July 23rd, 2012

fic rec: dragonwatch (snarry)

Jay Tryfanstone ([livejournal.com profile] tryfanstone) has crafted an unforgettable and atmospheric new tale, Dragonwatch (Snarry; R), which functions both as an allegory and an amazingly realistic montage. Set at the wild, stormy origin of a sea-dragon nest (the metaphor of Snape as dragon comes to mind, and the setting fits him to a T), the story convincingly, beautifully and thrillingly (there is some excellent action) tells, amongst other things, of the discovery of peace and understanding after the war, of the discovery of what it means to look on to something from a distance or to live it in reality. Severus and Harry are middle-aged and given such breath and flesh, such reality as to astonish this reader, and their diction! the language! the detail! is just perfect, utterly memorable. This is a story to savour unrushed with a cup of tea, and you needn't like Snarry to be drawn in by the author's verbal magic or self-reflective play (there is a character with selective amnesia and a narrative, too, with selective amensia! for example). A must-read!

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