Saint Patrick ☘
31 August 2012 @ 12:45 am
Patrick has no idea George's contacts have located Joey. While he has his fears, he has no confirmation his friend has been taken by Lucifer. He is safely in Washington with Clio and Ella where he can avoid all the horrible things waiting for him back in New York City.

In fact, being in Washington with Clio is the first time Patrick has managed not to think about his breakup for an entire day. Here with is best friend and goddaughter, everything seemed fine and whole and perfect. Clio has a way of calming him and making him feel so much better without even trying.

Patrick had taken a nap during the day and so when Ella woke up in the middle of the night, Patrick had gone to be with her, letting Clio sleep. He had changed her and when she is clean and fed, he sits with her in his lap. Her tiny fingers curl in his hair and he grins at her.
My lovely little girl, he coos. I am going to protect you. Your goddaddy is going to make sure no one hurts you. And I'll protect your mommy too, because she's pretty special. Ella babbles at him and giggles when he makes strange faces at her. Patrick presses kisses to her hair. She's innocent and unaware how horrible the world can be and Patrick hopes that lasts for a good, long while. Come on, Ellaroo. I'll read you a story and then you can go back to sleep. I can sing you a song! Would you like that? Singy song! He stands and finds a book to read, perfectly content with the feeling of domesticity it gives him.
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Saint Patrick ☘
27 November 2010 @ 07:15 am
I can't sleep until I know how Neil is. I spent all night praying and then I thought it would be a good idea to look up Saint Patrick's Day to see how I might even start going about changing a cultural norm because being proactive is supposed to be helpful, only now I feel even more discouraged.

The green. I've gone greenblind. My eyes. And no wonder I'm starting to look like a leprechaun, everyone dresses up as one. I mean, I don't look like [info]me_lucky_charms Liam, but I do look like this a little. I know it's true, it's okay to agree.

I was feeling a little depressed until I found three drawings a group of students had done.

This, I think I can handle )

I may have gotten something in my eye over that last one. Would that I were, Sweetie. In Heaven, or Happy. Either one.

Now I am back to worrying.
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