Saint Patrick ☘
06 September 2012 @ 09:15 am
[Locked to friends]

Joey is alive and in hospital but he never wants to see me again. He's so angry that we couldn't help him. He said it's my fault that he went through it and he's right. If he hadn't known me Lucifer never would have hurt him. Never would have killed Neil.

He slapped me too. Threw water at me and called me a useless slave. I can't blame him. I am useless. One of my best friends was in pain and I couldn't help him and now he hates me.

I don't- I don't know what I might do.
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Saint Patrick ☘
22 August 2012 @ 11:20 am
I went to visit my new little niece and nephew yesterday and they are SO TINY. Aderyn wanted to swing from my hair and I think Iestyn was afraid of it. And I commented they looked like jellybeans and I think Bridget was a little concerned I was going to eat them.

Don't eat babies, you guys.

So I decided I should stop wallowing and get off my ass and go back to work. It's either that or sit around all day worrying about Joey. I still have no idea where he is and I am starting to think it's something less than good. I talked to his co-workers at the shelter and he never called in. So work is good. Missing silly-haired friend is not.

Not to mention I miss being comforted by- Maybe drinks.
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Saint Patrick ☘
17 August 2012 @ 01:07 pm
Has anyone seen Joey? I have been past his house a few times and he hasn't been in. I thought he was visiting Xavier but when I went past the hospital myself the nurse said Joey hadn't been by in days.

I supposed he could be at the family's Sleepy Hollow house, but as far as I know he is terrified of going there in case he runs into his parents.

In other news, Downpatrick is finally settling in here at George's. He's a good dog, but he did spend a goodly amount of time hiding under my bed.
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Saint Patrick ☘
10 August 2012 @ 03:58 pm
Right, well. Life has had a bit of upheaval.

I am planning to go back to my studying though. It had gone a bit by the wayside recently. I have a few more old texts where I show my face. One where I'm chasing a...heaving beast or heaving breasts or something. I have all my books and journals now, so I can get back to it. I also want to remind myself of the Irish language since I seem to have had trouble with it over the past few decades. I need to brush up. I don't want to forget the things that tie me to Ireland.

I also decided I needed to cook really a lot of food. So I went out and bought what turns out to be more ingredients than can fit in George's kitchen. So don't be surprised if some goodies end up on your doorstep. Joey, Famine and Clio, the first batch of noms is actually headed your ways this evening.

I plan to shower the entirety of my social circle with food. Please give me hugs in return. I could use them.
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