August 2012

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January 15th, 2008

Sometimes, 100x100 pixels are not enough to convey all that you want to say

This is not good. I mean, yeah, I'd basically given up on this TV season, but now I'm starting to get really nervous about next season.

You know, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but this year has just been a big ball of SUCK so far. I've gotten sick twice, I have Family Drama happening (though this is a reoccurring source of Family Drama, things seem to be coming to a head right about now), one of my closest friends has had to be referred to a specialist because she may have a congenital heart defect, I've had not one but TWO video files (both rush jobs) containing glitches, making me miss (or possibly miss, depending on what tomorrow brings) deadlines, and I already feel like I'm falling behind on my reading.

On the other hand, in a fit of self-pity I ordered Atonement the other day. It's coming out on DVD on February 4th. The next day sees the release of both the complete Slings & Arrows (which is why I haven't ordered any of the individual seasons yet, even though I had planned to) and The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, which I'm curious about despite my Brad Pitt apathy.

Is there anything else particularly awesome happening soon? Goodness knows I could use a pick-me-up or twenty.