June 2020

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Application for Reality Crisis

Player Info
Name: Saitaina
Over 18: Yup
Timezone: PST
AIM/Email: bitternovelist/saitainam@frontier.com
Experience: Playing since 1998

Character Info
Fandom: DC Universe
Name: Enigma
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personality: Enigma is mouthy, brash and enjoys smarting off, even to her father. She gets in trouble more often just by speaking, then by what she actually does. She's loud, not in a volume sense, but in the way she lives her life. She's not one to hide away, or live in the shadows.

Enigma's outspoken, loud mouthed, and bright personality covers the deeper well of being abandoned by her 'father', despite the fact he never knew he existed and the pain that comes with it. She acts out to get attention, to get notice, to be accepted, not only by Edward but by society as a whole. And the more attention she gets, the more she acts out to keep it.

She doesn’t bother with being torn over her morality, finding an easy balance between doing 'good' and committing murder and mayhem. She does what she wants, whenever she wants and god help whomever stand in her way.

As she's still a teenager, she is still under developed mentally, having a childlike impulsiveness and desire, paired with an adults reality of the world around her. She thinks about her actions, but more often then not goes through with her ideas anyway, very rarely thinking of the consequences.

Skills/Abilities: Enigma's strengths lie in the cerebral, must like her 'father', with puzzles, riddles and rhymes, though unlike Edward, she has a limited skill in hand to hand combat, using both her cane and simple trained skill, as well has having a bit of gymnastics training from her childhood.

She's also handy with a gun, adept at target shooting which comes in handy for those times she can't just beat someone or twist their minds.
Appearance: Enigma is five feet tall (5' 5" in her heels), weighing one hundred and twenty pounds with bright, bright red hair and the same brown eyes her father has. She’s a slender build, most of her weight coming from her muscular arms and legs. She favors anything tight and short in terms of fashion, but has a bit of a girlie girl in her and often wears lose, soft dresses when the mood strikes. Her work clothes are based off her father’s, tight purple spandex pants and a green tank top that allows her freedom of movement, along with a gold cane similar to her father’s and green trainers.
Point in Canon: Just before her death
History: Enigma was created instead of born. A genetic experiment mixing the DNA left behind by Edward Nigma at a crime scene and an unknown mother. Much like Damian Wayne, she was born out of science, but unlike her 'good' counterpart, Enigma was given to a loving foster family as an infant who raised her as they would their own child, focusing purely on giving her a good upbringing when it became clear she was never to be adopted out permanently.
Her parentage and bloodlines were never kept from her, and her family kept the temporary name given to her at her birth, a take of of her father's name Edward Nigma. The only alteration was for her school records, where she went by the first name of Effie.

All told, she lived a fairly normal childhood for the daughter of a super criminal. She excelled in school, causing her foster parents to move her to a private school so she could have the best education they could afford, took private martial arts and gymnastic lessons as a way to train her body and mind, as well as spent hours working on the tech skills and puzzle solving she had inherited from her father.

In her mid to late teens, Enigma set out on her own path, first as a hero with the Teen Titans, and later moving into villainy with the Teen Titans East group, in an effort to get her father to notice and accept her. There, she found a friend in the form of Duela Dent, an insane teenage girl from Earth-3, who was not only The Jokester's daughter, but The Riddler' step-daughter.

Following Duela's death, Enigma struck out completely on her own again, making her way first to New York, where she honed her skills, before heading towards Gotham City, intent on meeting her father face to face, ready to put an end to the questions and longing she's kept hidden inside after all this time.

Deepest Desire: To be loved
Guilty Pleasure: Cooking

Third Person Sample: Enigma looked up at the televisions displaying the latest antics of one, Edward Nigma, also known as The Riddler, before shaking her head, turning her attention away from her father's taunting riddle to focus more on the clothing store in front of her, heading inside.

Soon, soon she would meet up with dear old dad and have a grand homecoming, but for now, she had to make him proud, and to do that, she had to look the part.

She selected a tank top with one of Riddler's question marks on it (and seriously, was her father getting a cut of the racket? If not, he should really sue), searching through the pants for a pair that would match both the 'family' colour scheme and the shirt she held.

She snickered around the lollipop in her mouth as she pulled out a pair of green, purple and gold striped leggings, tossing them over her arm. They were utterly atrocious, but the point was to get attention...these pants certainly did so.

She headed for the dressing room, stripping down and first pulling on the leggings, giving a few hops to get the tight material over her hips, before trying on the baggy tank top, admiring the view in the mirror. "Not too shabby," she said, testing the pants by doing the splits, before bouncing back to her feet.

"Next stop, the front page," she said, laughing as she pulled off the costume, stuffing it into her backpack.

Journal: _enigma
Played-By: Susan Coffey
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