Jan. 19th, 2013

Beta request

My lovelies, I must ask you a favour on the behalf of a very dear friend. [personal profile] o_mayari, the author of the indescribably brilliant Romance of the Age, has written an equally, if not even more extraordinary story that she is preparing to post soon. She is looking for a beta reader. If you enjoyed the company of MP and Snidget and Regulus, of Blacks and Potters in general, if you enjoyed her biting wit and visionary take on the Potterverse, then you will love this new story. I had the privilege of reading an early draft some time ago, and it left me a changed person. I will never see the Potterverse in the same light again. Yes, this story is that incredible.

If you're interested, please drop one of us a line.

On another note, I've received a few e-mails from people wondering why I haven't yet filled in the names of creators and their betas over at [livejournal.com profile] deeply_horrible, and so thought I'd best post my answer publically. No, I haven't forgotten, but with exams this week and next I've simply not had the time to take care of these details. I promise to do so, and take care of remaining [livejournal.com profile] deeply_horrible business, by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience!

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