There is no ghost in the machine

Your information is secure, citizen!

10/29/10 05:30 pm

Some days you've got to sit back and enjoy the hype.

10/19/10 07:39 pm

This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went...
"Wah Wah Wah" all the way home...

10/8/10 06:03 pm

He's suspicious of the pie at first. This thing is not regulation food and yet here it is, sitting on his kitchen table with instructions that say he is to eat. The drone does not like this. Thinks that perhaps this is another test. The Generals may be trying to poison him.

Cutting the pie in halves he sets a piece under the kitchen sink. When he can still hear the demons shuffling around in the cupboards three hours later he eats the other half.

"Is very good!" He says out loud, pleased by this outcome.

The demons stay under the sink and weep at the sound of a happy Russian.

9/30/10 08:44 pm

[Uploaded Elsewhere]

Maintenance Routine 32423-BX Alpha
Classification 999/Onslaught
Run Y/N


9/22/10 04:36 pm

A curious thing starts to happen after Cyber Warfare receives the two hundredth email from National Security. She does not tell him to shut up, does not abuse her fellow New God through text for his (sometimes) ridiculous protocols. No, this time is different.

Jane starts sending her responses to Jamie before he’s even had a chance to hit the send button.

9/10/10 12:30 pm

Here you have.

8/15/10 03:42 pm

He doesn't remember what happened yesterday. He has to force himself to open his eyes, to move and not think about the awful taste in his mouth. The drone quietly pulls himself out of the dumpster, removes the broken handcuffs from his wrist and limps back to his living space.

The demons scuttle back to their hiding place under the sink as soon as the hear they door knob turn.

He takes a shower and heads to work. The few people that are in the office over the weekend pay even less attention to the janitor then normal. No one wants to point out that the scary Russian is hungover.

8/14/10 11:57 am


Missed first, second and third check-in. Where is it and why can't I fucking find it?


[National Security]

It better not be dead, asshole.

8/3/10 06:58 pm

Fuck you and your memos detailing that I attend the next meeting IN PERSON.

I've been outside three times this year. That's two more than last year.

7/14/10 06:26 pm

Spy ring. What a fucking joke.

Beware citizens, the Russians have infiltrated the PTA and backyard barbeques. Your children and and all American beef have been compromised.

7/11/10 04:11 pm

The fat holds up card. Asks what I see.

Is inkblot, I say.

The fat, she does not like this answer. Keeps holding up cards anyway. All inkblots. She does not give up.

Not until I say that is what she would like look after being pushed out window.

6/21/10 07:46 pm


6/7/10 06:14 pm


5/29/10 08:17 pm

[Private word vomit that's deleted even as it's typed]

Shitbags. Losers. Rancid fucking sacks of awful. I hate you all. Don't gotta know you. Don't gotta see you. I know all those nasty little secrets all those things you say over the phone, every stupid word you put out on cyberspace.

Little Sister is watching you.

Little Sister knows not a single one of you deserves to exist.

One day I'm gonna take all these things, all this information you've so freely given and I'm gonna destroy you.

5/21/10 06:43 pm


Free weekend. What is free? Is punishment.

5/12/10 06:56 pm

A Pentagon official says the U.S. military may never have a direct answer on when to fire back against a computer-based attack.

I hear this country had balls once.

4/12/10 09:27 pm


Is good to stretch legs.


Can bring back Putin?

4/3/10 09:52 pm

It's my sincerest wish that you would all eat shit and die.

[Written and stored elsewhere]

Give it two maybe three days before the encryption is broken. This is gonna sting a little.

3/30/10 08:01 am

[Message to the General early Tuesday morning]

There is an empty box.

3/28/10 11:16 am

For exactly 45 seconds at 0930 EST every computer networked at the Pentagon will freeze. In a subbasement that doesn't exist on any blue print and only two people know about Jane is having what feels like a mortal attack.
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