September 29th, 2011


Since I do not wish to speak of you all seeing me

The first visit to Hogsmeade is soon! Hogwarts, what is your favourite thing to do there? What is best to see and not to miss?

I have watched the sunset over the lake many times this week, even though it is cold. Hogwarts is very beautiful in the light like this. Beauxbȃtons has much light most of the time, you see.


Je souhaite réserver l'emplacement pour la pratique sans entraîneur de Marat après le dîner un soir, quand c'est le bon moment? Ou serait le week-end sera meilleur?

Il serait agréable d'avoir une chance de simplement voler ensemble, oui?


Thank you for going flying with me on Sunday. It was much better to not think of things.