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Apr. 20th, 2021

[info]sly_stutely in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Will Stutely and Clio
WHEN Tuesday 20 April, afternoon
WHERE The parsonage
WHAT Cutely cuteness

A boy and his bow )

[info]born_greater in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Marcella, Ares, Melpomene
WHEN Monday evening
WHERE Melpomene’s apartment
WHAT Where is Kaden???
WARNINGS talk of violence,

what did you DO )

Apr. 19th, 2021


The worst thing about buying things online is then having to wait for your new exciting purchase to arrive, especially when it's coming Europe. But I just bought this and I am so ready to be a spooky scary skeleton and send shivers down your spine. Gonna pair it with some red stilettos and my spiky red leather jacket and that's it, babies. That's my outfit from now until the day I die. Sometimes I might mixed it up with a statement necklace.

If you listen closely in the future, you will hear the people on the A Train whisper did you see that fucking outfit? and maybe you think it's said with derision, but it will actually be with awe. The two can sound similar, it's easy to mistake.

Apr. 18th, 2021

[info]somethingtragic in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Melpomene and Ares
WHEN: Sunday night
WHERE: Toledo, Ohio
WHAT: Family reunion

I want my baby back baby back baby back )

[info]holyrites in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Luna & Tinsel
WHEN Midday Saturday (17th April)
WHERE Staten Island (eventually)
WHAT Showing Tinsel around the refuge in progress

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[info]gravegarlands in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Makaria & Freyr
WHEN Sunday afternoon
WHERE Freyr's apartment
WHAT Zoolander-WhoAmI?.gif

... )
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[info]philosophos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Henry, a special guest, then Clio
WHEN: Friday morning
WHERE: Starbucks, then Clio's office
WHAT: The willies
WARNINGS: Just yukky feelings
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[Will Stutely]

Telos is home.

Will. I don't know what happened with the boy.

Apr. 17th, 2021

[info]piu_fermata in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Lush Valley (aka Iestyn), Jezza Belle (aka Michaela), Henry, et al
WHEN Friday 16th, night
WHERE the drag club amateur night
WHAT Lush’s first performance!

we’re all born naked )

[info]friartuck in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Freyr, Friar Tuck, Freya if she's there
WHEN: Saturday afternoon
WHERE: Freyr's
WHAT: Visits
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[info]accrescent in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Genesis & Qebhet
WHEN Sunday mid-morning
WHERE Western Funeral Home
WHAT [insert general character establishing] and then chatting with her coworker
WARNINGS Talk of drug addiction, embalming

So afraid that time will take it all from me )

[info]saffroncloaked in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Hecate
WHEN: All week, finishing on Friday, after dark
WHERE: All the way from New York to Manitoba
WHAT: Finding the body
WARNINGS: Grizzliness

The bones of the dead, the blood of the dead and the living, and the strength of a promise attached to a hat )


Filtered to Tinsel

You busy this weekend? I'm going out to visit that mansion I've been helping Hecate turn into a women's refuge and I wondered if you might want to come on an adventure to the greatest place in all the boroughs: The Island of Staten!

Hecate told me she's put a spell on the place to keep gods away, but if you feel weird when we get there (being a demi-god and all) I have a charm that I can give you.

Apr. 16th, 2021

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden, Marcie, Ares
WHEN: Friday evening
WHERE: Just north of the Canadian border
WHAT: Kaden calls home... and is interrupted
WARNINGS: Ares. Angry Ares.

They do not see what lies ahead when sun has faded and moon is dead )

[info]brawler_king in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO‌ ‌Ares‌
WHEN‌ ‌Thursday‌
WHERE‌ on the road‌
WHAT‌ Ares gets the tip-off he needs‌ ‌

Riding to the danger zone )

[info]sweetspring in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Marian & Qebhet (with some Art, and maybe some Stutely and Robin if they're around)
WHEN Friday afternoon
WHERE The Sly Fox
WHAT Welcome to my home, please submit to a polygraph and fingerprinting.

... )

[info]chippackets in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Kaden
WHEN: Thursday and Friday
WHAT: The final leg of the journey to freedom

The unbroken world is coming, (it must be coming!) )

[info]somethingtragic in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Melpomene, open to the Muses or can stand alone since she's pretty non-responsive
WHEN: Thursday night
WHERE: All tied up on Urania's couch
WHAT/WARNINGS: Melpomene would like to die

Our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises, we're pretty sure they're all wrong )


[Filtered to Robin, Art & Will Stutely]

I wanted to warn you both that I invited a friend around on Friday. I realise that I'm sort of breaking the own rules I set for this place, that we don't bring outsiders into what should be our safe house but I trust her, and she was one of the ones helping to look for me during- Well, she was helping anyway.

Her name is Qebhet, and she's an Egyptian goddess. This is her.

It's just- I'm trying to warm up to people again and be normal again, but outside of this place it's just too dangerous.

Apr. 15th, 2021


Filtered to Qebhet

[Since Much gave her the magical little gift from Qebhet it has remained in her pocket almost constantly, a small reminder that she would be okay, and that her friends thought her 'clever, brave and true'. (Even if she didn't always feel like those things.)

She had now been free of the Sheriff for as long as she'd been with him- that should have changed things, should have made them easier, but she could still feel his hand on the back of her neck.]

I keep meaning to write to you. Your note and the gift you included with it both meant a lot to me, especially now while I'm struggling with how to settle back into the world. It's taking a little longer to adjust than I might have liked. But I did want you to know that I was touched that you thought of me.

If only everything in life was so easy as taking down a hellhound...

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