankful ]

WTF?! I think Firefox is looney. The way my journal looks keeps changing. First, the colors changed. And today, the layout is all screwy. It's rather annoying. I don't have the energy or patience to try to fix it today though.

My abs and arms hurt like a bitch. Yesterday was my first day back at the gym. It's a good thing I didn't go for a full body work-out, or I wouldn't be able to get out of bed lol. But that's okay, it's a good pain.

I called off work today because I was sooooo exhausted that I couldn't function. When I finally woke up at 4 pm, I felt like shit, really hot and groggy and dizzy. I stayed up though. Which I'm glad I did cuz I would feel even worse tomorrow. Hopefully that was enough catch-up for me. Meh.

OMG so my Desktop (which I now call Deskie, and my Laptop, Lappie) was dead for a while there. Best Buy wanted $500 to fix the damn thing. My friend fixed it for me!!! ALLLLLL over the Internet, and I had to help. But it's alive and well again!!! OMG OMG OMG. I need to send him a cookie, for real :) Or get in touch with his gf (my former bff) to see where he'd like a gift card to. I don't think I'll be able to get that info myself without drawing suspicion... hmmmm. Yep, I just e-mailed Carol. BOOYAH.

EDIT: // How awesome am I?! I FIXED MY LAYOUT!!! Woo woo!

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Book 22: Prozac Nation [26 Aug 2008|07:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Title: Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America
Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
Copyright date: 1994
Publisher: Riverhead Books
How many pages: 362
How long it took me to read: Almost 2 weeks

Category: Non-Fiction
I learned about this book from: Not sure.
This book was purchased at: Borrowed from Laura
Other books by this author: Bitch and More, Now, Again

Main characters: Elizabeth
Favorite characters: Didn't really have one.
Least favorite Characters: n/a
When and Where the story takes place: Cambridge in the 80's, I think
Plot in a nutshell: A young girl with promise turns into a depressed shell of who she could be.
What I liked best: The few moments where you could actually feel the depression, I suppose. And the recovery.
What I liked least:I didn't like that I felt like I was reading a text book the whole time, that this was an outsider looking into the world of depression. I know she really went through this, but how it feels and how this book reads are 2 completely different things. The ideas come across, but not the true blackness of the disease.

What parts could you relate to: Most of it. I've been depressed and our experiences are different. While she would fall to the ground screaming and making a scene, I never did that...but maybe it's just 2 different personality issues.
Would this book make a good movie?: Probably..
Quote from the book that sums it up: Eh.... Idk.

As I found myself saying to not a few people who would tell me they found the book angering and annoying to read: Good. Very good: That means I did what I had set out to do. That means you'd felt a frustration and fury reading the book that might even be akin to the sense of futility experienced by most people who try to deal in real life with an actual depressive.

Overall Rating: 2.5 (very mild) happy pills out of 5.

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I st-st-stutter when you ask me what I'm thinkin' bout... [26 Aug 2008|01:58am]
[ mood | groggy ]

I am beyond exhausted right now. I swear, I'm one...step or whatever, away from sleepwalking. Ughhhh. My friend John is helping us to fix the desktop. I've been sitting here for 4 hours, it's 2 am, and I have to be up at 7. There's no way. I think I'm gonna just call off. I've been extremely tired since... Thursday or Friday, I think, and I don't trust myself to drive or work this way. I just want to pass out. And this stupid file is only 50% done downloading.

I'm just writing because I need a distraction to keep me from passing out. I'm gonna have to tell him that htis is the last hting that I can do.

Oh I'm also writing b/c I want to know how incohereint I am. I'm not even sure if that's the right word atm. Yeah I see those spelling errors but I don't care. I want to read prozac nation ut it's hard enough to follow as it is. In this state? Good luck. At least I only have less than 100 psg to go. Then I'm readin the next gossip girla nd then probably zombie blondes. Hopefully by then I'll be able to get New Moon from somebody.

SHITE I forget that Bridget wants bueatu and the beast. I was gonna bring it up there tomorrow. Boo. How silly that I want to go to work simply to deliver a dvd. I'll text her and say I'll bring it tomorrow. I mean wednesday' TOmorrow's tomorrow.

Wow I type like shit when I'm tired. It's a good thing I've decided not to drive :P

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I kissed a girl and I liked it.... [21 Aug 2008|12:14am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I don't feel like anything interesting enough happened today to post about, but I'm writing anyway. Even though I'm super-tired and would like to crank out another chapter of "Prozac Nation" before bed. Silly me said I would work tomorrow, which means I have to get up early. At least I can go home whenever I want.

Today I was coloring with Chelsea and Samantha and James. We were listening to "I Kissed a Girl" and singing along with it. James, who is six, started to sing "I kissed a boy and I liked it" we were like HOOOOLLLY CRAP. Chelsea turned it off right away, haha. Now that's an Oy with the poodles moment if ever I experienced one!!

I don't know how this got brought up, but we got into the conversation about how Samantha doesn't really exist, and is just a figment of my imagination. I said something about it and she was like "WHO TOLD?!" I blamed it on Chelsea, who denied the whole thing. Sam said "It was supposed to be a surprise!" Now, I don't think that finding out that your niece doesn't exist qualifies as a surprise, do you?! So as a joke, I said "Surprise! I'm just part of your imagination. Better get off that medication!" Sam cracked up. I accidentally rhymed, hehe. Early she mentioned that she hated therapists and them handing out meds for every little thing, but I told her I was on it. So that's where that came about.

Fun, eh?

K so that satisfied the writing bug. I'm sleepy, time to read and sleep :D

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So I stood there watching, and I was hypnotized.... [19 Aug 2008|11:54pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | BSB // Backstreet Boys ]

Diane is back at work!! Yaaaay! She wears a glove now on the hand that she lost her finger on. Which I think is pretty smart. I'm so excited that she's back. It's too bad that I'm so desperate to leave. She's one of the few people I would want to stay for.

Yesterday we got lost driving home from the hospital. (My mom's doctor's found a lump in her breast, and we had to drop off X-Rays. I'm not worried about it yet though, especially since my sister doesn't have a bad feeling and she was right with Lori and Mary...). We got lost in this city called Milford and omg. It was so cute. I loved it, I'm definitely adding it to my job search city list.

My aunt is also helping me out. She sent me a ton of links to magazines in Texas for me to check out. She also said there were 4,000 ad agencies in Georgetown alone. I find that hard to believe. Not that she's a liar, but WHA? That's a lot!! Maybe the internet is wrong :P

I watched "Smart People" today. Not sure what I want to rate it on the ol' Flixster site just yet. It wasn't bad. I'd probably like it more the second time, and pick up on things I missed.

OH OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are talking about doing a VERONICA MARS movie!!! FOR REAL!!!! I want to cry, seriously. I'm sooooooo excited, this NEEDS to happen!!!!

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All my precious secrets, yeah, you know them all [17 Aug 2008|01:11am]
[ mood | listless ]

Today was yet another day where I spent time looking for jobs. I got such a headache doing it, too. Half the places I'm interested in don't post about entry level stuff, some don't have career listings at all, and gahhhh!!! I wanted to stay here or go to Fort Worth, but I might end up trying to go to Chicago. There would be a Publishing house I could work at there, right? :P Even the crappy ass employment sites don't have anything. One only showed positions in the Navy! Screw that!!!

I texted Annie and she is going to try to look into places in downtown Fort Worth for me. I tried looking it up myself but it gave me an even bigger headache. MEH.

I also looked into classes at Schoolcraft, a local community college. I could continue studying art. I'd like to re-learn web design since I haven't done that since Senior year at LHS. I could also learn how to use flash and other animation stuffs. BUT in addition to that, I would also learn some other crap, like technical writing. Then I could get a job not in my field, but it'd still be a decent job. And NOT at Sears. Ugh.

I redid my looks pretty good. I even made new boxes for "Who I Want to Meet". It's pretty snazzy. I have to make one for Hailey, too, but I have to wait until she gets online and lets me know who she wants. You should go look and tell me how awesome I am :)

Jackie's snazzy space.

I need a cuddly baby critter to love :(

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Book 21: It [13 Aug 2008|07:06pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Title: It
Author: Stephen King
Copyright date: 1980
Publisher: Signet
How many pages: 1090
How long it took me to read: A month!!

Category: Horror
I learned about this book from: Who knows, I've known about it foreverrrr.
This book was purchased at: B&N
Other books by this author: The Shining, The Green Mile, The Stand, Misery, Carrie, etc. etc.

Main characters: Mike, Bill, Bev, Eddie, Richie, Stan, Ben
Favorite characters: All of the above, especially Eddie, Richie and Bill
Least favorite Characters: Henry and Tom, ew.
When and Where the story takes place: Derry, Maine; Int 1958 and 1985
Plot in a nutshell: From B&N:

It's a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own hometown. Only in Derry the haunting is real.......

They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they were grown-up men and women who had gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them could withstand the force that drew them back to Derry to face the nightmare without an end, and the evil without a name.

What I liked best: This book was AWESOME. It was sooo intricate and so incredibly thought-out with the cycles and tie-ins, and the way the past and present merged together... amazing.
What I liked least: I hate hate haaaate the memory loss thing. I REALLY hate it, but I won't go into much detail about that, in case anyone here wants to read it. I rarely like the way SK ends his stories, but oh well. Also, the losses (I can't handle it, I tell you lol) and the run-on sentences that were hard to follow at times.

What parts could you relate to: Certain thought processes...I'm glad I'm not the only one those thoughts happen to lol; And feelings.
Would this book make a good movie?: It is a movie, but I don't see it being anywhere NEAR as good as its written form. But I'm gonna watch it and see....
Quote from the book that sums it up: Well I don't know about that, but I REALLY liked these 2 quotes:

"...with George gone, there was nothing for him...and all of that had happened at random, for no reason at all. And if you put your ear to that door, you could hear the winds of madness blowing outside." --pg 317

"Not all boats which sail away into darkness never find the sun again, or the hand of another child; if life teaches anything at all, it teaches that there are so many happy endings that the man who believes there is no God needs his rationality called into serious question."

Overall Rating: 4 floating balloons out of 5 >:)

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Shaking on the outside from what I'm feeling inside.... [13 Aug 2008|04:13pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I really really reeeeeally hate it at Sears. I mean REALLY. A lot of the people are getting to be ass holes, some of them always were, and some I'm just confused by. Tensions are high, hours are low, and people are reaching their breaking points. Even the happiest people there that I have NEVER seen angry are getting unhappy, including myself.

I will say that yes, I do hide myself away when I'm at work. There are very few people that I fit in with there, and for the most part we all have different jobs so I'm rarely in their company. But for the few moments I spend with these people, I feel like it's okay to be myself. But the others, I just don't understand. Ugh. When I'm there I don't talk often, I just do what I'm supposed to and move on. What else WOULD I do? I think a few people take that as a lack of intelligence, or find me to be boring, but whatever. I'm just not happy there and more and more I grow to hate it.

Today I had to fight to keep myself from breaking down into tears. Which actually, was quite a shock because I can't remember the last time I really cried. I rarely do. Even if I'm watching a sad movie or tv show, sometimes I have to fight for tears to come to feel that release. And today I had to fight to keep it in.


I need a new job, but it's so hard..... I'm honestly so close to just going and getting a hosting job, because I know that. The pay will probably be shitty. Oh well. I can't just up and quit Sears like I so badly wanted to today. I have to start paying back student loans in October :(

I feel so broken. I'm at my wits end, as Jafar says :P

I will give you one little ray of sunshine, though. I have to do these fucking PCNs (Price Change Notifications) but all the merchandise in the back is so jam-packed that I can't get to anything. At all. (The back is pretty much the size of a warehouse, if that gives you an idea of how bad it is). So I was complaining about it to Cindy and Marianne. Cindy says "You can't get through that shit! You're not a fucking SPIDER!" That made me laugh a lot. Ahahahaha. I can just see a little black spider crawling over all the merchandise scanning for numbers. Lmao.

Okay I feel better after thinking about that, but really. I've had about all I can take....

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Surv. [12 Aug 2008|11:38pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Have you ever slipped in the shower?
well ya! C'mon, water and soap... sooo easy to do :)

Are you reading a book right now?
Yes! "It". And it's effin' longgg but I'm almost done :D

Is anyone mad at you for no reason?
Idk but at some point you gotta say "fuck em" and let it go.

What are your favorite stores to shop at?
Target, Best Buy, Wet Seal, um ummmmm.... yep :) OH and any book store, Borders/B&N :)

Have you met anyone new lately?
probably, I don't remember lol

Do you play video games?

Is Britney Spears really as bad as everyone says?
I think everyone needs to leave her alone!

Do you smile at strangers?

What's the last song that gave you goosebumps?
Umm probably something by Mest or BFS.

What do people label you as?
Hmm well the only people I can think of that would label me are people at work and fuck 'em :D

Have you lost touch with a good friend over the past three months?
It's been longer than that but yes.

What color are your toenails?
Green! Lime green :D

What's your favorite romantic movie?
Blech. I don't really dig strictly romantic movies, but I really really liked "Dedication". It was more of a romantic comedy but it's stellar. Mandy Moore is in it, watch itttt :D

Is there something else you should be doing right now?
Showering, sleeping.

What did you do this past weekend?
Um lol... I don't remember. *thinks* Yeah I really have no clue, probably colored with Chelsea. OH oh ohhhhhh I went to the bar to see Laura for her birthday, I saw BSB in concert, um ummm..... hung out with Hailey, Laura, and Ryan.... and colored with Chelsea :D

Do you eat the cream out of the middle of the Oreo first?

What's your favorite color skittle?
uhhh red prob. It's always red lol

Who was the last person you hugged?
Chels probably

What are you doing tomorrow?
Working, printing invites, and thennnn packing to go to the water park on Thursday/Friday :)

Do you like anyone right now?

Do you have an Ipod/mp3 player?
mp3 player. It's name is Casper lol

Do you like country music?

Who was the last person to text you?

Are you excited for this weekend?

Do you have a cell phone?
I do.

What's something that made you laugh today?
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Do you hate anyone?
nope, but people piss me off :D

What is the last tv show that you watched?
Gilmore Girls.

Do you still like Disney movies?
of course!

When was the last time someone bought you roses?
tba :)

Do you still carve pumpkins on Halloween?
Nope I don't have the patience for that anymore :)

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[11 Aug 2008|11:52pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I forgot to write about my dream, but I don't feel like editing the entry.

I dreamed that I was at the mall, and I walked by FYE and saw that it was closed. I started to freak out -- I don't know why, I don't even shop there! They're sooooo expensive. So I started to talk to the manager and I ended up hanging out with him and a bunch of other guys I don't know. Yeah, that's smart, dream Jackie.

Btw, I talked to the manager about how I'd like to find a good job in writing, art, or music but that it was hard haha.... can ya tell it's on my mind?

But yeah, when I went to leave the house, I saw that my car was parked behind a fence. Of course it was super-late and I was a little freaked, so I kinda ran to get to the car and opened the door, and then I realized that I was fenced in because my car had been towed. A cop came up and started giving me crap for how I crossed the street to the fence, and I was asking why I was towed. Then I woke up.

Yep, okay lol

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Beep beep, Richie... [11 Aug 2008|11:34pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Ugh, I just woke up. I feel bad though. At work today I started to get really hot, my head started hurting more (it's been bugging me due to TMJ lately) and I began to feel sick. When I left, I planned on eating something and then laying down, but when I got home, 2 of my sisters were over, and so was Chelsea. She and I started coloring and watching Fear Itself/Gilmore Girls, when she left to go spend time with her dad before he went to work. She said she'd come over later, but when she left, I finished coloring what I was working on and went to lay down. The tiredness (3-4 hours of sleep) and all the other stuff was getting to me. While I was laying down, Chels called and asked if I wanted to come over. I told her I was laying down because I felt tired, but I'd come over later. I almost told her to call me in 2 hours, but when I feel like that, I'm not so good in the thinking/actions department. So we hung up and I fell asleep.

Here we are, hours later at 11:30 pm. I feel so bad. I'd call and go over now, but because school is starting, she had to go to bed 2 hours ago :( Ughhhh. I'll make it up to her tomorrow, but I still feel horrible :(

In other news, today at work a customer freaked me out. First thing in the morning he and Tasha, the only Salesperson there got into a shouting match, and me being tired and creative-minded, was expecting him to come back with a gun and start shooting. Isn't it sad that society has gotten that bad? But things were handled and turned out fine. Well, ya fine as they can be after that first thing.

This video game ad to the left of the entry-typing box is disturbing me. It's for an MMORPG but it's creeping me out and I don't like it :P

Oh! And there was this guy at work in a red shirt who kept talking to me. He was nice, but it also made me uneasy. Not in a creepy way, but....I just wasn't looking for that. And I kept accidentally making eye contact :P I realized he was there aaagain, and I had to repeat "don't look up, don't look up" in my head to avoid looking up. Luckily, after that he left.

I might go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tomorrow. We shall see.

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Your kiss is torture, but killing me would be too easy... [11 Aug 2008|12:17am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Is Jackie the only chick who would walk to her sister's house at night, after watching a documentary about a couple that raped and killed girls? Cuz I did. It's okay though, when I walked home I carried my keys so I could stab someone in the eye, if need be :P

Renee lives in the same subdivision, so it's all good in the hood.

Earlier I was looking for jobs, and OMG how frustrating! I don't think I know what I'm doing. I've never hunted for a career, just stupid little jobs. I was getting so angry. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'll probably write Robin and ask her if we can meet when classes are back in session so she can help me figure this crap out.

I have to do it quick, too. I just got my bill for student loans. I'm lucky, it could have been sooooo much higher, but a debt is a debt. And I hate them. They make me have panic attacks. So in October, I have to start paying $63 a month. Ughhhh. I need to find SOMETHING. I don't know what to do :(

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Everytime we're down, you can make it right.... [10 Aug 2008|12:04am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Backstreet Boys // Millennium ]

I realized that I like to start sentences with "So". If you didn't notice, now you will and maybe it will annoy you. Oh well.

Last night I saw the Backstreet Boys at DTE. And OMG the show was sooooooooo good! Even without Kevin there, it was good.

We were driving there, and wondered who the opening act would be. When we passed a sign for the Palace--a big digital thing-- it said "Backstreet Boys featuring Girlicious". I wasn't happy about this, I was hoping I'd like the band, or that there wouldn't be an opening act at all (Sorry Candy, sorrrry!!!!!!!!!! :( ) I was just happy because without knowing, I had brought along my Veronica Mars zip-up. So it was like my own little mini-protest. No offense to them, but it was that Pussycat Dolls show that interrupted VM. Gahhhhh. Anywhoo.

The first thing we did was check out the merchandise they had for sale. I was saddened to be correct in my prediction that the shirts would be around $40 a piece. I can't afford that. I was again reminded of yet another reason I love BFS so much. For $40 you could get 3 shirts. For the $80 pop bands ask for hoodies, you can again get 3 BFS ones! Sheesh! So I bought nothing, but Hailey got 2 keychains and a pack of buttons. She wanted to get this one shirt though. It was white with a black outline drawing of Nick looking like those WWJD and Mary is my Home Girl shirts, and it said "What Would Nick Do?" We didn't get why he was the only one who got one lol, but she wanted it.

Hmmm....I keep nearly losing my train of thought. I just want to sing along with this cd! Heheee! Word. Yeah.

So Girlicious took the stage around 7:30ish. I will say that their outfits were really cute. They were kinda reminiscent of ref outfits. They had colored tops....yellow, purple... ummm I can't remember lol, and the blonde girl had black and pink. We liked her best cuz she didn't show any skin. There was one girl there who Hailey said she didn't like because she was on the show talking about how it was hard work to be pretty. So that ticked me off. She wasn't POSITIVE it was her, but she thought so. She's only seen one ep of the show though.

Their first song was long, but pretty good. A good club song. The last one they did was probably their most popular song, cuz one of the girls said something about hopefully you recognize and like it. Even though they weren't my favorite, their show was pretty decent I suppose. Although they got the most applause when they asked if the audience was ready for their last song lol.... probably a poor choice of words but oh well. (Again, sorry Candy, I loooooove you, love love love you!)

Hailey and I got up after the show to use the bathroom once more, and I had to get my dippin' dots. It's a tradition now that whenever we go to DTE that I get dots. They're SO freakin' good. Mmmmm :)

Ugh, "Don't Want You Back" is on now. It only pisses me off b/c this song was winning to be the next BSB single until Nick called and said he'd like "The One" to be next, so everyone switched their votes!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right before the Boys came out, Brain's son Bailey came out on stage and introduced them. He was so freakin' cute! (Actually I probably would have only THOUGHT it was him, but I saw Miss Candy post about Brian and Starbucks, so I was sure :) He came out with a stagehand, holding a mic. He said "Are you ready to see the Backstreet Boys?!" And everyone started cheering. Then he said "Here come the Ba--" and he stopped dead sentence, turned to his right, screamed and ran off the stage to the left. He was such a ham, it was hilarious, and sooooo cute.

The curtain dropped and you saw a boxing ring. There were still sheer curtains and as each Boy was introduced, you saw them behind the curtain doing that little boxing dance...haha I dunno what it is you call it, how they kinda hop from foot to foot. Then THOSE curtains dropped and they ran out into the boxing ring, the band playing on either side of it. They opened with "Larger Than Life" and OMG it was PHENOMENAL. SUCH a good song to open with. Their next song was another fan-oriented one called "Everyone" from the B&B album. After that, I don't remember song order.

Howie came out and talked a bit, about how grateful they were and such. AND they mentioned that Detroit was the first stop of the tour! Woo hoo! I think that was a good choice, because the crowd was EXCELLENT. AJ even mentioned it, and not the way bands always do, like "This is the best crowd we ever played!" When Michigan loves you, they really love you :)

Each of them performed a solo song. Howie was first. He did something off of his up-coming record. It had a lil Latin flavor, and was really good! AJ also did something off of his CD coming out and OMG. I think I fell in love. He ROCKED that stage, it was absolutely AMAZING. He was jumping and dancing and gahhhhh! He needs to tour and release that song, like now. I want it!!!! Brian sang a song off of his cd while playing guitar. I think the only reason I didn't cry was because my meds prevent that from happening often. The video was soooo sad, I'd never seen it before. And Nick performed a song from "Now or Never".

Let's see....when the sang "SMTMOBL" they were around this type of poker table, and right before AJ and Nick argued over who was more happy about the "fine ladies" in the crowd, haha. It was cute. Oh, and while introducing the band, Nick did all sorts of crazy dances, including the Running Man, ahahahaha.

They did that little hat dance during "All I Have to Give" that they've done for other tours, which was fun. Oh and they did the "Everybody" dance during the breakdown.

When Brian came out on stage, he asked, one by one, if anyone had this bsb cd, or this one. Everyone screamed for each one. Which is interesting because the first 2 cds weren't even released here. The first one here was a mix of songs from each of the first 2. But since I have those, I'm sure everyone else does, too.

He was like "Who has the first Backstreet CD?" *SCREEEEAM* "You know, the one with the red cover? Where we're posed like this?" and he poses lmao. Then he said "When Nick 'talked like this'?" and did a Stitch-like voice, and added "And I 'talked like this'?" and did the voice again. He's so silly, haha I love Brian.

Who am I kidding, I love all of them. The show was sooooooooo good!!!

Oh, so you know, the "last song" was "Everybody" and the encore was "Shape of My Heart". At the end, they made everyone do the heart thingy with their fingers.


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Holy shit [09 Aug 2008|06:48pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Mest is back together

so excited
no time for full sentences

no brain capacity




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lmao [08 Aug 2008|01:05am]
[ mood | amused ]


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