Sep. 2nd, 2011


Bonjour, mes amis!

I am thinking Hogwarts will be a fascinating place to spend the year, but so cold! Has Scotland met the sun? They should be introduced, I am sure they would be great friends. I am very glad no one has said we must eat haggis. As long as there are still croissants! Without them I shall surely wither. Or get very grumpy and smack things with my bat, which might not be very ladylike but is very affective.

What do you all know about the Multicultural Relations class? I think they could be extremely interesting. A good chance to learn more about each other than just food. Which is very important, of course, and French is the best.

Since I don’t want to write one thousand words, I shall give you all a picture of me instead, so you know who I am when our carriage lands.

Wave your wands, s’il vous plait? )

Warded private

Alors beaucoup de gens ici ont des parents qui ont joué de Quidditch! Peut-être que je vais attendre jusqu'à après They've m'a vu jouer pour leur dire que je n'ai jamais vu un manche à balai qui pouvait voler jusqu'à ce que je 11.

Ce sera la même chose qu'être juste à Beauxbȃtons, je suis donc à ne pas manquer Maman et Papa et mes frères, pas plus que la normale. À côté, j'ai beaucoup raté mes amis! Il sera ainsi beaucoup de nouveaux à faire, je l'espère. Et je passe une année entière Marshall avec Dex et de jouer contre de très bonnes équipes. Didi a raison, il s'agit d'une aventure pour nous. Je suis très fier d'être dans le premier Tournoi Junior International de Quidditch.

So many people here have parents who have played Quidditch! Perhaps I’ll wait till after they’ve seen me play to tell them I never saw a broomstick that could fly until I was 11.

It will be just the same as being at Beauxbȃtons, so I am not to miss Maman and Papa and my brothers any more than normal. Besides, I have very much missed my friends! There will be so many new ones to make, I hope. And I shall spend a whole year with Dex and playing against very good teams. Didi is right, this is such an adventure for us. I am very proud to be in the first Junior International Quidditch Tournament.