Emilia Louise Vipond

June 2017


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May. 17th, 2026

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Mar. 12th, 2017

Emilia Vipond @ [info]vrrpg

basic information
NAME Emilia Louise Vipond
AGE 34
DOB 1. February 1976

BUILD Slender
HAIR Blonde
EYES Green

Some people notice her eyes first, maybe even giving them the feeling that she's trying to look inside their mind. She isn't, really. It's just genetics. Other people notice her hair, which takes a lot of effort to tame.

MOTHER Elizabeth Vipond
FATHER Matthew Vipond
BROTHER Benjamin Vipond
TUTOR Aloysius Darling

HOUSE Slytherin 1994
JOB Healer | Model
RESIDENCE A houseboat off Lovegrove Walk.
E   N   F   J
Emilia is a positive person. Optimistic? Sure, but realistically so. To her, there are always at least two sides to everything, and whenever possible, she will go for the most positive one.
Natural Leader
Overly Idealistic
Too Selfless
Too Sensitive
Fluctuating Self-Esteem
Struggle to Make Tough Decisions
abilities & skills

MAGICAL SPECIALITIES Potions, Herbology, Charms, Transfiguration
into the past
Emilia was born in the family's home in Henley-on-Thames where she lived with her twin brother Benjamin, her mother Elizabeth (architect), her father Matthew (Unspeakable), and the family's friend/protector/tutor/nanny Aloysius (Djinn). Aloysius had come to live with the family, when Matthew ended up with the Djinn's lamp, two months prior to the twins' birth.

She had a happy childhood, with loving parents, daily tutoring sessions – in anything from daily life over advanced academics and magic practices – and high ambitions. Although her parents only wanted the best for their children, there was never any pressure from them, no, the ambitions were all Emilia's own.

Given Aloysius' high standards when it came to training and education, he was put in charge of the children's homeschooling. Emilia loved the Djinn, and though she was never quite sure how it all worked, she never thought him peculiar at all. The bliss and joy lasted until Matthew suffered a heart attack and never came home from work. Emilia was 10. Honoring Matthew's promise to Aloysius, he was given his lamp back, and though he left the Vipond house, he kept in close contact with them.

Emilia kept up the hard work in school, more often than not referring to Aloysius over the phone than to the new tutor her mother had hired. It was the best alternative to the way it had been.

On September 1, 1987, Emilia and Benjamin left for Hogwarts, where Emilia was sorted into Slytherin and Benjamin went to [INSERT HOUSE]. With her father gone and Wishes travelling the world, her desire to learn so she could help, set in. She found herself at home amongst the Potions and the multitude of ingredients and possibilities, and the moment she learned how to, she began making her own skin care products. Little by little her Potions work expanded to include medical Potions – or as medical as it could be by a student still in school, and before she started her seventh year, she was set in her direction towards becoming a Healer specialized in Dermatology.

That was right before Wishes just… disappeared. There were no more Owls, no more messages, no more answers to questions. Nothing. It broke her heart, but only furthered her desire to make it. Wishes would have wanted that.

In 1994, after she had left Hogwarts, she applied for, and was accepted into, the Healer training program at the New Amsterdam Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries (NAHMMI) in New York. Though her family had the means to provide for her while she was there, Emilia's stubborn independence made her determine to prove that she could make it on her own. At first, money was tight, but as she found her footing, her tight schedule opened up for a (very) part time job that could help supply her income: modelling.

Emilia thrived at the hospital, learning, evolving, developing, so it was no surprise to anyone when after she finished her time as a trainee, she accepted the position as Junior Healer in Dermatology. Along with the promotion, her salary increased, and that to a level where she could live more than comfortably solely on that. But she had come to like modelling, and so she continued, as a hobby… that she got paid for. It was a nice way to disconnect from work, even though she did love what she did.

In the middle of December 2004, just over ten years after Emilia had left home for NYC, she was getting ready to go back to England for Christmas. The message came through as she was leaving for the MACUSA to pick up her Portkey: her mother had died.

Back in London she and Benjamin found themselves now in possession of everything that their family had ever owned. It was hard, emotionally, but dividing it had come surprisingly easy, and that was how Emilia found herself the owner of a huge houseboat that her mother had spent the past several years restoring and remodeling.

As certain as she had been about going to New York, just as certain was she that she wouldn't be going back. Like her mother had moved to London when Emilia and Benjamin had left for Hogwarts, so would Emilia now that their mother had passed on. She interviewed with St. Mungo's, though at the time they had no open positions, so Emilia made good use of her connections, and managed to make a living from her modelling. In the early summer of 2005, St. Mungo's reached out. There was a need in the Potions and Poisoning ward for someone who could oversee the Healing of former patients' damaged skin. Emilia jumped at the chance, even if it was only temporary.

Over the next year, she slowly, but surely built up her area of responsibility, until she held a full position as Healer.


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