Marian of Knighton

November 2018


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Player Info
Name: Amy C
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Character Info
Fandom: Robin Hood (BBC)
Name: Marian of Knighton
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Human

"Some of us may fall but our fight will live on. You are the soul of England, standing firm against tyranny for a real future. Now ask yourself is that not something worth fighting for."
-Robin Hood

Marian is very strong willed, and compassionate to a fault. Dedicating herself to helping those less fortunate than herself, even, at times, putting herself in harms way with her alternate persona: The Night Watchman. At times her temper can get the best of her, though, and land her in nearly as much trouble as her guise can.

Her passion forced the need to learn how to defend herself, with weapons and bare handed, thus she is quite capable with a sword, bow and arrow, and cross bow. She also skilled in hand to hand combat, not so much depending on strength as she does agility and dexterity, and has brought quite a few of the Sheriff's men to the ground without drawing a weapon. Proving her to be nearly as acrobatic as Robin.

Though as kind hearted as she is, Marian does hold grudges at length. Her anger with Robin for leaving for war staying with her for the whole five years of his absence. She is also quite stubborn, not willing to let go of idea once it is born and put into action, a trait that nearly lead to her death.

Canon Point Where Character Deviates:
At the end of season one, Much chose to find Robin and warn him that the king was an impostor first, instead of simply going down to Locksley and interrupting the wedding between Marian and Sir Guy of Gisborne. The slight error, caused Robin to be too late. The vows spoken, the tie made binding Marian to Guy.

Marian was born to Kate and Edward of Knighton, Edward being Sheriff of Nottingham, in the year of 1170. Unfortunately Kate was weakened by childbirth, and only lived a few years longer before she succumbed to fever. Edward, though the loss was great, rose to the occasion and raised his daughter as best he could.

He caught a slight reprieve when Malcolm, Robin's father, brought about the idea of betrothing the two. To make the transition easier, once Marian was old enough, the children were introduced. They did not click right away, while Marian was old enough to follow Robin around she was not quite big enough in his eyes to join in on his fun. The girl learned quickly, that she had to prove herself. And eventually did showing young Master Robin, that anything he could do she could do better.

Eventually the pair became inseparable, their friendship budded into more. And suddenly Marian found herself looking forward to the day she was old enough to marry him. Yes there were hiccups, when Robin's father died he became lord of both Locksley and Gisborne, forming the two estates into one. Meaning the young man didn't have as much time to play as he'd had before. But they still made time.

Years came and went, and Robin and Marian became closer still. Chaste kisses stolen, and often freely given. Until that faithful day, of her seventeenth year, Robin decided he wanted to go to war. To fight along side King Richard. Her heart was crushed, though being the strong willed woman she was she did not let it show. She made up her mind that she wouldn't wait for him to return. Who knew if he really would? If glory was more important than she was then he could have it.

Though pained by the loss, she didn't marry, not the first man that tried to court her, nor the second, nor the third. Edward knew she truly waited Robin's return, though she would have denied it if asked.

Things changed once Prince John named Vaisey sheriff instead of her father. And they changed for the worse. Through her play Marian had learned a good bit of self defense, but now that her father was aging, and could no longer care for their lands as he once had, she took it upon herself to get formally trained. As the new Sheriff was less likely to come to their aid should bandits and robbers descend on their small estate.

Where was Robin during all of this? Off playing war in the Holy Lands. Marian took it upon herself to help the people who were feeling the brunt of Prince John, and Sheriff Vaisey's, heavy hand. Under the cover of night she fed the poor, and insured they were able to pay their taxes as much as she could, all taken from the castle via the main roads or directly out of the larder. Soon she gained the name the Night Watchman. Though no one knew she was the one behind the good deeds. Not even her father.

While the good deeds were done at night, to keep her secret a secret, she had to still preform her daily duties as a noble woman. Showing face in court, standing by her fathers side. It didn't take long for her to gain the eye of the Sheriff's right hand man, Guy of Gisborne. She rebuffed his advances, though never strongly enough to turn him away completely. He was evil, cruel... Yet he also had a charming side to him. A side that he let only her see.

The day she had been waiting for, without realizing she was, came. Robin had returned. But he brought with him, memories of bitterness, and time gone by. He was just as arrogant and just as full of himself as he had been when he left. Yet, Marian could not deny she was drawn to him. Like a moth to flame. Yet she rebuffed his first advances.

Weeks passed by, and Robin seemed to get himself in trouble more than once. Got his land and his title stripped from him. And was named an outlaw. Yet he was doing the same things she was without the cover of night, his way. As loud obnoxiously as possible. Yet she found herself falling for him again. She found those walls she had built around her heart crumbling.

Was it really so bad to love him? To forgive the five long years he'd been gone? Marian found herself helping him, in every way she could without getting caught. She would sneak him information about what route the taxes would be in on, nobles the Sheriff was expecting, and the easiest route in and out of the castle. Though often one or more of his men often screwed up careful planning, lovable they were, the most intelligent bunch they were not.

Even with Robin doing what he could for the poor, she did not stop her duty as The Night Watchman. It meant double the poor to be fed, clothed and taken care of, if they both worked. Eventually, even with her scrupulous planning, she was found out... By Robin. The danger of it worried him. Which had to mean he still loved her, too, right? Marian couldn't be persuaded to stop.

It was soon discovered, by Guy of Gisborne, that it was she that was feeding Robin Hood information. Marian was offered a proposition, if she married him he could keep her safe. Keep her out of jail for her transgressions, one of which had caused her to be punished-the sheriff sheering her beautiful hair short to just above her shoulders. Guy gave her little choice, and she had to agree to it. With stipulations. She would marry him, the day King Richard returned from the crusades.

Little did she know a plot was formed, not for Guy's benefit, that a impostor would pose as the king and ride through Nottingham on his way back to the throne. All she knew was the day was coming, she was going to have to marry a man she didn't love. She planned one last hurrah. One last outing as The Night Watchman, and it was going to be a big one. She was going to steal the reserves that Guy had built up to support her as his wife. Though mostly because of Robin, and what he had said.

Guy would never expect it, he didn't know that she couldn't be bought, not with money earned with the blood of innocent people. She would give that money back to the people who deserved it. She would have pulled it off, but Guy caught her, in her guise. Fortunately Robin was there. Between him, his men, and her they were able to get out without dying. But not without injury. She'd been stabbed, and was losing blood fast.

Marian wasn't entirely sure of everything that happened, but she lost consciousness. And apparently she nearly died, or they had thought she had. She remembered Robin's tearful voice saying I love you, I should have said. Why did I not say? He loved her.

Miraculously she was saved, and healed up just enough to keep herself out of jail. To keep her father safe. To marry Gisborne. A man that did love her, but she did not love him in return. Her father and a few other nobles planned on going against the Sheriff, to confess to the king. She was on her own. She didn't expect Robin to be there. He didn't support the thing she had to do.

And so she walked down the isle, joined hands with Sir Guy, and became Lady Gisborne. Moments later, Robin rode up, as if he were going to save the day. Mockingly Guy told him of the news. He was too late. She saw Robin break. All she could do was mouth I'm sorry. Even with the inevitable Robin vowed to get her out, get her free. She had hope.

Days went by, weeks. She put off Guy at every turn, she made sure they would not consummate the wedding. She'd give Robin the best shot of getting her out as possible. There had to be someway...

Third Person Sample:

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