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I gotta get out of this place [30 May 2008|12:04pm]
[ mood | determined ]

So I don't think I realized how truly and deeply unhappy I was here until I went on vacation. Which was amazing, btw. We took a road trip down to South Carolina with stops in West Virginia, South Carolina (before reaching Hilton Head Island), and then went to North Carolina and Ohio on the way back.

The island was AMAZING. I got to spend time with family who I haven't seen in a long time, and my cousin Ann and I got to re-connect. We used to be best friends when we were little. Over the weekend, we got to discover how much we truly had in common.

We did a lot of fun stuff, the most memorable probably being the parasailing, and the lil dolphin cruise. We saw baby dolphins, awwww!!

I discovered that when I'm not at home, when I'm actually out, ESPECIALLY with Annie, I'm a whole new person. Well, more like a polished up, way way waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy happier version of myself. The fears I had diminished, my depression went away (or was tucked away for the time being, until I got back home lol).

Because of that, I'm getting the show on the road. I plan on working on my portfolio today, and I'll search for jobs in Michigan and Fort Worth, Texas. I honestly thinking moving to Texas would be the smartest and most healthy thing I could do for myself, but idk. I really don't want to leave my family. However, I do want to get out of here and be around my cousin. I guess I'll just apply to places and wherever I get in is where I'll go!

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I think I give up. [16 May 2008|01:44am]
[ mood | lonely ]

I don't see how real love, TRUE LOVE is at all possible. I just don't. I've seen how guys are, because I have guy friends. I know how girls are, because I AM one, and have girl friends.

People get bored. People look at other people, they flirt with other people. They cheat, they fantasize about other guys or girls. What's the point? Seriously.

I know a guy who I'm quite close to. Is romantic with his girlfriend and seems like the honest type. But he would constantly talk about how he wants to break up with her, and he even kissed another girl. Never told his girlfriend.

I keep hoping that I will find somebody, but knowing what I know and how things turn out, how can I EVER really find something? It would never last, it would never be true.

I think I'm meant to never be happy. Veronica Mars had it right.

I'm never getting married. You want an absolute? Well there it is. Veronica Mars, spinster. I mean, what's the point? Sure there's the initial primal drive. Ride it out. Better yet, ignore it. Sooner or later the people you love let you down.


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Black Widow [19 Apr 2008|03:30pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Title: Black Widow
Author: Marion Collins
Copyright date: 2007
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
How many pages: 250
How long it took me to read: About a week

Category: True Crime
I learned about this book from: Browsing at Meijer
This book was purchased at: Meijer
Other books by this author: While She Slept, The Palm Beach Murder, Without a Trace

Main characters: I don't know that you can call them characters, but Lynn, Glenn, and Randy
Favorite characters: n/a
Least favorite Characters: Lynn... stupid biotch
When and Where the story takes place: Georgia?
Plot in a nutshell: Lynn is a stupid person who seduced and married her first husband just to prove that she could. She would cheat on him while he worked 2-3 jobs to pay off her bills and even though she'd only had sex with him twice after getting married, he refused to cheat on her. She ended up poisoning him, and another man soon after.

What I liked best: I don't know.... I guess the format, how it was written.
What I liked least: Lynn, cuz she's stupid stupid stupid ass... ugh I hate her.

What parts could you relate to: Mostly the writing, because it was done in a journalistic style, and I was a journalism major at one point... it took me back to those days.
Did you learn anything from this book: Yes I did.
Would you read it again, or give it away: Once was enough lol
Would this book make a good movie?: Yep probably.
Quote from the book that sums it up: There was a part where they were talking about stray animals that I thought was pretty ironic. It went like this:

"Berry asked how Lynn reacted to Gilleland's advice about catching the strays.

'She thought it was kind of cruel to trap them only to put them down.'" --pg 214

Overall Rating: A bit slow at times, but interesting nonetheless.

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What have you lost that you wish you still had? [18 Apr 2008|08:09pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Okay this may sound really stupid, but when I was in either Kindergarten or first grade... I think it was first grade, though... the class would make birthday cards for you on your birthday. I remember I kept them in this manila envelope.

One day, they were just gone. I kept looking for them again and again, but I've never been able to find them. How old are you in first grade... 6? 18 years later, I'm still wanting them! I always keep stuff like that. I still have a bunch of notes Meghan wrote me in high school. Grade school as well.

I betcha I know what happened. I bet my sister was cleaning one day and was like "She'll never miss these" and tossed them. Well HEY!!! I am STILL wondering what happened to them, lady!!!

In other news, I will be sitting in the theater watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" in about 3 hours! Woo hoo!!! I can not tell you how long I've been waiting for this moment. I'm sure you'll hear all about it later, folks :)

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Oh to the boy.... [18 Apr 2008|12:20am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

I was so embarrassed today at work!! I was talking to two people I work with, Darek and Lisa. Darek is about my age, and Lisa is 40ish. And of course, I'm relentlessly trying to get people to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall tomorrow. So I keep plugging it, talking about the movie and Kristen Bell and Paul Rudd. So yeah... Lisa looks at Darek and says "You should take her to the movies."

Oh. My. Wow.

I really hope I didn't blush when she said that because I don't want him to get the wrong idea. I really tried my best to just play it off like, eh. I just shrugged and said "You can come with us tomorrow night if you want." He just said "I don't really go to the movies anymore".

I kept thinking, should I say something to him? Apologize for that moment? No, that's dumb because I did NOTHING to instigate it whatsoever. I kept thinking I should say at least "Uh I didn't have anything to do with that, so don't worry". But I did not.

But boys don't read into that stuff, do they? It's just girls that do that kind of thing. He's a really cool guy and I enjoy talking to him, I just... yeah. I hope there's no misunderstandings there.

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If you could travel in time, which era would you visit and why? [16 Apr 2008|07:23pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

So I've noticed something about myself. Whenever I do something that thrusts me in the limelight, be it a speech, a presentation, or an art show set-up (all of which I've done in the past couple of days) I get completely judgemental and critical towards myself. After I say something, I think "you should have said it THIS way" or I always think that I could have done so much better, or could be so much better, and I feel like CRAP. Why do I do this? I don't know, I guess I just have a need to be perfect in everything but feel like I'm lousy in all aspects. Grah.

Anyway. Let's answer the question of the day.

I was just going to skip this question, but then I started thinking about it and realized I do have an answer for it.

I would want to go back to Biblical times. Of course, I couldn't change anything, nor could I interact with people because well.... that screws stuff up. Though it would be kinda cool to read about myself in the Bible, hehe.

But yeah. There's so many questions and debates about whether what the Bible says is literal, if it's all interpreted, if it's just stories, blah blah blah. I'd go and find out the answers. Did the world really flood back then? Did the red sea REALLY part? What if I could be around for the creation of the world? That would be pretty sweet. Probably creepy... but kinda cool. Can you imagine what the planet looked like before we introduced it to trash and exhaust and smog and all the crap that we're destroying it with? I mean, so many parts of nature are the most beautiful things you will ever see. What if it all looked like that back then? It would be so amazing.

Yeah. That's definitely what I would want to do.

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I have to wonder if this wave's too big to ride [14 Apr 2008|11:02pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So do you want to hear something weird? For the first time in a VERY long time, I felt happy and accomplished today! And it all happened because I forced myself to crack my shell that I've built up. A shell of anger, fear and misery. A bad bad shell. Not a good one. Comprende?


I'm really effing tired but I still have more stuff to do before I go to bed, and I really need a break from that crap. So on we go.

I was worried today was gonna be bad. First off, I woke up 45 minutes late. Not a big deal, but I did want to shower before work. I didn't get that opportunity. Then when I went to make my lunch, I caused a massive avalanche of cookie sheets and muffin tins by picking up a loaf of bread. Yes, I am that awesome.

So I started out pretty crankily. Ha, crankily. But work went surprisingly well. I talked to a few people, got a bunch of work done... although the last hour was a drag because there was nothing to do. BUT it allowed time for social interaction. I actually talked to a lot of people where as normal I'd be quiet and keep to myself.

About 20 minutes before punch time, I had to change clothes because I had to go straight to school. I felt stupid though. My uniform is all black, so I went from that to tight khaki pants, a green tank top and a purple zip-up. I was really colorful and I felt like an attention whore. But I wasn't!! I had school, dammit. I still felt like I'd be judged though. But Diane, this really sweet woman I work with kept telling me how cute I was and that I looked like a Barbie doll. Haha, I love her, it was sweet.

So this good day vibe followed me to school, where it helped me to deliver a pretty good speech. I think the teacher thinks I'm a bit loopy, but on the plus side, he said he was going to rent Veronica Mars. Woo hoo!

Here at home I edited all my pictures for my portfolio while watching the new episodes of Bones and One Tree Hill (awww I want a Nathan :), and finishing up the first half of Apocalypse Now.

Now it's 11:10 pm and I still have to finish up my crap for the art show. It's not much, just have to mount something, but I'm so tired and blah.... I just want to... I don't know what I want to do. But I want to do it. Sleep or shower or something, lol. Maybe watch a lil something.

I don't know. Want to hear something stupid? There's a friend that I've been hanging out with quite a bit. We are quite close, but don't hold the bff titles. So... idk, it still makes me sad when I read her answer questions about her best friend... I mean it shouldn't, because we are really close. It just makes me feel like... I don't know, like there's a wall up there and that nothing I do can be good enough. But that's dumb, because it seems like I'm trying to beat out her best friend. I don't want to do that, though. But that's what it seems like. I guess I just need reassurance. A lot of it. Beh.

I really need to learn to keep up the happy vibes. I really want to be like Eddie at work. He's so happy and positive. I love it, that's how I want to be. I usually am like that, but lately not so much. I am trying though! I'm trying.

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What do you love about where you live? [12 Apr 2008|06:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well that's an interesting question, considering the offer that was just made to me.

The most obvious answer to that question is my family and friends. I could probably find happiness most anywhere I lived, as long as they were there with me. That's what really makes a place your home, I think.

But what else? As much as it can by infuriating, annoying, or downright puzzling, I'm often amused by the weather here in Michigan. You often hear people say that if you're concerned about global warming, just move here lol. It's seriously crazy. I remember one day years ago while at Target, it was sunny, raining, snowing, and storming all within a period of an hour or so. Yesterday it was warm enough to wear shorts outside, today it's a bit chilly, and Sunday there is snow in the forecast. Yep, that's Michigan for ya.

I also like how we don't have a lot of crazy weather. Being surrounded by five massive lakes (that Bowling for Soup called oceans once) keeps us relatively safe from that. And they're so gorgeous. I had the pleasure of being along Lake Michigan last summer and it was BEAUTIFUL.

So that's what I love. Great finishing statement, no?

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Moving away? [11 Apr 2008|02:50pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay so my aunt e-mailed me yesterday offering to let me come to Fort-Worth Texas to job hunt with my cousin, and if I found one we would move in together.

Do I want to live in Texas? Eh. I don't know. I really don't want to leave my family and friends. But I figure... there's no harm in looking, I might not even FIND anything. so who knows.

Plus, my cousin has a cat. I'm allergic. And I'm not moving to a new area all by myself. So. I dunno, we'll see.

My mom REALLY made me want to go, though. She was telling me reasons that I shouldn't want to go, but to me, it all translated as "You can't handle this". Which, anytime someone tells me that, it just makes me want to prove them wrong. Heh, I didn't tell her that, but I probably will.

Anyway.... just thought I'd let y'all know.

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Whaaat? lmao [06 Apr 2008|10:30pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

So today I spent all day in my pajamas, reading for the most part. I even showered, and then put the same pjs back on. DON'T JUDGE ME! They were clean.

Yesterday I hung out with Laura and Laura. Of course, the night before I couldn't sleep when I had to be to work at 6:30 a.m. I laid down around 12, 12:30 and apparently thought to much and could calm down enough to rest. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 2:30. Shit. I thought "If I'm not asleep by 4:30, I'm just staying awake". Luckily, I switched and laid my head at the foot of the bed and fell asleep soon after. Needless to say, at work I was a zombie.

Then wouldn't ya know it, when I got home I couldn't fall asleep AGAIN. But I finally did and woke up at around 5. Laura and I went to Red Robin, and then went to Laura's. Confusing, I know lol. How bout this. Laura and I went to Laura Loo's. I call the other Laura, Laura Loo.

So we got there and started planning the crappy horror movie night that we're hosting in May. This was while waiting for 9 to approach because we were going to see "Run, Fat Boy, Run". Good movie, btw. When we got back from that, we took pictures to put on the invites. Which were pretty hilarious.

Today, after finishing one book, continuing a Buffy tradeback, and while watching tv, I started to work on the invitation. But it pissed me off, so I stopped haha. I pretty much have the background down, the main image. Just gotta do text stuff. Maybe I'll let you see it when I'm done. If you're lucky, punk B)

I'm gonna try to work on it more now, but I'll probably just get angry again lol

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Stray [06 Apr 2008|03:56pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Title: Stray
Author: Rachel Vincent
Copyright date: 2007
Publisher: Mira
How many pages: 618
How long it took me to read: Hahaha like 3 weeks. It took me a while to get into it, and I was also reading a bunch of comics... so there :P

Category: Young Adult fiction?
I learned about this book from: Perusing the shelves of Meijer one night
This book was purchased at: Meijer, that same night
Other books by this author: n/a

Main characters: Faythe
Favorite characters: Faythe and her brothers, Abby, Marc sometimes lol
Least favorite Characters: Miguel... ewww.
When and Where the story takes place: Down South I think... around Mississippi.
Plot in a nutshell: Faythe is a shapeshifter... she and her family can turn into very big kitties. She is also very independent and kind of left her Pride to go to school, but then tabbies (the single females) start getting kidnapped so she returns home (not by choice, mind you). Things start unfolding from there...

What I liked best: I liked how independent and self-sufficient Faythe was. She really kicks ass.
What I liked least: See above. She was a little too hard-headed at times lol. But also, I disliked how long it took me to get into this book. But near the middle it started to pick up for me.

What parts could you relate to: Wanting to be treated with respect. I also want to be that independent.
Did you learn anything from this book: Kind of, but it's hard to put into words.
Would you read it again, or give it away: I'll probably end up giving it to the library, but I would read a sequel.
Would this book make a good movie?: Yeah, it could.
Quote from the book that sums it up: "Fortunately, my new responsibility came with one awesome perk: all the ass I could kick. What self-respecting girl could say no to that?" --Faythe, pg 618

Overall Rating: Unique, entertaining, though a bit slow at first... this book takes girl power to a whole new level :)

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I'd be better off dead than lying here alone [27 Mar 2008|10:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Has anyone else seen the episode of Buffy where she wakes up in a mental institution and suddenly doesn't know which life is real: the slayer life, or the crazy person who's latched on to these fictional characters she created?

Man, I really wish I could do that. Only, reverse it.

I wish there was a way that I could form my own little reality and live in it. I don't care if in real life I'm strapped to some table getting shot up every so often to stop fits. I wouldn't know it, I would think I was perfectly happy. So who cares, right?

I'm so completely unhappy with everything. I can't remember the last time I felt genuine happiness. Wait.... actually, I do. It was when Laura told me how much she loved VM. So see? My own little virtual world would be perfect, because beyond that, I honestly haven't a clue.

Yeah yeah whatever, this is just me rebelling to try to make myself fail. Congratulations self, you're damn good at it.

I don't care. The only time I feel any piece of contentment is watching my shows, sometimes reading. But either way, it's my own little world, with no cares. Is that why people do drugs? Maybe I should look into that lol.

Ugh I'm such a loser, and I suck.

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You and you and me, together we make 3 [26 Mar 2008|02:37pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So I talked to my therapist about how I've been feeling, and apparently I'm doing it all to myself.... setting myself up for failure. I'm convincing myself that I can't do anything, and that I WILL fail, so that I'll stay at home with my mother. But it's okay, that's how I was raised.


Actually, it's not okay. I just have to realize that all of that stuff isn't true. It's not real. I'm not really stupid. I'm quite capable.

So why don't I buy any of it? :(

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He's losing his mind... and I'm reaping all the benefits! [24 Mar 2008|09:51pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I know that I just recently read or watched something where the human brain was compared to a computer. Ha and it just hit me, in Stephen King's book, "Cell". Well now I'm inclined to agree. Because I think every few months someone comes by and erases a bunch of stuff from my mind.

For a while there I was doing really well and then whatever button was hit and now it's all down the tubes. I'll feel something, tell my therapist, and she repeats something that was once engraved in my brain, but it's like I'm hearing it for the first time. Except, I know it's not the first time because I remember once it's said to me.

But the problem is that I rarely learn from hearing. I learn by doing. So it'll probably take 5 more times of hearing her say this to me before it sinks in, but even then it won't matter because once I get it, it will all be gone again!!!


PS--my mood icon for stressed makes me smile and laugh and feel a little bit better lol

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That must've been the pit viper I had for lunch... [23 Mar 2008|11:05pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I swear, balloons creep me out. I mean, in most settings they're pretty, harmless fun! But in my room/house.... *shudder*.

Yesterday I bought 3 red heart-shaped balloons for a project of mine. For some reason I decided to keep them in my room. And I always have to sleep with a fan on. So I turn the fan on, and even though the balloons are BEHIND it, the cycle still gets em going and every so often I'd hear Scraaaaaaaaaaape, scrrraaaaaaape! against the ceiling. Ewww. BUT I figured meh, I know it's the balloons caught in the draft, so whatever. I'm going to bed.

Heh of course I have nightmares all night about my house being haunted, and the spirit impersonating my mother! Hello, dumb ghost, if my mom is sleeping on the couch right in front of me, I know that you're faking it!!! That's all I really remember, aside from my sister being involved, too.

So at like 5, 6 in the morning I am woken up from these horrid dreams. So I turn on the tv which NORMALLY is safety light and sound but nooooooooo some creepy clown things were singing on the Disney Channel. Ewwwww!!!! So after a moment I got out of bed and tied the balloons to my dresser handle so that they can't scrape against the ceiling anymore. Scraaaaaaaaaape!

So, no more sound. BUT the fan is still on and the balloons IMMEDIATELY form a circle back to back and start spinning around and around like some creepy spinning coo-coo clock in a horror movie. Of course I can't ignore that.

Now what?! (And no, it never occurred to just shove them out in the hall). Finally, I keep them tied to that one handle, but I string each individual ribbon around individual handles so that they can't touch or spin together.

BUT... haha. The fan is still affecting them, and my tired mind SWEARS that now they're all turning and staring at me. I swear that's what it looked like!!! But I managed to ignore it somehow and went back to bed.


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80s fun! [22 Mar 2008|12:30pm]
[ mood | dirty ]



How old were you in 1980?
yeah, I was born in '84 <--me too.


How old were you in 1989?


Were you a Toys R' Us kid?
Of course!


Did you watch Transformers?

5. Did you see E.T.

Yes and my sister had all the lil toys :)


Did you own a Lite Bright?
No but I played with other people's.


Who is your Favorite Golden Girl?
I never really watched that, sorry.


When someone says " Who you gonna call? "
Immediately think of Ghostbusters, or, more often than not, He-Man. (If you've seen part 2 as many times as I have, you get it.

It makes sense) <---yes, that does make sense :)


What was your favorite toy?
My stuffed Littlefoot <---OMG I LOVED THAT.


Did you have a Pogo Ball?


Did you listen to New Kids on the Block?
You know what's weird is that I don't remember ever listening to them, but I remember owning a necklace, a sticker book, a water bottle and probably other stuff....


Which New Kid was your favorite?
uhhh.... Idk.

13. Did you play M.A.S.H.

Yes all the time, but I don't remember what it stands for anymore lol.... Mansion, Apartment, Something, House???


Did you watch The Care Bears?
Awwww yes :)


Did you have Jelly bracelets?
Still do :D


Did you have a charm necklace and/or bracelet?
Again with the still do :)


Did you own a glo-worm?
Awww cute, but I don't remember if it was me who owned one or family.


Did you ever own a slap bracelet?
Ahhh those were fun. When I was in high school I actually had one of those still....


The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles?
The BKFST Club by FAR. <---yes.


Did you have a crazy hair style?


What was your first bike?
It was pink and purple and had little places for hiding stuff. OH unless you count my Popples Big Wheel.... does that count, cuz that came first :)


Name one thing you still own from your childhood?
Puppy Brite :)


Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid?
Yeah but I had a bunch of Magic Nursery babies, how come no one remembers them?!


Did you dress like Madonna?
No but I did go through a crazy dressing phase when I wanted to be Clarissa Darling lol


Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake?
My older sister loved 'em both <--- as did I :)


Did you watch Miami Vice?
No I did not.


Did you own a pair of Jelly Shoes?


Did you own a Trapper Keeper?
Yes but we weren't allowed to have them in school :(


Atari or Nintendo?
Nintendo, I never had Atari.


Did you play Pac-Man?


He-Man or She-Ra?
Ahhhh I don't know lol..


What movie scared you the most?
If you ask my sister, Evil Dead.


Did you try to dance like Michael Jackson?
Oh probably.. actually one play I was involved in the cast had to learn the Thriller dance, but I was on crew so not me :(


What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear "FLUX" ?


What other colors did Pepsi come in?
Crystal Clear Pepsi was the tits! <---lol I forgot about that..


Roger Rabbit Or Howard The Duck?
omg... probably Howard :)


Did you ever beg your parents to have your school picture taken with the 'LASER' background?
I don't think it was allowed lol


Do you know what the Ninja Rap is?
I don't remember it :(


Do you know why people cringe when they hear the word BUCKNER?
Nope, but then again, I'm no sports guy. I just know it has to do with sports. <---see and I didn't even know that much....


Can you name the family members from National Lampoons Vacation movies?
I can't, sorry :P


Wally World or Europe?
I know the words, but drawing a blank..


What was your favorite movie from the 80's?
Labyrinth :)


Who puts Baby in the corner?
Traditionally, nobody.

But if you don't, then how is Swayze supposed to come tell you? <--lol I like that one :)

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[19 Mar 2008|10:27pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

So right now I have to force myself to write. Why? I don't know. Everything seems harder lately. Anything worth caring about does, at least.

Need to clean my room, but why bother? Have an assignment to do, eh, I'll get to it later. Could go to the gym, really don't feel like it. It sucks. Just feels like I've given up on everything and nothing sounds good.

I don't understand why this happens. It's like, I fix everything, then one day I wake up and forget to be better and all the progress I've made has wiped clean. And I don't remember how to get back to normal again.

Me, I'm a wimp. Everything scares me. To the point of, I don't want to try. That might be part of why I've given up. I don't think I can handle it, and to top that off, I don't think I'm even capable of doing it.

I have tons of bills, and soon I'll have to pay tuition and the emergency room bill. It's enough to send me into a panic attack. I hate being this way.

I don't really want to talk about it anymore here. Again, there's no point to it :P

On the plus side, my teacher liked the pictures I took. The link to my favorite ones is posted in a previous entry if you wanna look.

K done now :P

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Hells, Bells [17 Mar 2008|04:11pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

What an emotional day.

It started off at an emotional low. This woman came into our store and was a total bitch. We have our mattresses on racks. Some are sold as singles, some are sold as a set (matt + foundation). The ones that are sold as a set, you price together and write the total and stick it on there. Well it just so happened that SHE wanted a set that came as a set, but each piece was priced individually instead of added together. Also, on the foundation's tag it said "box only" but the mattress tag did NOT say "matt only" (I hope that makes sense).

Anywho, Sandra, the sales associate that was helping her out, called me over to ask me what was up with this. I wasn't quite sure. The lady was pretty bitchy and asked to see a manager, but I went and got Katherine first. BEFORE she asked to see the manager, I said that Katherine would know what was up (she has the same job as me). So I got Katherine, and this woman bitched at her saying "This says box only, but this doesn't say matt only. As a customer, this is confusing to me. I'll take it right now if you give it to me for the mattress price". When she realized that Katherine wasn't a manager she decided to chew me out, because she asked for a MANAGER. Katherine tried to tell her that the manager wouldn't change the price. Psycho-woman wouldn't listen, though.

"I was a manger for 20 years, you don't know what the manager can do! Go get a manager!" Blah blah blah. While Katherine left she went on and on and on to me about all this crap. Finally when Alvin and Kevin showed up, I left. Dumb biotch. Did they give it to her for the matt price? NO. Ugh. Just like we SAID!!!!!!! RARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say, I was in a pretty P.O'd mood. Until I talked to my friend, Laura.

I had texted her about some non-sense, and she texted back, but added "Oh btw I freaking love Veronica Mars". (She borrowed it from me).

Well, if you know me, you could pretty much say "Say no more!" and realize how happy I was lol. But I'll go on. It was like euphoria.

Laura said she was hooked after the first episode. That she loved the characters and the writing and the situations. She LOVES LOVES LOVES Kristen Bell now. Where as she liked her before (due to me, thank you very much ;), she REALLY loves her now. She's also sad because she knows VM ends rather abruptly *tear*. BUT if we get enough people to watch this show, then maybe we can get more!!!!!!

So I was elated. This happened around 12:30, 1ish and I'm still riding the wave of excitement that Laura loved the show so much. I was so happy and smiley and I could go on and on and on but I won't.

Hey, I may be a nerd. But you all love me :)

PS -- Watch Veronica Mars ;)

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Cathy's Book [17 Mar 2008|01:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

Title: Cathy's Book
Author: Stewart/Weisman/Brigg
Copyright date: 2006
Publisher: Running Press
How many pages: 143
How long it took me to read: 4 days

Category: Teen fiction
I learned about this book from: Looking around at Target.
This book was purchased at: Borders.
Other books by this author: Cathy's Key

Main characters: Cathy
Favorite characters: Cathy, Victor, Tsao
Least favorite Characters: Ummm... Jun. And those cops.
When and Where the story takes place: California
Plot in a nutshell: Cathy is dating this guy, when he suddenly disappears. Being kinda crazy (she set a previous ex's car on fire lol) she goes to his house and discovers this huge mystery, and it's all documented in her journal.

What I liked best:I really like the journal format, and the mystery. Oh and that Veronica Mars was mentioned in a review, and I did NOT know that until I actually bought the book. I know what you're thinking :P
What I liked least: Some of the acronyms I didn't know :P

What parts could you relate to: I didn't so much relate to this, as I wish I could be way more forward like Cathy is. Minus the setting cars on fire lol. She barfs in the car intentionally so that her DNA is left behind incase these copper dudes mean to kill her.
Did you learn anything from this book: Not really, but it was fun.
Would you read it again, or give it away: I would probably read it again, but actually call the phone numbers and check the websites and stuff, because I think it's set up so that they actually work.
Would this book make a good movie?: Yeah, it could.
Quote from the book that sums it up: "Without us, the world is just things, Cathy. It's our seeing that fills them with meaning." --Cathy's dad, pg 128.

Overall Rating: Fun, interactive.. cool journal format. I liked it! Candace, you might wanna read it :)

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Photos. [16 Mar 2008|06:42pm]
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Well, I'd say the outing was fairly successful. Even though it was absolutely FREEZING. When I got home I came on here to do some stuff and kept missing letters and whatnot because I could hardly move my hands. Granted, all I had on was a zip-up, BUT in my defense it was warm and sunny when I left. How was I to know that the temperature would plummet and that it would be so cloudy out. Boo.

I shot 90-something pictures. And these damn journals still won't let me post photos, and the flickr account I just got doesn't let you link up. Meh. So I'll just link YOU up :D

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