Apr. 21st, 2012


My team, j'adore so verying much!

Hogwarts, it was so nice to beat play against you once more!

[Beauxbȃtons - en français]

I love YOU ALL and I love when we BEAT THEM and I love QUIDDITCH!!!!

Thank you for being my most wonderful team and my friends. I could not ask for better or be more proud that you are mine.

I do not even care at ALL what silly lies the magazine writes. They cannot stop us winning!


There shall be a party tonight and you are all invited and everything is the wonderfullest!


Come and kiss me.

[Private - in het Nederlands]

I am SO HAPPY! It was so easy for everyone to write us off in the beginning but I knew, I just KNEW we had more in us! And now Hogwarts has never beaten us, not once, and I played a much better game today. I'm maybe still not as far ahead as I'd like to be, but I have another year before I finish school, another year to improve for scouts and be good enough to get onto Seb's team a team. And I will. I WILL.