Saint Patrick ☘
02 January 2011 @ 11:35 pm
Yesterday was amazing! The party at Times Square was wonderful and the feeling of being there was electric. I am so glad I was there to experience it.

I got a present from Liam today. He sent me a bunch of me stickers (and a terrifying finger puppet that Gray Cat actually attacked and shredded...) and I ran around the house, gleefully sticking them to things. Then I felt like that was a bit proud of me, so I went to the nearest Christian book store to see if I could get some Dewi and John stickers. Because I am in a whimsical mood today, apparently. I didn't find any and I asked a lovely lady if they had any stickers at all. I explained I had seen Saint Patrick stickers and apparently Saint Patrick was a topic she really wanted to talk about. So I stood there for half an hour while she talked to me about me. It was really awkward. Though, bless her, she seemed like a really kind woman. And it was probably worthwhile to hear what people believe about me beyond the information on the internet. I wrote it down when I got home.

I looked up Dewi stickers and I ordered a few. Then I looked up John stickers and that was a little disturbing. Seriously?!

I should eat.
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Saint Patrick ☘
20 September 2010 @ 09:18 pm
I spent all day organising theater magic! The kids did choose to do It's a Wonderful Life because they love me. So we had auditions and cast the roles, making sure everyone got one who wanted one. Some of the kids want to be backstage with me, which is good too. You don't have to be in the spotlight to create something great. We handed out scripts and did a read-through and it was fantastic.

I'm doing an overnight shift tonight. We tend to take it in turns and it's my night. I'm feeling a little on edge since getting a wee bit knifed, and some of the kids are worried about earthquakes (and some of the me is as well) but it should go okay. I'm reading the younger kids some Harry Potter tonight. They like it when I read to them because I do voices.

Oh, and Dewi, we would love to have you play piano for the show. Everyone got really excited because usually I do it and I told them my brother was a truly gifted musician. I've been ousted!

I'd better get some food in. I've got a long night ahead of me! Pray for no shaking!
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Saint Patrick ☘
03 September 2010 @ 10:39 am
Having Dewi here all the time is so wonderful. I kind of want him to stay here with me instead of getting his own place. Time to turn on the woo! My apartment has a me in it! And a Downpatrick, who is a very well-behaved dog. And it's near a park. And...well the view isn't great, but the lady who owns the apartment my bedroom window looks into is always friendly enough to wave. Heh.!


And now I'm drinking in my bathroom so he doesn't see. I still don't want him to leave.
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