March 20th, 2012

vingt à huit

C'est un miracle! My bat, he is returned! It was such a nice surprise, to find him in my trunk at home, after I was searching through it cinq times back at Hogwarts!

It is so nice to be home. Dex, you must come for a visit!

[Beauxbȃtons - en français]

To celebrate his return and because I will miss all your faces, Cassie and I thought we should have a party over the holidays! Everyone should bring something delicious from home.

[OOC: Added after this]

Cassie does not like my name for my bat. What should I call him then, if Mr. Smacky is not so good?


Thank you for helping me look for my bat even if I was not finding it till now. It was sweet nice very gentlemanly for you to be doing. And I can give you a proper th