June 2020

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Name: Saitaina
Email: saitainam@frontier.com
AIM: bitternovelist


PB: Susan Coffey
Name: Enigma
Nicknames/Aliases: The Riddler’s Daughter
Age/Date of Birth: 18/ April 1, 1994

Powers: None

Handicaps: While her father is a genius, Enigma is above average at best. She relies more on tricks, traps and outright murder to Edward's attention seeking brilliance to get by. Her desire to be acknowledged by her father to any extreme, leads her intro trouble more often then not. In canon it lead to her death at Edward's hands.

Appearance: Enigma is five foot, four inches tall, weighing one hundred and twenty pounds with bright, bright red hair and the same brown eyes her father has. She’s a slender build, most of her weight coming from her muscular arms and legs. She favors anything tight and short in terms of fashion, but has a bit of a girlie girl in her and often wears lose, soft dresses when the mood strikes. Her work clothes are based off her father’s, tight purple spandex pants and a green tank top that allows her freedom of movement, along with a gold cane similar to her father’s and green trainers.

Physical Quirks: None

Special Abilities: Enigma's strengths lie in the cerebral, must like her 'father', with puzzles, riddles and rhymes, though unlike Edward, she has a limited skill in hand to hand combat, using both her cane and simple trained skill, as well has having a bit of gymnastics training from her childhood.

She's also handy with a gun, adept at target shooting which comes in handy for those times she can't just beat someone or twist their minds.

Relatives: Edward Nigma/Nygma (father).

Occupations: Professional Criminal, former hero

Education: Public and private schooling – K –12th grade

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know: Enigma is a flirt. Men, women, trees, she flirts with everything, danger most of all. She sees no reason not to, and most of the time doesn’t even realize she’s doing it, it’s just part of her bouncy, perky personality.

History: Enigma was created instead of born. A genetic experiment mixing the DNA left behind by Edward Nigma at a crime scene and an unknown mother. Much like Damian Wayne, she was born out of science, but unlike her 'good' counterpart, Enigma was given to a loving foster family as an infant who raised her as they would their own child, focusing purely on giving her a good upbringing when it became clear she was never to be adopted out permanently.
Her parentage and bloodlines were never kept from her, and her family kept the temporary name given to her at her birth, a take of of her father's name Edward Nigma. The only alteration was for her school records, where she went by the first name of Effie.

All told, she lived a fairly normal childhood for the daughter of a super criminal. She excelled in school, causing her foster parents to move her to a private school so she could have the best education they could afford, took private martial arts and gymnastic lessons as a way to train her body and mind, as well as spent hours working on the tech skills and puzzle solving she had inherited from her father.

In her mid to late teens, Enigma set out on her own path, first as a hero with the Teen Titans, and later moving into villainy with the Teen Titans East group, in an effort to get her father to notice and accept her. There, she found a friend in the form of Duela Dent, an insane teenage girl from Earth-3, who was not only The Jokester's daughter, but The Riddler' step-daughter.

Following Duela's death, Enigma struck out completely on her own again, making her way first to New York, where she honed her skills, before heading towards Gotham City, intent on meeting her father face to face, ready to put an end to the questions and longing she's kept hidden inside after all this time.

Personality: Enigma has a hero worship of those like Batman, Robin and the others left over from her days as a teen hero, which sometimes bleeds into her urge to kill them, figuring if they can't recognize her (and her father's) brilliance, they might as well be dead.

Enigma is a sociopath, finding her own survival more interesting than friendships or connections, the only person besides herself worth caring about being her father, leading to a near obsession with the man and trying to earn his love and care.

Her moral compass is broken, and has been since birth. She just...doesn't care. She can do 'good' and 'evil' in the same moment and not care one way or the other, only seeing what it can give herself. She plays nice with others so long as it serves her, and that includes any attempts at 'reform'. When it stops suiting her, she will more than happily stab people in the back and step over them to her next interest.

Enigma is also a flirt. Men, women, children, trees..danger most of all, she often doesn't even realize she's doing it, though she is well aware of people's reactions to her, and uses sex to fill the emptiness in her left by her father. She has an almost desperation to her, to fill the gaping hole of not having anyone to truly love her for her, and is constantly seeking something to fill it. This leads her into being very stupid when it comes to matters of the heart, often screwing up 'good' relationships in her desire to seek out instant gratification.

She is mecurial in her words and actions, suiting herself to the situation and who she's talking to. It's part of her sociopathy, seeking the most favorable light (in her opinion) to present herself to the person in front of her. Too often however, she switches modes and thoughts, leading her to look flighty or two faced. It not intentional, it's an unconscious action she performs, trying to fit in to the odd roles needed to get what she wants.


Writing Sample One: I am so incredibly bored it is not even funny. My Sudoku books are finished, the crosswords are done and there's not anything decent in this city to steal, and believe me, I’ve looked. Please someone come and talk to me before I find out if you can really burn a hundred and fifty calories banging your head against the wall...which would probably hurt or damage my brain and no one really wants that.

What costs nothing
but is worth everything,
weighs nothing, but can last a lifetime,
that one person can't own,
but two or more can share?

Writing Sample Two: Enigma looked up at the televisions displaying the latest antics of one, Edward Nigma, also known as The Riddler, before shaking her head, turning her attention away from her father's taunting riddle to focus more on the clothing store in front of her, heading inside.

Soon, soon she would meet up with dear old dad and have a grand homecoming, but for now, she had to make him proud, and to do that, she had to look the part.

She selected a tank top with one of Riddler's question marks on it (and seriously, was her father getting a cut of the racket? If not, he should really sue), searching through the pants for a pair that would match both the 'family' colour scheme and the shirt she held.

She snickered around the lollipop in her mouth as she pulled out a pair of green, purple and gold striped leggings, tossing them over her arm. They were utterly atrocious, but the point was to get attention...these pants certainly did so.

She headed for the dressing room, stripping down and first pulling on the leggings, giving a few hops to get the tight material over her hips, before trying on the baggy tank top, admiring the view in the mirror. "Not too shabby," she said, testing the pants by doing the splits, before bouncing back to her feet.

"Next stop, the front page," she said, laughing as she pulled off the costume, stuffing it into her backpack.

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