Jul. 31st, 2011

fix it fest (fic): as the wind behaves (snarry, 2/2)

as the wind behaves, pt II )

fix it fest (fic): as the wind behaves

Title: as the wind behaves
Author: [info]caecelia_
Betas:: SO many thanks to [info]accioslash and [info]atdelphi for your invaluable advice; I learned so much from you both. ♥ Any remaining mistakes are my own.
Other pairings/threesome: Ron/Hermione
Rating: light R
Word count: 18,553
Warning(s): Harry is not quite 18.
SPOILERS/What you are fixing: (highlight for spoilers) *Snape does not exactly die. He is also ugly and somewhat deranged.*
Summary: Harry thinks he knows what he wants. Snape is unwilling to oblige him.
A/N: Written for my dear friend o_mayari on DW/LJ.

as the wind behaves )