Saint Patrick ☘
02 January 2011 @ 11:35 pm
Yesterday was amazing! The party at Times Square was wonderful and the feeling of being there was electric. I am so glad I was there to experience it.

I got a present from Liam today. He sent me a bunch of me stickers (and a terrifying finger puppet that Gray Cat actually attacked and shredded...) and I ran around the house, gleefully sticking them to things. Then I felt like that was a bit proud of me, so I went to the nearest Christian book store to see if I could get some Dewi and John stickers. Because I am in a whimsical mood today, apparently. I didn't find any and I asked a lovely lady if they had any stickers at all. I explained I had seen Saint Patrick stickers and apparently Saint Patrick was a topic she really wanted to talk about. So I stood there for half an hour while she talked to me about me. It was really awkward. Though, bless her, she seemed like a really kind woman. And it was probably worthwhile to hear what people believe about me beyond the information on the internet. I wrote it down when I got home.

I looked up Dewi stickers and I ordered a few. Then I looked up John stickers and that was a little disturbing. Seriously?!

I should eat.
Current Mood: hungry