June 2020

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Pairing List - Multi-RPG

The Flying Dutchman

Name Journal Partner's Name and Journal
Enigma Thorn - E [info]_enigma Damien Thorn - Husband - [info]ceo_antichrist
Damon Salvatore - Boyfriend - [info]mystic_damon
Alaric Saltzman [info]_alaricsaltzman Damon Salvatore - [info]dontcallmehero
Jeremiah Crane [info]_ragdoll Available
Doctor Jonathan Crane [info]andintheendfear Kristina Snow/Bree - Former Wife - [info]kristina_snow
Bruce Wayne - Lover - [info]therisenknight
Enigma - K!E [info]bloody_riddle Niklaus Mikaelson - [info]thats_original
Lucien Thorn [info]childoflight Maxxie Oliver - [info]notahobby
Vladimir Tepes Dracula [info]cursed_human Eric Northman - [info]deaduntildark
Effie Nashton [info]destroybyflames William Archer - [info]william_archer
Enigma - MF!E [info]dramatic_riddle Available - Crush on Damon Salvatore
Doctor Jonathan Crane [info]figmentoffear Paul - [info]yoga_stuf
Thorn [info]hells_thorn Damon Salvatore - [info]switchmeon
Link [info]heroof Colin - Partner - [info]wannabe_hero
Captain Killian Jones - Captain Hook [info]hooked_captain Available
Doctor Harleeen Quinzell - Harley Quinn [info]jokes_on_him Available
Roxas [info]key_of_destiny_ Available
Elizabeth Bathory [info]liz_bathony Available
Harry Potter [info]magi_potter Draco Malfoy - [info]malfoy_pride
Enigma Banner - P!E [info]mini_riddle Bruce Banner - FormerHusband - [info]monster_doc
Tony Stark - Husband - [info]thunderstruck
Enigma [info]riddled_heart Available
Matthew Edward Banner [info]riddled_hulk Sammantha Salvatore - Wife - [info]sam_salvatore
Enigma Odinson [info]riddled_queen Thor Odinson - [info]iamagod
Enigma [info]riddleoftheend Bart Allen - [info]gottarunnow
Enigma - C!E [info]riddler_lite Damon Salvatore - Human!Damon - [info]human_damon
Effie Salvatore - Mini!E [info]riddlersgirl Damon Salvatore - Husband - [info]mystic_damon
Enigma [info]sealed_riddle Available - Crushing on Connor Reily
Enigma Salvatore - V!E [info]teen_hero Damon Salvatore - Husband - [info]choose_you
Sophia Salvatore [info]third_riddler Edward Salvatore - [info]salvatoreson
Colin [info]wannabe_hero Link - Partner - [info]heroof
Riku [info]way_to_the_dawn Dawn Summers - [info]callmeniblet
Cheshire E. Cat [info]were_allmadhere Avaible
R [info]zombie_r Elaine Banner - Wife - [info]elaine_banner
Doctor Bruce Banner [info]internal_rage Matt Murdock Sr - [info]crimsondevil

Mystic Pandemonium

Name Journal Partner's Name Partner's Journal
Effie Nashton [info]riddlersgirl Damon Salvatore [info]mystic_damon
E (Effie Nashton) [info]_engima Oliver Queen [info]itsnotrevenge
Effie Salvatore [info]teen_hero Miles Slade [info]fingercollector
Arsine Lupin [info]a_lupin Robin S [info]supercanadian
Chris Halliwell [info]second_blessed Damon Salvatore [info]illstripforyou
The Doctor - 10 [info]coming_storm Jack Harkness [info]packingheat
Alaric Saltzman [info]_alaricsaltzman Avaible N/A
Bonnie Bennett [info]feathered_wings Avaible N/A
Lucifer [info]unholy_light Avaible N/A

Nowhere Island

Name Journal Partner's Name Partner's Journal
Cheshire Cat [info]were_allmadhere Avaible N/A
Enigma [info]_enigma Damon Salvatore [info]mystic_damon
Roxas [info]key_of_destiny_ Satine [info]sparklindiamond
Doctor Jonathan Crane [info]andintheendfear Taken - Name forgotten N/A
Bruce Banner [info]internal_rage Claudia Donavan [info]the_claudinator
Chris Halliwell [info]second_blessed Neal Caffrey [info]blueinmyeyes
Adam Conant [info]hereditarywitch Avaible N/A
Cameron [info]toprotecthim John Connor [info]stop_skynet
Mozzie [info]teddy_sent Loreli [info]foreverlorelai

New Alliance

Name Journal Partner's Name Partner's Journal
Effie Nashton [info]_enigma Tim Drake [info]red_robin
Bruce Banner [info]internal_rage Avaible N/A
Harleen Quinzel [info]jokes_on_him Avaible N/A