Saint Patrick ☘
22 August 2012 @ 11:20 am
I went to visit my new little niece and nephew yesterday and they are SO TINY. Aderyn wanted to swing from my hair and I think Iestyn was afraid of it. And I commented they looked like jellybeans and I think Bridget was a little concerned I was going to eat them.

Don't eat babies, you guys.

So I decided I should stop wallowing and get off my ass and go back to work. It's either that or sit around all day worrying about Joey. I still have no idea where he is and I am starting to think it's something less than good. I talked to his co-workers at the shelter and he never called in. So work is good. Missing silly-haired friend is not.

Not to mention I miss being comforted by- Maybe drinks.
Current Mood: worried