January 4th, 2012


[OOC: Backdated to the carriage ride]

Bonjour, mes amis! I will be seeing you all again soon in a few hours when we land again at Hogwarts. I hope people had very good holidays with their families?. I was very much happy to be back with mine a while.
I think you were also happy to spend New Years Eve with my brothers and me, Dominique? Roland says bonjour of course, and to Dex also.

The gala was very much fun, especially to see everyone dressed up so!

Dex, will your calendar happen soon? Or when it is not so cold to take the pictures?

Thank you for the lovely presents I received for Christmas, also.

[OOC: Hers will be up eventually...]


I think it is good this school will now teach students about sex ed. It is important to know and Riley did not help at all. Besides they are aful at responsibility, these staff. Hopefully they will stop all thinking I am pregnant. But if the infants of Hogwarts do not leave me alone this term, I am going to use my lovely new ring on them.


How are you feeling? Would you want to go for a walk after the dinner tonight, maybe?

Yes, by walk I mean we will run or hit bludgers. But I refuse to swim in the lake at this time of year.

[Beauxbȃtons - en français]

Did you see? I had a SLEEP. In front of you all. Now give me a biscuit