Saint Patrick ☘
26 November 2010 @ 12:32 am
The search for Neil goes well into the night, and while it seems unlikely that he will ever be found in time to save him, Saint John has given them ideas for areas to focus on. The photo Lucifer has sent Saint Patrick is too dark to see any detail other than the horrifying things that have been done to Neil, but that alone is a clue. It has to be dark, and secluded enough for Neil to scream without being heard, a thought that makes Patrick want to vomit when he thinks of it, and it has to be somewhere Lucifer could get Neil in a day and set something so horrific up.

Michael the archangel is also a detective and he puts a description out to every cop walking a beat in the Big Apple. This turns out to be the best move they make, as Neil is not discovered by either angel nor Patrick, but a pair of uniformed officers who took the tip seriously and made it their business to check on an abandoned warehouse in a derelict area of the city. Patrick will later send them a potted shamrock each for their trouble.

Cut for possible ick )

[Saints and Angels]

Found Neil. Doesn't look good.

It's all my fault. I am such an idiot. Poor Neil.
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Saint Patrick ☘
28 August 2010 @ 04:36 pm
As the sun is setting, Patrick closes the blinds and he lets the happy face he wears during the day fade away like the light. He crosses his apartment to the dimly lit kitchen hoping to find something in his refrigerator. His faithful hound follows behind, a shadow of Patrick's movements with the 'click click' of canine toenails against linoleum. Patrick opens the fridge and his face is illuminated with bright, refrigerated light.

There is no food in Patrick's refrigerator.

This is not what Patrick wants, but he is not surprised that he has forgotten to shop for groceries. All that is left inside his Frigidaire are six bottles of vice he knows better than to drink. He reaches in and he pulls out a beer anyway. Quickly he removes the twist top and he brings the cold, frothy liquid to his lips to take a deep drink.

It doesn't matter the brand or where it was brewed. The pictures on the front of the bottle make no difference to him. As Patrick heads back into his living room to take a seat on his couch, all he cares about is that soon he will feel nothing. Soon whatever problems he has and whatever difficulties he faces will simply slip away. He is drinking like he does every night. He is drinking to forget.

He is drinking because it is all he knows any more.
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