Feb. 4th, 2012

vingt à quatre

[Beauxbȃtons - en français]

YES! YES! YOU ARE ALL SO, SO WONDERFUL AND TALENTED AND I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOU AMAZE ME! I KNEW WE WOULD WIN, WOULD SHOW THEM ALL HOW GREAT WE ARE! And to end Hogwarts' winning streak, I am so proud! I am trying to be gracious about all this but that doesn't mean I am not so, so, SO ridiculously proud of you all and grateful that you are my team and my friends! I LOVE EVERYTHING AND ALL OF YOU ALWAYS.

[Danastien- en français]

I will steal you from the infirmary if the nurse does not let you out in time. We celebrate all together, we are a wonderful team! I am so proud of you and how brave you are!


I am so happy and proud of my team! And many respects to Hogwarts, you were good to play against! Elliot, you do a fantastic thing to come up so soon and play in this good way! Eddie, I hope you feel better soon also, you should be so proud of your friend for how she went!

[Danex- en français]

Is it silly to cry? I am so glad and so proud of my team!!!


Tonight we have celebrate! A party also for the birthdays of Alphonse and Julian and for our victory! You will come and there will be cuddles and wine and food.

And more cuddles! This room of requirement, after dinner. Come, please.


Did you see me?! I am so happy!!!!!! Your friend Elliot, she plays very well also!