29 June 2022 @ 11:06 pm
WHO: Ash Robin Little, and Little John
WHEN: Monday 28th June
WHERE: The Little House
WHAT: New school, new rules, new world. Ash is maybe a little homesick.

Greetings, fellow kids )
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28 June 2022 @ 05:52 pm
Now that Henry and his husband are back in the country, Krampus has errands to run. To his favourite nephew, he sends a beautifully wrapped box chock full of sex toys, butt plugs, bondage rope, hand cuffs, fetish gear and poppers, everything that - in Krampus's opinion - a gay man could ever want. He's sure his nephew will love the gift and he feels super thoughtful for sorting it out and delivering it to Henry's door.

Then, he has a less pleasant but much more amusing task to complete. He wraps a box in bright Spring Fashion, adorned with a butterfly. The contrast of the wrapping to the coal inside amuses him greatly. Then he heads to Lucifer's house and sets the present on Lucifer's stoop, just a little way out from the door. Then he places a bag absolutely full of dog shit right in front of the door and lights it on fire. Lastly, he rings the bell and dashes away, hiding in a bush.

He is incredibly pleased when Lucifer, himself, comes to answer the door since he must have people who do it for him sometimes. Lucifer spots the bright yellow present and he doesn't even notice the burning bag of shit until he's stepped in it. He cries out in horror and does an undignified 'oh shit I'm on fire, oh shit I'm covered in shit' dance, and Krampus films the entire thing from the bush, trying to keep from laughing.

[Filtered away from Hell]
Hope you got your present, Iestyn and Henry!

I just got the most hilarious video, do you want to see it?!
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28 June 2022 @ 02:13 am
[Away from Baddies]

As a congregation, instead of a sermon on Sunday, we decided to go into planning mode.

We now have a safe house set up for people out of town, a roster for protecting people at abortion clinics, a fund set up to help pay to get people here safely and pay for the procedure entirely. We're going to hold several fundraisers over the next few months, and we've keyed into several protests.

First fundraiser, another drag night in three weeks. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, July 16th. All proceeds go to our fund for getting people from out of state here safely. The clinics we work with have added us to their list of safe houses.

To anyone who can get pregnant, we've got you.
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27 June 2022 @ 04:05 pm
[Text to Iestyn while he is at work]

Today 2:42 PM
Hey, my gorgeous husband.
Yours and Addy's 25th birthday is in a week and a half (I realise this is not news to anyone except me who still thought it was May because !!!!!) and with all the wedding prep and honeymoon and...other...we haven't planned anything!
Do you want something big or something small. I have my planning pants on.
But don't worry, I can change into my sex pants very quickly when you get home if need be!
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25 June 2022 @ 02:28 am
[Away from baddies - TW: talking about rape]

The supreme court just overturned Roe VS Wade, which means states can decide themselves on abortion rights instead of having it protected by the constitution.

When my brother and I came to this country, we learned that we had been marked by the fucking devil before we were even born. We hid from him, while knowing eventually he would get us. And I made a quip one time about being clucky and he saw it and threatened to- well you can imagine what Lucifer threatened to do. So I went and got an implant (or so I thought) so that when I got taken, if the worst happened, at least I wouldn't get pregnant, right?

Turns out the fucking useless doctor fucked up and did the implant wrong and it didn't go in and so while I spent three weeks in that fucker's basement, I wasn't protected at all. And it was just luck he didn't go there I guess. Because if he had then I could have ended up pregnant. And what if I had and because of what some stupid arsehole religious groups believe (sorry, Da) I wasn't allowed to abort that pregnancy?

Could you imagine? Because I can. I have nightmares about it all the time. I have since I eventually did get pregnant because I thought I was safe and I wasn't. But at least that was to my dear friend, and it was my choice.

This is so fucked up. And I'm glad I live here in New York were PROBABLY abortion rights will be upheld in this state but HOLY SHIT your right to your body shouldn't be determined by STATE LINES.

I love Evie. I am so glad she exists. But I made the choice to go through with that pregnancy. I had the choice. If I hadn't had the choice, if it had been forced on me, I am not so sure I would be here.
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24 June 2022 @ 11:36 pm
WHO: Erato, Asterion
WHEN: late April
WHERE: Erato’s home
WHAT: A slow recovery, maybe a breakthrough
WARNINGS: Erato got tortured

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22 June 2022 @ 11:03 pm
WHO: Clio, Will Stutely
WHEN: Wednesday, late afternoon
WHERE: Their house
WHAT: Fussing and names
WARNINGS: Unlikely?
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21 June 2022 @ 10:58 pm
WHO: Lyra, Little John and Avery
WHEN: May and June, ending on the evening of the 20th
WHERE: Their Crown Heights apartment
WHAT: Lyra's post-cemetery summer, and some breaking news
WARNINGS: Unlikely

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21 June 2022 @ 11:31 pm
WHO Will & Luna, then Erato
WHEN Tuesday night
WHERE Illunis (mostly)
WHAT All I do is get over you and I'm still so bad at it

You're not mine anymore, but I'm still a little bit yours )
20 June 2022 @ 02:06 pm
[Away from baddies]

Hello from Sydney, Australia! Our Honeymoon is almost over and we have had the most amazing time! We tooled around London and went on the Eye! We even went to Wicked on the West End. I bought Iestyn a Wicked t-shirt and he has been singing the songs since then. Which is not a complaint, mind, my husband sings like an angel. We also saw Much Ado About Nothing at THE GLOBE. That was so cool, we took a tour through it as well. We did the tour buses all around and had a few dinners at some awesome pubs!

Then on to Sydney! We took a tour of the Opera House and then we went to a bunch of drag shows. Jezza knows a few of the queens here so she let them known Lush was here so we got to go hang out with the queens afterwards! We also went to Luna Park and took a riverboat cruise under the Harbour Bridge at night which was so romantic.

But the best thing has just been to spend time with my husband. To experience new things with him. To watch his face light up when he gets excited about something. GOD I am so head over heels for this man. I'm the luckiest man alive. Anyway, here's some photos!

Some meaning six! )
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18 June 2022 @ 10:13 am
Ariadne and I have a new cat. He seemed to belong to an old woman but I saw her kick him, so it's my cat now. What kind of daughter of an asshole kicks a cat? She should try kicking things now and see where it gets her, not far I wager. It's funny cause the cat (NAMED STILL TO BE DETERMINED IN MY HEART) looks a lot like the oil painting in our kitchen.

They're putting on a production of The Frogs in Central Park next month. ya'll gotta. I love being in memes. Nothing better invented in this world than the fine art of making wine and the finer art of making bullshit.

Buzz buzz kids, I'm gonna go hit up the Denny's in Jackson Heights for a long lunch if anyone wants to join. We'll be putting money on the fights that break out in the parking lot and I'm gonna start with a tower of cookie dough pancakes and move on from there. (If you're there I'll even let you steal my bacon)